Great Unintentionally Funny Guide To Be ‘Indie (For Girls): read now if you need tips!‘Indie girls are easily admirable. Their eclectic style, their unique music preferences, and their spunky attitude are great traits that we don’t seem to have enough of in this world. It can be very difficult to understand you, compared to other people, but that’s key to being a strong, independent woman.”

This is so wrong it’s, er, wrong.

Follow this link for the whole guide:

Wikihow tell you how to be an indie girl!

There’s a whole list of gems including the following…

‘Be independent and an individual. Indie people are individualists. Become aware of what you are really interested in. For example, if you like hardcore folk, google it and try to find as many hardcore folk bands and learn about the genre. Being yourself is the main point of being Indie. It’s about being yourself. If you love football, try out! Don’t worry about what people say because they are not helping you pursue your dreams or become independent. Being indie doesn’t mean you can’t join in on your school’s activities. It’s if you like them or not. If you don’t like pep rallies, then don’t cheer at them. If you like swimming, then try out for the team. Participate in hobbies that you like, not because someone else likes them. Also, read books that you don’t see or think about many other people reading; things like old comics, Rolling Stones and Beatle Biographies – anything! Or, ask your local librarian if she recommends any uncommon series, and if you like it, tell your friends!’

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  1. My first sorta girlfriend (well she was a girl and she was a friend, we never actually ‘did’ anything) was an indie girl, got me into Oasis, Blur etc at just the right time. Around the time ‘Whatever’ came out in fact. Then she left for university and we lost touch but the bands stayed. Hang on, this isn’t Coleen Nolan’s column is it!


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