Joe Strummer by Punk Britannia Art
Joe Strummer by Punk Britannia Art

This is a really great Joe Strummer picture made up from 800 interlocking guitars, and it’s only just one of many great punk orientated paintings and works of art from Paul Hannah at Punk Britannia Art.

Joe Strummer by Punk Britannia Art
Joe Strummer by Punk Britannia Art

Who are ya!

My name is Paul Hannah from Leeds. Unfortunately I’m not a full time artist. I have a job that pays the bills and do art in my spare time.
I am self taught and currently have two styles that interest me.
Firstly I have been interested in Tessellations for a long time and thought I would bring that into my portraits. The result is a mashup of the artists MC Escher and Chuck Close. The latest product of this style being “Strummer Axed”. A guitar shaped tesselation covering the sheet and each one painted differently to give the overall portrait.

We hear you have an exhibition coning up?

One of the organisers of Strummercamp saw this painting and asked if I would show it at this year’s Festival. I already had a ticket for it, so I agreed. This has now grown into me organising a mini Art show at the Festival. I have asked Punk Rock Cartoons’ David Worth to show too and he is up for it.

You have a new line of artwork

My second style is my “Big ‘Eds”. These started as a bit of fun that took me a lot less time than my other portraits. I started doing them of people I saw at punk gigs and it has grown from there. The latest ones I have done are of the Manchester entertainers at Les Burlesque.

LTW boss John Robb as punk art
LTW boss John Robb as punk art

Incidentally the Punk Britannia name comes from the weekly Podcast I do which goes out on Californian Internet Radio station It’s all about the newest and latest from the UK underground/unsigned punk, ska, oi and hardcore scene. I’ve been doing this for coming up for 2 years now. Previous shows can be downloaed from studsandpunks (hit the podcast button) if you fancy a listen.
So I have two facebook pages Punk Britannia for the podcast and Punk Britannia Art for the drawings.

By the way, I was thinking of having a section of the artshow which includes pictures that have been created by the musicians appearting at Strummercamp. So if you have anything that you’d like to show, let me know.

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