Great photo of Sid Vicious going to see David Bowie in 1973

Sid Vicious photographed at a David Bowie concert, Earls Court, London, May 12th, 1973.


Portrait of the artist as a young Bowie fan!







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14 comments on “Great photo of Sid Vicious going to see David Bowie in 1973”

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  1. Yeah proper. At least no f**king then Jericho features. Jesus. Then Jericho ,fort f**ks sake!!

  2. Nice pair of Oxford bags…. John Simon Ritchie.

  3. The chances on finding this..unbelievable !! Good stuff :)

  4. There was also one of the girl’s magazines like ‘Honey’ that did a 2-page photo feature on fans at a Roxy Music concert at The Rainbow in either 73 or 74 and there, indeed, was one John Beverly sporting a very cool gold lame tuxedo jacket. No denying he had style.

  5. Oh, lovely photo! Poor old Sid.

  6. This photo of Sid is just awesome, priceless :D

  7. This photo is been around for a while

  8. lol “This photo has been around a while”


  9. Saw a replica of the t-shirt on some knock-off site. My first thought was ‘that’s Brian James, not Bowie’ until I saw where they’d got the print from… I know it can’t be BJ in 1973, but the Bowie jawline looks all wrong to me and there are pics of Brian in exactly that pose.

  10. Ok cute pics the boy looked good that was it. Why do people still go all gooey eyed at this mug though? He was a sociopath with no morals, junkie, murderer who whored his girlfriend for drugs, beat journalist Nick Kent within an inch of his life with a bike chain and almost blinded a punk girl at the 100 club by throwing a bottle at her. Never mind his swastika t shirts and lack of musical ability (Steve Jones had to play all the bass on NMTB) and the fact he played a considerable role in destroying the greatest rock n roll band ever. What’s his legacy? The kind of dick head negative punks who like to kick over a dustbin safe in the knowledge some other poor fucker will have to pick up the mess. Great cheers Sid.

  11. Charlie P is right.


  12. Met Sid and Nancy in hospital NW London mid 70’s. She was having a procedure. We chatted. I was in the opposite bed. A weird experience, an even weirder couple. Every time I pass Pindock Mews the image comes flooding back.

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