Great photo of Sid Vicious going to see David Bowie in 1973

Sid Vicious photographed at a David Bowie concert, Earls Court, London, May 12th, 1973.


Portrait of the artist as a young Bowie fan!







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11 comments on “Great photo of Sid Vicious going to see David Bowie in 1973”

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  1. Yeah proper. At least no f**king then Jericho features. Jesus. Then Jericho ,fort f**ks sake!!

  2. Nice pair of Oxford bags…. John Simon Ritchie.

  3. The chances on finding this..unbelievable !! Good stuff :)

  4. There was also one of the girl’s magazines like ‘Honey’ that did a 2-page photo feature on fans at a Roxy Music concert at The Rainbow in either 73 or 74 and there, indeed, was one John Beverly sporting a very cool gold lame tuxedo jacket. No denying he had style.

  5. Oh, lovely photo! Poor old Sid.

  6. This photo of Sid is just awesome, priceless :D

  7. This photo is been around for a while

  8. lol “This photo has been around a while”


  9. Saw a replica of the t-shirt on some knock-off site. My first thought was ‘that’s Brian James, not Bowie’ until I saw where they’d got the print from… I know it can’t be BJ in 1973, but the Bowie jawline looks all wrong to me and there are pics of Brian in exactly that pose.

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