Great New Manchester Band The Delaplains Release New SingleWe wrote about the Delaplains a few months ago when they were a hopeful new young band with a great demo and they have now confirmed our hopes with an exquisite debut single.

It’s a single that drips with all the classic hallmarks of classic guitar pop- there is that lightness of touch of the 1988 Stone Roses- you know those classic cascading melodies and timeless guitar chords but they very much have their own sound with a touch of Spector pop, a twist of Johnny Marr’s love of waterfall guitars even a hint of punk rock in their no waste short songs.

The Delaplains deal in a guitar music that combines beauty with that rush of youth- the soundtrack to a time when you believe that everything is possible- it’s that timeless and that classic. Go and check the link and fall in love all over again.

Go to Delaplains bandcamp  and listen to the single.


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