Graywave - Planetary Shift EPGraywave: Planetary Shift 

(False Peak Records)

Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4


Graywave, the sobriquet of chanteuse Jess Webberley, unleashes her magnum opus. Sam Lambeth reviews.

Graywave has taken great steps to move out of the dark. In the past, her music has been mysterious and murky, recorded in a proud lo-fi fashion. On Planetary Shift, she maintains her mercurial nature but dials up the production.

The results are impressive. Opener Dreaming sounds like a rich blend of The Cure and The Cranberries – pop-tinged turmoil with dense, chiming guitars and one hell of a chorus. As the drums pound and Graywave’s amazing voice is unleashed, you realise Graywave has come to play.

Like Heaven, originally released as a single in December, remains Graywave’s strongest song. Doused in reverb and abrasive emotion, Like Heaven erupts into an ethereally beautiful, bombastic outro that will leave you falling to your knees in thanks.

The title track serves as a potent vehicle for Graywave’s stunning voice, powerful but beautiful. Before, written about Graywave’s battle with anxiety, is a brave and honest reflection.

Throughout Planetary Shift, the guitars throb and fuzz. The bass broods. The drums pound. Musically and lyrically, it’s a dark but dynamic journey that is brave and unrelenting in the topics it covers.

A phenomenal record that will cement Graywave as one of rock music’s most fantastic new artists.

Graywave is on Facebook and Twitter.


All words by Sam Lambeth. Sam is a Birmingham-based journalist and musician. More of his work for Louder Than War is available on his archive. His music can be found on Spotify.

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