Tim Peaks, Kendal calling

August 2015

Grasshopper Facebook page.

Grasshopper are genuine teenage kicks- a bunch of skinny kids who are barely 16 who shuffle onto the Tim Peaks stage, plug in and create total magic.

They make a fantastic swooping, swooning sound- a dark and melancholic mash of post punk, psychedelic and shoe gaze but leaning towards the dark side that hints at the Joy Division/Sisters Of mercy end of the post punk period but zips it through a classic record collection of great sounds incorporating shoe gaze and trips music whilst always walking on the dark side with a thoughtful intelligence and electric thrill.

There is a chiming guitar, driving bass and perfect melodies that create a spectral, swirling atmosphere as the Brighton band create astonishing soundscapes that are totally beyond their youthfulness and further proof that this guitar thing is long from being over.

Grasshopper are full of potential and have an epic and thrilling sound that captivates you and hypnotises you and sounds like the start of a fascinating journey that takes from the last century and delivers into the new century.

Seek out their two EPs now!


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