Gordon Raphael, the producer of two albums by The Strokes tells us about the Strokes and what he’s been up tos

Gordon Raphael caught the Strokes at their garage band best. He’s now living in Berlin and is as busy as ever as he tells Marcelo Basaure…

*1) How have you been all this time living in Berlin?*

I have been in Berlin for 7 years, and a lot of the time I am traveling to
work with bands in many countries, even Mexico and Argentina! yay. I moved to Berlin
becuase I had a friend there, and they told me I could get a very big place
to live (7 rooms!) for very little money. Then I met a singer-
guitarist/storyteller named Sarah Maguire, from England- and started
working with her on her amazing songs. Now I have a studio there (Analog
Pooodle Studio) and a red bicycle.*2) What have been your latest productions?
*Last year I spent 6 months in San Antonio, Texas recording many many cool
and powerful bands there:
Education, Ill Prospekt, Verisimilitude, Hyperlight Driveship, Sweetness,
and Victoria Zaleski were some of them.
Lately I have been working with a very unique and talented young lady from
California named Ricky Berger who plays over 20 different instruments – very well!!!, and sings very
beautiful songs that take you into a new sound that I think is very wonderful. This week I recorded Ikil Oriion and his new album EON X19- this is music from two guys (the other guy is
Likwid Light Experience, a really great composer and singer) who spent a lot
of time in New Orleans, and its like a futuristic combination of Electronic, New Wave, Classic Rock and Hip Hop but going off into deep space.I really enjoyed working with this team. While I was in Berlin, I
also recorded a London girl named Roxanne DeBastion- an album of acoustic
guitars, drums and keyboards with her very soulful, interesting stories and crystal clear voice.*3) In Gordotronic.com you spread all your work, the website has a very cool look
Who designed it?
A rock and roll guitar player from a band called Love Darling– her name
is Shay Magro,and her company is called Pixelflux Media. I met her when I
went to record her band in Hollywood a few years ago. I think she
understands websites, and also visual music.*4) There is a section that has your paintings on gordotronic How long have
you painted?*

I started painting and making drawings when I was 4 years old. In the
kindergarten I won and art-contest and had my painting shown around the world, when I
was 6. Recently I had an art exhibition in Berlin and Poland, which were both
really fun. In Berlin my band performed, and in Poland (Lodz) I gave a talk about
recording, and Dj’d at my art opening party.*5) I know you were a time in South Africa, producing the band’s debut
album The Plastics How was living in South Africa?

*I had a great time in South Africa, and stayed with the family of Sasha
and Pacal Righini, two of the band members. They played great rock music,
and I had fantastic food, and lots of warm sunshine in the middle of my
winter! Fabulous!!!

*6) Do you plan to return to live in America?
*No, I like living in Europe– Germany seems to me to be more relaxed, and free than USA for the past 10 years! London has security cameras everywhere, USA has guns everywhere, and
Germany: no one has guns!

*7) What songs did you like the new album by The Strokes? Do you ever work
together again?

*I did not hear the new The Strokes album yet. I’m sure I will some day
soon! And If Julian, Albert, Nick, Nickolai or Fab ever called me up to ask me to
work with them, I would say “why YES–thank you very much!”– wouldnt you??

*8) You have several albums in which electronic music experience with all
of them What do you recommend?*

I have released 7 albums of my own music on Gordotronic.com There are two
parts to the site:
“The World Headquarters” where you can hear all 7 albums for free PLUS my
radio show called Silhouette Shack:
and the Shop/Blog (at
where I sell dowlods and write a million words
about very poetic and important things to me!!! All of my music has some
electronic parts, and some is all
Outer Space Rocket Ship Rides (my album called Lost Cities/Lifetimes for
example). One of my favorite albums. I recommend on Gordotronic is called I
Lick The Moog!

*9) What are your plans for this 2012?*

Well I started the year in Berlin, and had a marvellous time there,Now I am
in Hollywood and getting ready to go to record the intensely interesting
Ricky Berger album.Sarah Maguire will make an EP this Spring, and I will
push Gordotronic to be the best it can possibly be, with paintings, videos,
and many many albums of music for the world to hear and love!


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