Mo Wax ‘Headz Vol 1’

LTW : Mo Wax have released so many great records it’s very hard to know where to start and their love of slowed down almost stoner beats opened a new door for the form.

Egg : I’ve always loved slow breaks and beats and this Mo Wax compilation blew my mind, I actually stole it off a girl I went to school with so hope to God she never asks for it back. The term Trip Hop got banded about loads at the time and sort of killed a lot of good ideas but this record is one I can go back to again and again, sometimes I try to re create  the nineties by putting this on, getting high and then standing in the shower to recreate the endless rain that seems to fall during the winter, which suits the downtempo vibe perfectly.

For number 5 in the Goldie Looking Chain top 10 albums please go here


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