Os Mutantes ‘Technicolor’

LTW : the legendary Os Mutantes are proof that psychedelic rock was not a purely angle American enterprise- like the great psyche scene in Nigeria Brazil had its own thing going on and OM were the best known.

Egg : The fourth album by Brazils best Psyche rock band ever, If you have never heard of them then get down the shops and buy everything they ever made, because they are ace.
The Bees did a cover of “Shes my Shoo Shoo” and it got used on a Citroen advert so loads of people like the band without even realising it.
Seriously good sounding on a big system or a set of headphones, this is the one to break out when the sun comes out and all your friends want to get naked and take acid in a paddling pool full of Ribena.

For number 2 in Goldie Looking Chain’s top 10 favourite albums go here


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