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Goldie Looking Chain give us their top 10 favourite albumsGoldie Looking Chain burst onto the scene a few years ago as the goo time rap crew from Newport Wales. it shouldn’t have worked but they were far smarter than they were letting on and their goofy drunken raps were letting on. they somehow managed to create an off their heads ‘chav’ rap that somehow took the piss out rap and chav culture whilst laughing at the people who laugh at chav culture- a triple edged sword and saying something about the drunken look having the most wisdom.

The band had a good run of hits like the brilliantly named Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do and stoked plenty of controversy in their major label days and were closer in spirit to Half Man Half Biscuit in their arcane and very British snickering at the bullshit sense of humour and plenty of local and obscure references in their songs.

Apart from that they are Newport and we have always loved Newport- crazy town…

They are back out on the circuit now supporting their new album ‘Kings Of Caerleon’

The band are currently on tour check their dates

For the first album in Goldie looking Chain’s top 10 favourite albums please go here



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