York Live

York Live Goldie Lookin’ Chain,

Fibbers, York

17th Oct 2013

Usually to be found hidden away in dark shadows listening to the blackest of death metal, our Watain bothering correspondent stepped out into the light the other day to catch Goldie Lookin’ Chain play the legendary Fibbers in York. And by the sound of it he loved every minute.

An acid-fried beatnik with a large nose once posed the intriguing question “Does humour belong in music?”. Well Francis, the answer to that particular riddle will have to wait as last night Newport’s finest exponents of cutting social commentary (or is that karaoke with swearing?) rode into my hometown of York with an array of highly flammable leisure wear, fresh beatz and a slight whiff of soapbar.

I love Goldie Lookin’ Chain and I’m not sorry. Hell, I even got pissed with one of their ranks at the wedding of the lad that tattoos me a couple of years ago and a more decent, intelligent and humorous chap you would struggle to find. Let’s face it, any band who can singlehandedly upset the Beckhams and as a result, cause minor political embarrassment to the powers that be in Wales is worthy of some respect, even from the most grudging of observers.

The band have recently released their 17th album, the magnificently titled ‘Kings of Caerleon’ and from this opus, the two singles, ‘Baneswell Express’ a moving and heartfelt tribute to their 7-11 convenience store of choice and the powerful, damning indictment of modern fast-food culture, ‘At The Drive-Thru’.

So on to the gig then. In an act of perfect timing we entered a packed Fibbers as The GLC went onstage to the understated sounds of ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ and set opener ‘Self-Suicide’ was rapturously received by the heaving masses packed against the stage.

Goldie Lookin’ Chain: Fibbers, York – live review.For the following hour and a quarter The GLC relentlessly blasted through a set of classics and newer material in a blur of chunky jewelry and man-made fibres. Everything you would ever want to hear was played, from the childhood recollections of going to the ‘Roller Disco’, the ode to crap hash, ‘Soapbar’ and the achingly beautiful, tear-inducing ‘You Know I Loves You’.

Of the newer material, the Vanilla Ice-bothering ‘Ice Ice Dildo’ stood out as a potential future classic, the country inspired breakdown in At The Drive-Thu had every arm in the building waving in the air; even ‘Half Man, Half Machine’ was given a fresh remix for the new decade.

Obviously, it was the duo of GLCs worldwide platinum hits ‘Guns don’t kill people, Rappers Do’ and ‘Your Mother’s got a Penis’  that sent the crowd into overload and after this double whammy was delivered, Adam Hussein proclaimed that “York, You fuckin’ knows it! Safe as Fuck” and the band left the stage.

From my position right at the front it was clear throughout the gig what a tight crew the GLC are when delivering the rap – I’ve seen so-called ‘Rap Superstars’ that were nowhere near as fluid.

It was a tour to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Goldie Lookin’ Chains first ever live show and on the strength of the Hip Hop masterclass they served York last night, another 10 years is a strong possibility, and that would indeed be ‘Safe as Fuck’.

You Knows It.


Goldie Lookin Chain can be found at their website and at their FacebookTwitter and MySpace pages.

All words by Andy Santiago. More writing by Andy on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive

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