Keith Goldhanger, in association with Louder Than War, presents episode two of his exclusive video-documentary series “Goldhanger Shorts”(more info here). Today the focus is on the excellent Faerground Accidents.


I first heard this band on the radio.

John Kennedy played this a couple of times on XFM before I heard him mention that the first Faerground Accidents release “We hate The Same Things” was actually released on our own LOUDER THAN WAR record label.

Once I saw them perform in London’s 12 Bar (supporting The Membranes) I was hooked.

My initial thoughts of them sounding like SUEDE went out the window and it was immediately noticeable how enthusiastic the people who were witnessing this gig in this tiny venue were towards this outfit.

I always say to bands playing in London that sometimes it’s not the quantity of punters during the early gigs of a band that count but the quality. People were here from the band’s hometown Sheffield and it’s worth noting that the scene at the end of this episode, filmed at The Lexington (again, supporting The Membranes) was filmed at about 9 PM. A big enthusiastic crowd for an early start to the weekend. This is something that is not to be taken with a pinch of salt in London whatever anyone’s pre-conceptions may or may not be towards performing in the Capital.

It took bloody ages to grab the three I managed to pin down on that pavement outside the Lexington in Pentonville Road. I think it was worth the wait. None of that muso stuff discussed here, just a few tales of everyday life, it seems, featuring the individuals in this band.

After seeing this band live their activities back home have been notably entertaining as well. Superb clips on Youtube exist of Bo Mar and Guitarist Muzz doing an acoustic set down their local pub, entertaining the locals, bottle of wine in hand as seems to be a compulsory look nowadays, and the odd cover version appearing acoustically on the singer’s soundcloud account.

Frontman Bo Mar has to be one of the most flamboyant frontmen we have in the UK at the moment. It was on seeing this chap that made me realise that people like him are the pop stars in my life. Just like Boy George was in the 80’s, The Sweet were in the 70’s, The Spice Girls in the 90’s or no one so far during this century we’re currently in. It was with this train of thought that lead me to getting someone to mock up an old Top Of The Pops album cover to go with an article earlier this year giving me an excuse to post up a playlist on the site. Four of the seven bands in this series of films were mentioned in this piece.

Go and see Faerground Accidents if you can.

Or offer them more gigs can someone please?

Faerground accidents can be found on Facebook.

Keith Goldhanger x

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All words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing my Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter.

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