Watch this! Goldblade take on the government: new video and single…

Would you trust the country in the hands of these masked men?

Goldblade video for new single ‘We’re All In It Together’ from the upcoming August released album.

Politics like rock-n-roll is full of glib empty slogans.

“We’re all in it together” is the Tories uber slogan, a meaningless “we pretend to care” phrase about us all being in the recession shit-pit at the same time, From a party led by a man from advertising it was as empty as expected.

Goldblade take the phrase and shove it back down their well-fed throats whilst celebrating the idea of community in a song that sticks it to the bankers and the greed whilst both lamenting and celebrating the UK in a powerhouse punk rock anthem from their forthcoming album on Southern Records. The album will be released on Mon 6th August 2012.


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2 comments on “Watch this! Goldblade take on the government: new video and single…”

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  1. This one deserves to go viral! Amazing (or maybe not) that something so obvious as writing a great song about a terrible, callous, corporate-cock licking government now seems so naughty! MORE OF THE SAME, PLEASE.
    (P.S. Cameron’s then soon-to-be mother-in-law,Lady Astor,arranged for him to get his £90,000 a year PR job. His first, and only, job. (Is PR actually a job, anyway?))

  2. Brother Philip

    As usual good catchy chorus which all us Goldblade fans can chant to.
    John’s voice sounds a bit hoarse though
    Looking forward to new album

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