Goldblade Olympic T shirt
Goldblade Olympic T shirt

Goldblade Olympic T shirt
Goldblade Olympic T shirt
The Olympics is a complex issue.

We love sport.

All sport.

We even love the shot-put- I used to train in the gym with girl on the fringes of the GB shot-put team and marvelled at her power and her determination- she would get up at 5/6 in the morning and train before work. She was tough. And we respect that.

The application of the athletes is stunning and whether they win or lose I respect them all. The paraplegic olympics even more so- massive respect to those taking part in that. Stunning event.

Because we come from the time when the Olympics was about taking part, or that’s what we were brought up to believe- I have no problem with the athletes making millions- they put everything on the line to compete and I respect the ones that came last as much as the ones that come first- anyone who gets in a gym and trains is getting my respect.

Like many I’m getting bait uncomfortable with the corporate bullying and a tiny bit baffled with what sport benefits there are in the key sponsors, Coca Cola and McDonalds. Maybe I’m missing something there. Not sure what the criteria are for sponsors but why not have tobacco and alcohol companies as well?

It’s now against the law to have an Olympic logo made out of bread in your shop window, there are special lanes for the Merc driven dignatries and the valiant efforts of the sports people have been shunted aside in the corporate free for all- could you get a better analogy for the bankrupt banker wasteland of modern society!

I know we live in a time of sponsorship and we all need to deal with the devil. I know it’s not the late seventies any more but there is a whiff of something ugly going on beneath the noble and valiant pursuit of sporting excellence by the athletes.

The same happened in rock n roll years ago and none of us are pure- we are all prostitutes as someone once sang. Every day we have to do a deal with the devil and try and remain untainted- but we endlessly fail!

It’s in the light of this that we are planning to produce this new Goldblade T shirt. The Goldblade Olympic T shirt, lawyers have said don’t do it and printers are backing off. It’s not for money. it’s to make a point.

Can we have our culture back?


  1. Does the brand enhance the the sport or is the sport enhancing the brand? I watched the documentary about Tom Daley last night, large portions of which were taken up with teeth-gritting brandspeak from his agent who hardly seemed to mention that Daley is, in fact, an athlete and not his very own corporate cash cow.

    Then again, they do say that if you were to break Seb Coe open like a stick of Blackpool rock, he’d have the words ‘C**a-C**a’ and ‘McD******’ written in (O******) rings around his soul.

    Not saying it’s true, like. It’s just what I’ve heard.

    (Uh, oh, there’s a helicopter flying over the house and some big vans have just pulled up. Guys in red NBC suits are piling out…sirens…megaphone…M16s…..shit…..

  2. Well put actually John. I’m a bit fed up of people slagging the Olympics because they think it’s the cool thing to do. But this makes sense and I totally agree.

    Thing is though, we can’t really change it. So bollocks, I’m going to ignore it and enjoy the Olympics

  3. What ho Mr Robb…hows tricks?

    Was talking about that very point last night over Athens…..Free tickets for the MP’s corporate raping of the very spirit your posting refers to. Yet again the very best of human nature “used” by the very worst of human nature.

    Toodle Pip


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