God On My Right - Dark

God On My Right - Dark

God On My Right

Dark – out March 8

Full EP GOLDEN out March 29



Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4


Liverpool’s God On My Right release their new EP GOLDEN on March 29th with the lead track Dark out today.  Nigel takes a listen for Louder Than War!

What we say:

I’m lulled into Dark with its lighter synths washing over the track – a little like Violater era Depeche Mode but then it gets heavier and heavier, lurching and falling like some careering, acid-soaked cyber-machine. A massive soundscape that envelopes the listener. At the core lies the bare bones of 70s NYC band Suicide which have been buried so deeply with layer upon layer of sub-bass and electronica that’s it’s barely recognisable. The track rises, falls, accelerates and collapses leaving you breathless – 80s beats punctuating the swirling synths and I just want to turn it up!

Year of The Goat mixes elements of early Cabaret Voltaire with the industrial/noise sound of early 80’s Clock CVA, pulsating before exploding. It’s deep dark and heavy. Silence adds a touch of Rage Against The Machine rap modernity to the mix, dark and heavy and closing tracks All Of Me and Kingdom of Shadows lighten the mood a little (but not much) before ending abruptly.

What they say:

Exploring more accessible territory than previous releases,  ‘Dark’ utilises industrial beats with a polished and simplistic electronic aesthetic blending organic and atmospheric analogue synth and guitar patterns with a more direct and minimal structure resulting in an exciting shift in direction that feels fresh and relevant. The double EP ‘GOLDEN’ as a whole explores a heavier subject matter, and ‘Dark’ introduces these themes lyrically touching on personal reflection.

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God On My Right are on Facebook Twitter and this is their website: http://godonmyright.com/

Words by Nigel Carr/God On My Right. More writing by Nigel on Louder Than War can be found in his Author’s archive. You can find Nigel on Twitter and Facebook and his own Website. Image by God On My Right


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