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Harkive logoThe global music listening project Harkive is set to return on Tuesday 19 July 2016.

Now in its fourth year the project seeks to capture the how, where and why of people’s listening habits across a single day to form a view of the modern music experience.

“The past year has been really fascinating in the streaming music space, particularly in terms of automated recommendation services”, says Harkive’s Craig Hamilton, “Spotify launched their Discover Weekly Service shortly before we ran our project last year, and its been a huge success for them. Machines that provide genuinely useful, personalised music recommendations are fast becoming part of our everyday experience. Seeing how that sits alongside more traditional modes of listening, like vinyl records, radio, and so on, is going to be extremely interesting for us this year.”

Those wishing to take part can do so in a number of ways – posting to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr using #harkive or by emailing directly. The results will be show in real-time on the project website and will also be available to developers through a new API.

You can find the Harkive website at www.harkive.org and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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