Interview with Pete Stride (The Lurkers), About His New Band, GLM. (Also Includes Link For Free Download).

Original members of classic 1970’s punk band The Lurkers (famously the first band ever released on Beggars Banquet Records) have just released their new single under new moniker, GLM. Phil Thompson gives it the once over and has a chat with the band’s guitarist and vocalist Pete Stride.

GLM have their new single “A Perfect Storm” available for free download on their website as of last week so before anything else we suggest you go HERE and grab it for yoursleves!

For those of you unfamiliar with GLM, they are a three piece comprising original members of legendary first-wave British punk band The Lurkers: Pete Stride (guitar and vocals), Nigel Moore (bass) and Pete “Esso” Haynes (drums).

They released the stunning album “Chemical Landslide” late last year (see our review HERE) and have not let the grass grow under their feet. The single released this week follows new videos for some of the “Chemical Landslide” album tracks, the most recent of these being the video for the epically monster tune “Surviving” which you can check it out below.


“A Perfect Storm” is further evidence of the band’s spectacular return to the fray, linking industrial-grade heavy guitars and drums with punk rock sensibilities and hooks that burrow into your brain and stay there. Fantastic stuff.

I recently caught up with chief song-writer, guitarist and vocalist Pete Stride for a quick GLM update. Firstly, how has the album been received?

“We were really pleased with the critical reaction to the album. We thought we had produced something pretty good and it was great to get confirmation from so many positive reviews, in fact we got some of the best reviews we have ever had!

The new single is available as a free download. On first listen it appears to develop the sound you have forged on the “Chemical Landslide” album. Can you tell us a bit about that?

“The new single, “A Perfect Storm”, is the first of a series which we will be releasing at regular intervals throughout the year.

For us the most important thing at the moment is to get our music out to as many people as possible. There is a definite reluctance to pay for music these days so the free download single seems to be the best way for us to do that.

“A Perfect Storm” is maybe a bit more punk than some of our other stuff but it’s still heavy as fuck as well. I think we have developed a definite GLM sound which is quite distinctive and it is in full effect on this song.”

Pete also confirmed that GLM will finally be playing some live shows.

“Yeah, we always planned to play live eventually but we wanted to make sure that people knew the new material before we started doing it.

The live set will contain a lot of our “Chemical Landslide” album, a good slice of our classic Lurkers album, “Fulham Fallout”, and a selection of our best Lurkers singles. It all seems to blend pretty well together and it should be a great live set.

Also we will be adding a singer to our line-up for the live stuff, but we will release details of that nearer the time. We are aiming to “go live” from November this year, although it is actually not that easy to find places to play these days.”

Judging by the clamour there has been for the band to play live, this is great news for both old Lurkers fans and new GLM acolytes alike. We await further news with baited breath…

Once again GLM’s website where you can grab yourself a free digital download of A Perfect Storm is HERE.

All words by Philip Thompson. More writing by Philip on Louder Than War can be found here. You can follow Philip on twitter here and check out his band Bug at their website.

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