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Glenn’s part in this seminal band should not be underrated and neither should their impact or influence. Their huge dancefloor club hit Go! for example, was created around Glenn’s killer bass line and was sampled by Moby for his top ten smash of the same name, Fun Lovin’ Criminals sampled Movement Of Fear for their top twenty hit Scooby Snacks. Tones On Tail have been tastefully covered by the likes of Nouvelle Vague, licensed by, amongst many others, car giant Lincoln Mercury and Go! currently appears on an episode of the cult series ’Stranger Things’.

Sadly, this short lived project ended with Daniel exercising once again his ‘right to change his mind’ and his strong desire to rekindle his working relationship with his former Bauhaus cohort David J which led to the formation of Love and Rockets.

After a lengthy hiatus from music, Glenn re-surfaced early in the millennium with some very strong original material.

Glenn: ’I worked with samplers, workstations and some really cool drum machines during the early 90’s with good friend Andy McKenzie who was an absolute genius with new music technology. At that time, the equipment was a huge, unaffordable expense, but, thankfully, technology and software became cheaper and better.  A whole new field of creativity had sprung into life which couldn’t be ignored and suddenly – everything was possible again.’

This previously unreleased 2008 set Black and Whole (available exclusively at was created with an array of guests including long-time friends  Andrew ‘Jam’ Robertson and the hugely influential former Trans-Global Underground vocalist and Cha’abi Moderne pioneer Natacha Atlas

In 2011 Glenn teamed up with solo artist Mark Garner to form LoneStation who, after honing and crafting their own style and sound recently completed their debut album Dark Matter. The pair had initially met during a chance encounter some years previous in an after show bar in London’s cavernous Brixton Academy.

Mark is no stranger to music technology either, after creating an eclectic mix of original compositions alongside superlative interpretations of some of his own personal favourite tracks (4 tracks are available from Her Dark Materials at on ‘More music’ page) he draws from an array of diverse influences and yet still manages to retain a healthy dose of originality to his work. Similarly, Mark’s solo work fuses samples together with live instruments whilst adopting a unique vocal, creating a variety of haunting hybrid soundscapes. An integral part of LoneStation’s DNA .

Glenn: ’I love Mark’s unconventional approach to music, which really shows in his solo work. He is open-minded and is acutely adaptable in thought and direction’.

Sharing a joint passion for raw energising sounds, the diverse and the unpredictable, LoneStation have created a unique sound and style producing something that is distinctively their own, from the stomping funk of Fun Town and Too Many People or the poignant lament of A Billion Black Stars, through to the slow brooding eponymous final track, Dark Matter is an exceptional amalgam of creativity that is not afraid to explore uncharted territory, often with explosive results.

Mark: ’The LoneStation ‘sound’ to me is like no other and reflects the unique approach that both Glenn and I demonstrate in our personal work – and Glenn in Tones. The music reinforces our strong appreciation of music in its purest form, twists it, turns it and reconstructs it into what is unpredictable, surprising and ultimately –  a fusion of energy, originality, passion and a hint of deeper worlds.

The stunning debut album Dark Matter is available at as a full download (including an exclusive bonus track; Smoked) or spread across four individual E.P’s on iTunes. A strictly limited edition Metal Box CD was released in January, 


The band are currently working on new material, having recently completed two very strong tracks which find them once again stepping into previously unexplored terrain but managing somehow to retain that essential LoneStation sound captured so gloriously on Dark Matter.



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