Rubettes - ft John Mick and Steve - Glamnezia

Rubettes - ft John Mick and Steve - Glamnezia

Legendary Manchester-based writer and producer Mike Bennett has been working furiously on his latest project Glamnezia. It sees him teaming up with The Rubettes (ft John Mick & Steve) and is co-produced by Steve Etherington. Glamnezia is a boxed set and coffee table book which will feature re-recordings of glam classics and a selection of new songs.

Mike has worked with a slew of high profile acts such as Bad Manners, Fuzzbox, Hazel O’Connor, The Fall, Ian Brown and The Specials, Neville Staple and Gregory Isaacs, but this is his first foray into the glam arena!

The Rubettes featuring John, Mick and Steve have created the music for the boxed set with reworkings of famous glam classics from the ‘70s era including a glam metal version of Crazy Horses by The Osmonds (with Donny playing the opening organ screech!), See My Baby Jive by Wizzard and many other timeless smashes from the day.

Sugar Baby Love recently entered the top 10 in the North American charts inspiring them to embark on this ambitious project.

The Glamnezia box set and coffee table book has been put back due to the pandemic, and lands when the press implants and book manufacturers are back in full flow. Release dates to be announced with massive contributions from artists Steve Bowden and Tony Gleed of Boogaloo Radio.

Louder Than War’s Nigel Carr caught up with Mike Bennet to discuss everything glam, from its origins in English music hall, through the very first stirrings in the late sixties to the US crossover of glam and hair metal!


Mike Bennett
Mike bennett

NC: Did The Rubettes represent Glam? If you look at Glam from as early as 1970 when Bolan turned up riding a white swan with that little bit of glitter on his face they did not look like your average sparkly glam star.

MB: “They looked like Pearly Kings and Queens. Arthur Brown argues the point about the glitter, he’s put in the claim! I can argue about Rubettes being archetypical glam rock because I would say that I would put them in the bubble glam category, right? Because I’ve got my own categories”.

“What I say is this: Glam rock is quintessentially English, but we are musical magpies. We flew over and we went back in time, and we hit the American jukebox diners, and we took as much from the American jukebox diners as we could or in Roy Wood’s case, as much from Phil Spector’s catalogue as he could, and then we made it our own. But we also harked back to a time gone by to a place called the East End and that is where glam rock started”.

NC: So you are talking about Marie Lloyd and the old music halls?

MB: “I’m talking about Marie Lloyd, I’m talking about Little Titch, I’m talking about Vesta Tilley as well”.

Steve Etherington
Steve Etherington

NC: That’s interesting I was talking to the guy from It’s Immaterial, John Campbell and he talked about how music hall tradition and particularly Little Titch was an influence on early punk.

MB: “Very much so as well. I used to write an article for Encore magazine. A series of articles about the evolution of music hall. Prior to being commissioned to do this, I was chatting to Andy Scott from Sweet, and he said they used to watch The Good ‘Ole Days permanently, saying ‘Look at that patch, look at that coloured garment that woman is wearing, and then they would show it to their designers and that would help with the costume. Now, you mentioned punk, you mentioned glam. These are all pop genres and so the costumes in some ways and the fashion statement is as integral as the song”.

MB: “Glam rock came out of a poverty-stricken period. The three day week, the miners’ strike, when the going gets tough, the Brits go glam!”.

“In the music hall period you had your pearly kings and queens, that was pure glam and at places like The Players Theatre under the arches in Charing Cross, they would form the chorus, they would also be the bouncers. They would be a bit like those guys who used to jump on the stage with Mud”.

“When I was looking at the Wilton’s Music Hall, I was going through some of the old original literature and some of the programmes, and they said ‘Next week please make sure you’re wearing your ‘glam rags’ which was a play on the words ‘glad rags’ but they actually used the phrase, ‘please bring your glam rags and dress as your favourite star”.

“The coincidence is that if there ever was a glam rock musical, it’s the Rocky Horror Show. People turn up in their ‘glam rags’ dressed as their favourite star so there is a correlation”.

NC: Surely it was a coincidence that they wore their glam rags and we had glam rock? Where did the term ‘glam rock’ come from, who coined the term?

MB: “It just struck a chord with me because the real phrase is ‘glad rags’ not ‘glam rags’ so they used the word glam and look at the pearly kings and queens you know and look at the risqué factor of your Marie Lloyds and a ‘little bit of wot yer fancy’. It came from a working-class area that was poverty-stricken and then flash forward to early ‘70s and meanwhile ex-bricklayers who have turned into musicians are putting on make-up up north!”.

“This whole thing about the criticism about bands like Slade and Sweet ‘Oh they’re just like a bunch of brickies’, I think well what’s wrong with that? It’s even better it was a working-class phenomenon. Very English but of course you did have people like Suzi Quatro who came from Detroit and Alice Cooper. Suzi Quatro was sent really to English glam finishing school and the headmaster was Micky Most”.

“There is a saying in glam rock, ‘Tony Hatched the plot but Micky made the most’. I say that because Tony Hatch, in the very early days, did work with Bowie and not many people know that and I just quite like the phrase!”.

Glam Fact: Donovan sang the high notes on Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies!

NC: Alice Cooper was psychedelic when he started with Frank Zappa on Straight

MB: “Theatrical rock really. I’ll tell you what I would say. You’ve got Roxy Music. They jumped on the glam wagon, that’s art school rock – art school glam as far as I’m concerned. If you notice, a lot of people from the glam community were synonymous with acting”.

“Those are the people that jumped on the glam wagon. They were fading rockers. Your Barry Blue’s and the Alvin Stardusts”.

“Mott The Hoople, I’d say were a band that made copious amounts of excellent, if not sketchy bluesy kind of albums and they jumped on the glam wagon because Ian Hunter enjoyed it. The rest of them didn’t”.

“Then you’ve got your bubble glam bands like Paper Lace, which was more like bubble glum! The Night Chicago Died and all that”.

NC: There was a lot of shit in there wasn’t there?

MB: “You had Barry Blue in there, Racy, which I would call bubble glam”.

NC: Arrows?

“I liked Arrows because of the American connection in our book. That is because he’s American, Alan Merrill. He wrote I Love Rock and Roll and lived on it for years. Of course, I worked with Kim Fowley for a very long time. Far too long. I’ll come to that because what I think happened was in the mid-’70s, almost getting to ’76 when pub rock, I’m talking about the Dr Feelgoods and glam was fading but Slade, Sweet and Queen, all decided to cross the pond and the music was getting sleazier with groups like Twisted Sister and Mötley Crüe. They owe a debt of gratitude for this Frankenstein thing called glam metal or corporate glam”.

NC: Kiss were around in ’72/73 so they were around at the same time?

MB: “Indeed, so were the New York Dolls who were glam and they were punk mixed together somehow”.

NC: If you listen to Trash, it’s pure proto-Clash

MB: “Yeh, absolutely, I’m not a fan”.

“Mötley Crüe, because it’s glam with no irony. They call it glam metal and hair metal, respectively. Kiss took on bands like Slade and Sweet as support acts. Sweet’s Desolation Boulevard was a massive album out there but a completely different album here. It’s got different tracks on it, heavier mixes. Sweet were a career band out there, possibly about 4 or 5 hit albums. Desolation Boulevard being the first one”.

“I bought into Sweet because of the B-sides, I was listening to them by accident. My brother had Little Willy and I put the other side on and it was a track called Done Me Wrong Alright and it was really heavy”.

“The Rubettes, they were definitely part of the glam scene, and If you look at all the bills they were on, they were half-way between something that’s Saturday morning pop and glam. What happened was, The Rubettes were a bunch session musicians and they were asked to record this track by the Svengali, Wayne Bickerton, who was one of the two co-writers. The first idea was that it was going to part of a new rock and roll musical. Then he re-made it, submitted it to Showaddywaddy (you can hear the Showaddywaddy name tag in the lyric), so it got sent to them and rejected, and Bickerton the Svengali producer of the time, released it as The Rubettes without telling the guys. It was going to be a flop but it hit number 54. It was going to bomb, but then they got word that Sparks could not get their work permits at the time to make Top of The Pops, so they ended up on Top of The Pops and ended up number 1 here and it was an absolute Billboard smash, leaving Sparks at number 2 with This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”.

“A lot of the Rubettes hits, Juke Box Jive, appeared on all the Glam compilations”.

NC: So they were very much Glam, but they had this Great Gatsby look – berets, and red shirts, very much theatrical?

MB: “When they were on the way to do Top of The Pops, they saw the Gatsby hats in the King’s Rd but I always thought that that was the pearly kings and queens hats off thing. I always thought that was their tribute to the music hall because they looked very music hall”.

“The fact it was a Gatsby thing and it was incidentally to hide the fact that they were very serious hard rock players really, hair down to here and they didn’t actually wasn’t to be associated with it at that point. The bass player has played with Elton John and The Tremeloes. They were all very seasoned session musician players and the reason they are doing Glamnezia, by default, it’s glam rock, because we have six glam rock classics, on side one. Then we have six re-vamped hits of The Rubettes on side two”.

“They are a massive arena band in France. It’s ridiculous! I am trying to pin them down to do Juke Box Jive and Yeh I Can Do It and I said, ‘do it as a medley, cos we are late in getting this album in’.  I just finished Fuzzbox who were the first to cover Spirit in The Sky which I say was the first glam related riff”.

“One big giveaway in the glam sound is the slap-back sound on the drums. Adam Ant rode the crest of a wave from glam through to punk, but it’s a lot of using slap back on the drums. I’ve recorded drums before, and then I have got the guy to double track it but then you put a tiny bit of backwards reverb so it sounds slightly out but it’s not out. It gives it like a glam crunch. Then you put a big crunchy handclap trigger on the snare. A sort of double-tracking on drums”.

NC: If you listen to the first Gary Glitter tracks, Rock & Roll Part 1 and 2, it’s that sound isn’t it?

MB: “Yes, it does unfortunately, I can’t bear thinking about it. The glam crunch comes in all shapes and sizes. Double tracking of drums was more prevalent than one thinks, just on an ordinary record”.

NC: Is that what Martin Hannett did with Joy Division?

MB: “Yeh, he made them very dry but then augmented them with drum machines, didn’t he?”.

NC: There is a connection between Joy Division on their track Digital and Alice Cooper’s Slick Black Limousine. The opening bass lines are very similar.

MB: “I’ve been trying to get The Rubettes to do Slick Black Limousine. It’s Donovan on vocals, isn’t it? Donovan does all the high pitched falsettos. Donovan was up there; Alice Cooper was down there and it went ‘Hey Don can you come and do the high pitched bits?’ So Donovan’s a glam rocker by default!”.

“What I say is that we plundered the American Jukebox”.

NC: But hang on, we had Sweet and they were steeped in bubblegum and then you’ve got Eddie and the Falcons era Wizzard and The Rubettes and they were more American. Is there a twin threaded thing coming through here?

MB: “Yeh, I’m thinking that David Bowie was influenced by some American blues, wasn’t he? There is an American connection but we made it our own, and then we dressed the turn-up and put a British flag on it, and we sold it back to them in the late ’70s. This Frankenstein called glam metal also known as hair metal was born. I don’t like it but it made a lot of money”.

NC: If you compare The Man Who Sold The World to Hunky Dory, they are completely different, apart from one track, Queen Bitch (which everyone thinks is on Ziggy Stardust) which is very much Bowie’s first foray into glam.

MB: “I’ll tell you also who had the glam crunch, Hello. In abundance. It was this whole excessive riffing of Jean Genie and Blockbuster. What a coincidence, the same label released in the same week. A bit of a marketing thing going on there. Look at Desolation Boulevard by Sweet, look at Dirt Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC. Look at the American versions of the albums and they are the same sleeves and Desolation Boulevard has a track called AC/DC on it which Joan Jett had a massive hit with”.

“There are all these strange coincidences but I tell you where the melting pot was, Rodney Biggenheimer’s English Disco on Sunset Strip. He was a major K-rock DJ that brought all the glam rock bands over. Friend of the notorious Kim Fowley who did The Runaways, sort of post-glam based on the English singers”.

“He was a major part of it actually”.

NC: In terms of bringing it back to America?

MB: “Yes. There is a faction of people that say, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, all those, they put that in the glam idiom. I don’t. I wouldn’t put Loue Reed as glam. If we are talking about the make-up and the make-up only. I think you’re right, glam rock got a bit of a bad name because it was peppered with some bubblegum bands like Kenny”.

“Do you know what they were actually quite well produced those records”.

Glam Fact: On Crazy Horses, Donny Osmond’s voice had broken so the brothers recorded it. Donny played the opening wahhh on the organ!

NC: Funny, I was listening to Barry Blue, we turned it up in my wife’s car the other day and the production is unbelievable.

MB: “Yeh, of course, he wrote a lot of hits for people like I Eat Cannibals by Toto Coello, which I produced actually”.

“Norman Greenbaum, that’s where I reckon it started”.

NC: What happened to him and why did he never have another hit?

“Well, he had four hits. Spirit in The Sky with Fuzzbox, then he had Spirit in The Sky with Dr and The Medics, then he had it with Gareth Gates. It was number one three times, and then, of course, Fuzzbox were in the indie chart with it for 25 weeks. I’m a little bit biased because I have just remade it with them, a dub version. I could call it glam dub!”.

“Norman was an American singer-songwriter who just had one hit”.

NC: And that was proto-glam right?

MB: “I would absolutely say so”.

NC: Does anything else precede it in terms of ‘the’ sound? You could also say that Mick Ronson may have taken that ‘Ziggy’ guitar from that?

MB: “Absolutely, because it’s just that incessant riffing you know. Mick Ronson was my favourite of the Bowie era. It was the most exciting”.

“You were saying was that the first glam record which is a great question. David Bowie had Space Oddity in ’69 but it was dressed up as glam when it was re-released in 1975”.

NC: When it came out it wasn’t was it? Bowie was long-haired, big guitar. I suppose the only glam part was the lift-off played on a Stylophone.

MB: “When it was re-marketed, he was dressed in his glam attire, boots and everything”.

“We mustn’t forget that Roy Wood was a glam protagonist. Electric Light Orchestra were leaning a bit too much in that direction for Jeff Lynn’s liking. If you look at the costumes, and Roy Wood has been criticised a few times for going far too over the top with the costume side of glam and marginalising his potential audience, but I just think he had amazing humour, and he liked Arthur Brown!”.

“There are so many different factions. Glam rock was absolutely massive in Germany. British glam rock”.

NC: So who is the progenitor?

MB: “The protagonist? The first riff I can think of is Norman Greenbaum. It was 1970. Then the wonderful Bolan came along with Ride a White Swan”.

“Let me tell you a story, A quick story which is in the book”.

“Malcolm Hardy and Squeeze were attending Freddie Mercury’s birthday and they thought they would be invited into the party so allegedly they stole Freddie’s cake which was allegedly a big white chocolate swan. Now, allegedly, it got taken back to a certain band’s unit and they cracked it open and there was this fluffy stuff in there and they couldn’t call the police, they could do nothing. There was white chocolate in there, powdered white chocolate and we call that chapter ‘Hide a White Swan’”.

“It’s glam rock story, it could be myth, but Malcolm Hardy did write a book called ‘I stole Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Cake!”.

“We call it ‘Hide a White Swan’, it may have been mythologized, but we quite like the title.”

“What about Mud? Even though they were really cheesy, one of them was in The Hollies, the other one wrote loads of hits. Back to the theatricality of the music hall there he is, there’s the American connection. An Elvis impersonation, there’s theatrical music hall connection, a ventriloquist’s doll, now who could forget it, for good or for bad?”.

“The Thursday Top of The Pops thing. It was great because you’d wait for your favourite glam rock band to come on and do something to shock your Gran. Was it a fad? of course, it was a fad”.

NC: How long did it last?

MB: “Well, as I said it was trawled relentlessly across the pond. Then it continued in the states it just got heavier and sleazier”.

NC: Who was the best, who was most serious? I mean we had Slade, Bowie, Bolan, The Sweet; who was the best?

MB: “You know my favourite out of all of them was The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Look at the Harlequin character created by Zal Cleminson. That was completely glam”.

NC: Can we say, these were the serious ones, Slade, Sweet, Bowie? And then these were the guys who reinvented themselves? Alex Harvey, Alvin Stardust and Gary Glitter? Because they were old stagers who had performed under lots of different guises previously?

MB: “I suppose you could say that The Rubettes were old stagers because they were session players, but it’s their album isn’t it? Oh yes, the US crossover band like The Rubettes, Wizzard with the Phil Spector sound and Hello”.

NC: Then you had the fluff, Barry Blue, Kenny, Racey, so you could almost go 1, 2, 3, 4 different phases, then the US sold it back.  

MB: “Yes, Barry Blue, Kenny, Paper Lace, The Bay City Rollers, the biggest selling of all of course and dour set Midge Ure’s Slik. So we’ve got five there?”.

“We had those who were actors as well, like David Essex”.

NC: So we had those guys that started it, those who thought they had, the American influenced ones and those who jumped on the bandwagon.

“Wizzard was pure Spector, wasn’t it? There were very few female glam rockers apart from Suzi Quatro. I can think of another one, Clout, who had a hit with Substitute. Very few. Lyndsey De Paul did a cameo on Mott The Hoople’s All The Way From Memphis ‘There’s a rock and roll party on Saturday night, are you gonna be there, I’ve got my invite’ so she did that, whereas in time so old-time music hall, which had a rather androgynous theme going on. A lot more female stars. Male and female were playing Burlington Bertie, but a lot of drag, androgyny and glitter”.

NC: Time from Aladdin sane was very music hall with the honkytonk piano wasn’t it? And Drive in Saturday, pure doo-wop.

MB: “Name me a band that didn’t do a glam ballad at the end of a fucking album? From Rock and Roll Suicide, there was always the glam ballad”.

NC: What is your all-time favourite glam tracks?

MB: “Personality Crisis – New York Dolls, Teachers Pet by Mott The Hoople, Next by Alex Harvey (written by Jacques Brel), Spirit in The Sky – Norman Greenbaum, Rebel Rebel – David Bowie, Teenage Rampage by The Sweet”.

NC: For me, it would be Starman by Bowie, Ride a White Swan – T Rex, Rock n Roll Part 2 – Gary Glitter and maybe Virginia Plain by Roxy Music.

MB: “For me, the journey started in the East End. It travels into the 3 day week and the power cuts – ‘when the going gets tough, the Brits go glam’. Then it travels the ocean round about ’76 as it’s cooling off and is picked up by the likes of Twisted Sister and the Frankenstein, glam metal is born”.

“The producer Mike Chapman followed them out there and ended up producing things like The Knack and things like that and picked up Blondie while he was there, Heart of Glass era, becoming a bit of a head-hunter for Chrysalis records. He saved the Divinyls career with I Touch Myself as well”.

“The box set has been recorded by The Rubettes covering classic tracks from the era as well as re-recording their own hits from the day”.

“The Glam protagonists: Kim Fowley, Screaming Lord Sutch & Arthur Brown”.


Essential Glam Listening with notes by Mike Bennett

GLAMNEZIA – The Rubettes ft John Mick & Steve

Steve Etherington and I wrote this in 25 minutes flat at the Marriott Bonvoy hotel in London. Steve was playing his guitar through a pig nosed amplifier and we got told off twice by a rather officious security chap as apparently we had woken up a French couple next-door who were on their honeymoon. Steve explained to the security guard that he forgot to turn his amp down because he had suffered a momentary surge of amnesia. This instantly gave us the title Glamnezia. It’s been compared to a certain 70’s glam hit but I can’t tell you if we were inspired by it because we had suddenly suffered a gargantuan glut of Glamnezia. And why not Queen had a Sheer Heart Attack. 

Back to Drak – Vegan ‘Glampire’ film – exert from the soundtrack

Suzy VerseSteve Etherington and I have been involved in a trilogy of films one of which is Back To Drak they all join together. This particular track from the film starts in a cinematic way courtesy of Steve Bowden who is also heavily involved in the effects and the editing. The film was shot in California and is about vegan vampires who live in the vault underneath the oldest vinyl store in California. Lots of mad things happened whilst we were out there. There was a scene where glam rock vampires were having a crystal meth

session and the props manager brought in real crystal meth. One of the actresses who is now fired caused trouble within the cast and her antics are the inspiration behind this song. It’s a shame really because she was actually quite a nice person.

The Glam actress to be announced who now plays Daisy Pusher in vegan ‘Glampire’ movie produced by Mike Bennett, Steve Etherington & Terry Marsh and appears on GLAMNEZIA

Sugar Baby Love –  The Rubettes ft John Mick & Steve

Sugar Baby Love was a massive billboard hit and has recently recharted to top 10 in America. A great start to the campaign.

Mrs Pringle – The Rubettes ft John Mick & Steve

This is an interesting story. I was sat with the actress that we had to sack off from the movie soundtrack for Back To Drak and one of the directors asked me to write a song for his film First Time. I knocked it up on the guitar, sang it down the phone to The Rubettes, Steve added additional parts and we turned the track around fairly quickly. Apparently the director Phil Peel who asked us to do it for his film is making the video but we haven’t heard from him, perhaps he’s got Glamnezia.


Born To Be Alone – The Rubettes ft John Mick & Steve

Every Glam Rock album has to have a ballad. My lyrics are literally comprised of titles from famous Glam Rock songs. As I did it David Bowie cut-up style, Steve scored the music in a hotel in Munich.


Ugly Girl – Slade Produced by Kim Fowley Original Line Up Under Early Incarnation The N’Betweens 1966

the N Betweens - Slade

This track is Slade whilst still called The N’Betweens. I had freaky experiences with Kim Fowley whilst working at Trojan Records who had big connections with Slade. In fact, I co-produced 2 of his albums.

His early production of fledgeling Slade it’s certainly is not glam per-se but with the guitar riff that appears later on Glam classics such as Blockbuster and Jean Genie.

Of course, Fowley went on to work with American Glam artists such as Alice Cooper, Kiss and The Runaways.

Everything about him created insane situations. Whilst working with him for Creation and Trojan he once got in an argument with some skinheads in a London pub and they set a dog on him. He bent into the crouching position and freaked the dog out by growling. Unfortunately, the dog ran into the street and was knocked over by a black cab. Considering he was the guy that worked with John Lennon and the Oko Ono bad ‘Give Peace A Chance’ project, the irony did not elude me.

Breakout – Rendacium ft Steve Etherington (The Rubettes ft John Mick & Steve)

A cover of this is going on the Glamnezia live set apparently.

I was introduced to Rendacium by Deborah Allen Management LTD who knew I remixed The Sweet and was basically a Glam fanatic.

When I heard the band she had discovered I noted that they had a glimpse of quintessential English Glam but also heard the energy of American glam influence bands such as The New York Dolls. Personality Crisis springs to mind with immediate effect. I’ve always suffered from a personality crisis myself. So I simply had to work with them.

Personality Crisis – New York Dolls

This track shows the energy levels that the New York Dolls embraced as they sing a cheerful little tune about mental illness. In my opinion, they bridged the gap between Glam and punk and were plundered somewhat from the British Glam movement.

New York City – T Rex

At the start of the 70’s when Glam rock was a mere embryo, Bolan mania known as T Rextasy. His band had hit after hit including Hot Love to the maniacal Metal Guru which was loud, proud and replete with classic falsetto glam backing vocals. However, his career was to take a nosedive, talking of noses, no prizes for guessing what was going up his during this heady and hedonistic period. I actually loved some of the obscure material like the album Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow. The lyrics were mental and the glorious Gloria Jones had joined the band adding keyboards and her amazing voice which really gave a new dimension to Bolan’s new sound. As far as I’m concerned his comeback single was New York City and my favourite track from his brilliant but at times sketchy career. The thing I love about it the most is that its about a woman walking through New York city with a frog in her hand – highly unlikely but hilarious. Enough said.

Turn It Down – Sweet

The SweetI thought it was important to show this video as it signalled the start of glam metal. Sweet along with Slade and Queen travelled the pond and inspired the genre which is Glam Metal. Twisted Sister, Wasp and Poison were kind of fun but as far as I’m concerned the arguably mundane Mötley Crüe lacked the irony and Kiss’ repertoire represented a cataclysmically crass cacophony of corporate Glam Metal. A great money spinner obviously but it doesn’t mean I have to personally like it. I did like American Glam inspired bands especially Cheap Trick who embraced the humour and came out with some really catchy songs.

The new breed of bands that use subtle Glam influences like Rendacium and Fat White Family are not in it for the money. It’s about British originality. Both of these bands have it in abundance – END OF STORY!

Anyway for embryonic Glam Metal also known as hair Metal click the link below and hear an iconic English band turning up the anti in the ever enveloping Glam Rock movement.

What’s Your Name – Chicory Tip

In the 70’s there was another side to Glam and Chicory Tip are a perfect example. I could have included their classic Son Of My Father but I thought it was more fun to put a slightly more obscure track in What’s Your Name.


This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us – Sparks

Sparks are amazing and although from American fit right in with the British Glam. Ironically The Rubettes kept them off the number 1 spot with Sugar Baby Love.


Dance With The Devil – Cozy Powell

This Glam-Drum-Stomp record is absolutely brilliant but in my opinion, but the worst fade out in Glam history. Perhaps producer Mickey Most was running out of budget.

Tiger Feet – Mud

On this track, Les Grey claims that he is in love with a woman who has the feet of a tiger. Highly unlikely – a sure-fire hit.


Giddy Up A Ding Dong – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Alex Harvey came from a theatrical background and this is the most Glam his band gets.

The Jean Genie – David Bowie

Jean Genie has the same riff as Sweets – Blockbuster both released RCA on the same week. His hit The Laughing Gnome is not really Glam but it has music hall qualities and it’s rumoured that his late aunt was a glitter clad pearly queen so I’m putting it in for fun.


The Juicer – Sweet

This is Sweet in 1970 prior to the Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman years. The heavy sound came back later after the manufactured stuff.

Spirit In The Sky – Fuzzbox

FuzzboxIt was drawn to my attention that they were the first to cover Norman Greenbaum’s massive version of this pre-Glam track. I’ve done a dubbed version for their new album proving a good track can shapeshift into a different idiom.



48 Crash – Suzi Quatro

Allegedly shipped in from America and put in British Glam finishing school by Mickey Most.

Waterloo – ABBA

I’m putting in ABBA early because of this one track Waterloo.

Sick On You – Hollywood Brats

A lost Glam classic about vomiting on people. Tremendous theme.

 Games Up – Hello

The lead vocalist was more out of sync at miming that Bolan – worth checking.

Special Barbara Sobel at Barbara Sobel Promotions.

Mike Bennett is on FacebookTwitter & this is his Wikipedia.

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  1. WOW! Ive checked out these new tracks by The Rubettes with John Mick & Steve and Steve Etherington sounds incredible! Vocally, in fact they all do! My favourite track here has to be Back To Drak because its creepy and mixes up different styles but then goes into crunchy glam.

    Fascinating information about the Glam Rock world and early Slade as well. I follow the band and I know that the album isn’t out for a while but I am glad they have put out a teaser which is the title track to cheer people up during these difficult times.

    Steve Etherington and Mike Bennett always work well together and have pulled it off once again! Cant wait to see them live, seen them support Sweet and Slade and it was LOUD – in a great way.

  2. Wow I love this article and the band Rendacium take Glam to a new level… Loving the track Glamnesia by The Rubettes and really love the John, Mick and Steve version as I’ve seen them live! Once this boxset is out I’m all over it!! Superb interview by the way!

  3. This is an awesome article and I love what Bennett and Etherington have done to update the Glam Rock sound. Ive found the connections Punk and Glam quite interesting with The New York Dolls. My dad introduced me to them, they look Glam and sound Punk.

  4. Just read this as I am Drak in the movie and its set in my vinyl store in California. I was pleased when Sugar Baby Love got reignited and I remember doing a scene when I had to prance about to Mrs Pringle with a bunch of vegan vampires from England – an experience il never forget.
    But more importantly Steve Priest from Sweet who made 3 massive albums out here – Desolation Boulevard being being the best died today in LA and was a godfather of Glam.


    • You are featured on the documentary Drak ,We are visiting your record store at Namm Festival if we can ever get back into the USA again. They are reconvening which is great because we’ve got a slot there . We’re going to do a 20 minute teaser . We are going to blow the roof off Anaheim Stadium of that you can be sure

  5. I love this article but even more so now after hearing the news about Steve Priest because my dad introduced me to the Sweet and one of my of my favourite tracks is California Nights, sang by Steve himself. I love the Motley Crue film and after being introduced to Sweet, I see the influence. The other tracks featured in the article are amazing including ABBA as I never would of thought of them as Glam Rock and even though they were before my time I am an ABBA die hard fan. And now I can see the coralation between Glam Rock and Waterloo. I believe Roy Wood involved in a version (having checked youtube) (not as good as ABBA) but after listening to this playlist Im definitely going to check out more Glam Rock tracks. Such a shame, wish I was born in this era. Reminds me of the Scissors Sisters

  6. This is such an interesting article especially the Kim Fowley Slade link as he produced my fav band The Runaways and the article also includes the teenie bopper stuff like Kenny who are obviously ripping off stuff like Beach Boys with them harmonies. All in all, great article and great to see the view point from a producer that has been involved in the industry for years, regardless of the genre, Ive learnt a lot about Glam Rock that I never thought about. Steve Etheringtons vocals are unreal, saw them live a few times and always leaves me with goosebumps. Sugar Baby Love on repeat all day – it ROCKS!.

  7. We’ve been working on the movie with the guys and we know how they were influenced by sweets so condolences to the family of legend Steve priest

  8. What a great article and I love the bit about Fowley and slide because he did that American Glam Basically he was an American version of The McLaren who snapped up the New York Dolls . Mike Bennett was involved with the fall and I’m sure it was a right Glam racket. They did have two drummers at one point

  9. As an American I am so sad to hear about Steve Priest’s passing. I discovered Sweet and T-Rex years ago and I am so pleased that they are included in this excellent feature. Such a clever musician and a great loss to the Glam community. Rest In Peace! Wonderful interview.

  10. I love that track Mrs Pringle congratulations to Etherington And Mike Bennett who usually does Punk so quite surprised about this

    • Yea Pringle is a good tune , saw crap trailer though of a non Bennett non Rtherinton film and its shite . Know its in the fortcoming Troma Horror film but this was someone who has just used it . I will find out what its called. First Time I think….. Rubbish .. tune though. Rubettes on form ..Love this feature . Games up Hello is a bit of a lost classic . Loved Hello . Think they rocked

  11. My heart is shattered. I keep hoping this is a bad dream. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Priest family and his bandmates. I also pray for all the fans worldwide. We lost a legend today
    Rest well beautiful Steve you will always be in my heart

    • Steve priest was the intimate glam one off. He was the sweet. Miss yA Steve u live on in our hearts

      Love this message Love Steve Etherington he’s great In bass keyboards and drums. What is there not to dig

  12. What an iconic playlist it shows all the different areas and influences of glam rock. Ive worked with Bennett and Etherington for years and did a lot of file sharing with them. I tweaked around with Back To Drak and worked with them on some Glen Matlock material, The Fall (who did that glam track Spinetrack) and got involved with bits and pieces on the Glamnezia album the guys are doing. The best track by far is Glamnezia. Mrs Pringle is too popy but my little daughter dances around to it. Utterly creepy is Back To Drak bit fucked up but is for a horror film. Marlyn Mason sounds lightweight compared to it but after the intro it does go into pure Glam after a long section that could come off a David Green Slade album. John Richardson has made a cracking track called Vinyl. It isn’t on playlist but is my fav and tells the story of gramophones to mp3. Cant wait for this album, all the teasers tell a story. Saw the interview about the band making the album which is also super interesting. They are defo onto something here.
    The cover of Lady Starlight by Sweet is very fitting right now. What a ballad. Also released as a solo track by Andy Scott of Sweet, he must be grieving having lost another original member Steve Priest. Underated in England because of their ‘bubble gum’ tracks with Mike Chapman. Luckily Sweet had a no.1 hit in America with Fox on the run as it was title track on Guardians of The Galaxy 2, which my daughter also loves.

    Steve Priest RIP finished on a high note. Never to be forgotten. Legend.

    • Omg I love spy on track. Did Simon Wolstencroft track zone drums or was it called burns on the other kit? Opinions are divided but it sounds massive. Never found out what is spine track was though . The lyrics of that song are so suitably ambiguous for a band like THE FALL . It seems to be about a man suffering from schizophrenia, a total Glam time . I’m loving this Rubettes related stuff especially the track Sugarbaby love and I’m so glad it re-enter the chart in North America. This version is updated I fucking love it. It’s still retains the rock ‘n’ roll energy of the original but has got incredible vocals by Steve Etherington

  13. The glam rock movement was such an amazing phenomenon to have lived through and grown up to, and I feel so very lucky to have been alive at a time in history when it was all going strong. Heard the very sad news about Steve Priest yesterday and immediately thought of Mike Bennett, which is what brought me here. RIP Steve, you were the greatest glam rocker ever. X

    • I could not agree with you more he was the embodiment of Glam rock and his contribution to sweet Fanny Adams it was absolutely amazing. They will never ever produce a Steve priest again .A true English eccentric but a phenomenal songwriter and bass player

  14. So saddened to hear of Steve Priest’s passing. The Sweet were a band that inspired and brought me joy. Unforgettable sound. Such swagger and panache. I will forever have their music in my soul. Dave

      • No ..Simon doesn’t like to harp back to the past he likes funk but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a funk version of Glam racket, always love that track . If you think about it Hit the North had Glam aspects . By far my favourite record by the fall

        • hey good idea , A Funk Glam version of GLAM RACKET would work . Cozy did a Funk versos of ‘DEVIL’. Live with twi drums .Its on you tube. The combo of Funky Glam mix works . Mark Smith would love that . Why not try it . I guess is too late but with the new wave of glam coming in now it would send part of that vibe . Love that version of Action Steve . Gus at Far Heath played it to me and my brother. much better tan the Scorpions version . That was pants. Action had to be the first GLAM METAL track . It was much bigger in thE USA . give us a wink was the best album in that idiom . LEVEL HEADED was close though.

  15. This is an excellent article and I absolutely love Mike Bennett and Steve Etheringtons production work on the film soundtrack called Back to Drak. Must say when the song started it sounded something like Faust or something Mike Bennett would of done with the Fall.-Example Bonkers in Phoenix . It was a mWhich was the maddest song the fall ever did which was the maddest song the fall ever did

    This is very much stoner music but then suddenly it turns into heavy glam which i have to say is a bit derivative but i absolutely love it. Glamnezia is epic! Although lets face it theyve taken the idea from the Six Teens by the Sweet and just put a spin on it. Some great tracks on the article and i didn’t realise that Chicory Tip were so electronic. Passing themselves off as glam rock just by their dress code with Giorgio Moroder doing all the hard work seems a bit outrageous but maybe it was the prototype for Sigue Sigue Sputnik who definitely mixed the electronics up with the glam. A fascinating read and some great comments from both Nigel Carr and Mike Bennett

    • Why not include the runaways -integral to the scene and they were not kiss. I suppose because violet is involving both of them there is a bias And back in the 80s Mike Bennett tip of my desk up because I didn’t agree with something about a middle 8 Childish to say the least

  16. I love Mike Bennett to work. I heard his stuff with Kim. Fowley on the trip of a lifetime album featuring Ronni size and teenage Fanclub and he really does know how to make a band sound original. I gather that he is working with Fat White Family as I Saw a post that should be very interesting. I like what he has done here with Steve Etherington who comes from a completely different space as he is a musical arranger for West End musicals and artists like Lulu so the combination seems to work here but on paper it certainly should not saw a post that should be very interesting. I like what he has done here with Steve Etherington who comes from a completely different space as he is a musical arranger for West End musicals and artists like Lulu so the combination seems to work here but on paper it certainly should not. Mrs Pringle is totally hilarious and sounds a bit like mid 70s Glam mixed up with shaggy 80s power pop . I like this particular version of the van and the best because I’ve seen them on A package tour with Slade and sweet and they all switch instruments . I know that Mick Clarke has played with everyone from Elton John to the Tremeloes and Steve himself plays with Modern Romance . John Richardson who founded The band does all kinds of eastern music and I saw a documentary with Mike and the boys talking about the making of this record And it was really interesting to hear John interact with Mike because they are both outside of the box people to put it politely. When this box set finally comes out it will be amazing because I haven’t heard a good Glam And it was really interesting to hear John interact with Mike because they are both outside of the box people to put it politely. When this box set finally comes out it will be amazing because I haven’t heard a good Glam record for aAnd this does seem promising although I have to say an unlikely duo of producers. Maybe that will add an extra spark let’s see. So far I like what I’ve heard and also I really found listening to Kim Fowley Producing an early version of Slade and hogging the vocals absolutely fascinating considering both Fowley went on to become an American Glam rock producer and Slade surely became one of the biggest Glam bands of all time. Not sure that I like the story about Kim Fowley killing the dog. I can believe it though, I’ve read about him before producing an early version of Slade and hogging the vocals absolutely fascinating considering both Fowley went on to become an American Glam rock producer and Slade surely became one of the biggest Glam bands of all time. Not sure that I like the story about Kim Fowley killing the dog. I can believe it though, I’ve read about him before. He seemed a bit nasty in that film the Runaways, who he Reduced brilliantly but was a bully . I did like That creepy track he did for Alice Cooper on welcome to my nightmare. Then of course he got into that kiss thing. It’s a really interesting article and to compare the two different styles of Glam. I prefer the English version although I have to admit I do love Alice Cooper , He appears on quite a lot of Glam albums because of schools out I suppose . Can’t believe that he worked with Donovan the hippy !

  17. Mike Bennett is currently working with my brothers Fat White Family And has put a Glam vibe on it. He still won’t let us hear the finished mixes because Reading this it all makes sense and a great article . His method of working is slightly back to front his method of working is slightly back to front, but if it works it works

    • Yea he did the whole freakparty Angie Brown thing where they gave Angie Brown the credit even though she didn’t write any of it . Great guys and Steve Etherington is fucking brilliant. Pre smiths lost tape They are very philanthropic people and I ain’t taking no shit from no fucker. It was Glam funk before Extremely unusual man joined the throws flowers into the audience.It wasn’t planned but it was grand Funk and Soul funkadelic was Glam but with a disco change of emphasis on the beat

  18. This is such an informative article because I didn’t realise they were that many sub styles of Glam rock. I love the American Glam metal kiss arm excellent. . I don’t mind a whole Rubettes. Mud and all that paperweight stuff but you can’t beat a bit of Wasp and quiet riot were amazing come on they did a brilliant Slade cover . The playlist is interesting though and it’s a great version of spirit in the sky by Fuzzbox I’ve never heard that before. But nothing wrong with a bit of Glam rock American style . Mötley Crüe made some magnificent records. It says how the English stole from the American jukeboxes so the Americans had the right to steal some of it back. At least you’ve got Fowley on there . Awesome producer.

  19. Thanks for supporting the track Nigel Carr both on here and loved it on the radio.

    Mike Bennett and I are working on Skype as we speak doing a heavy version of Chicory Tip. An idea that came from the label so it’s a kind of pandemic Mix.

    So thank God for Skype it’s the only way we can do it at the moment!

    The Box set will be out as soon as humanly possible. This album has been two years in the making, as we all work on so many other projects Steve Etherington of The Rubettes ft John Mick and Steve

    • Thank god for Skype indeed and zoom . Your cohort Mike Bennett basically refuses to do zoom because he doesn’t like the vowels. God knows what he’s on about but he says he’s going through and judging things by the vowels period. Difficult but talented chap… Love what he did with our spirit in the sky and that’s the main thing and it’s Glam links according to this article All good then .I absolutely loved Mike Bennett toilet album dreamchild it’s so trippy. It’s not dissimilar to what he’s done with spirits so whatever he is doing must be right I absolutely loved Mike Bennett’s toy album dreamchild it’s so trippy. It’s not just similar to what he’s done with spirit so whatever he is doing must be right . I also loved his remix of action by sweet with the original lineup that was brilliant. It was on the sweet solid gold action album which the label that we are on with The Rubettes boys carry I believe on a subsidiary so we are on a label with a bunch of Glam people hurrah

      • No it’s true mine is into vowels at the moment. Some people do the zodiac, some people fly on magic carpets he judges things by vowels because he is constantly doing rhymes. Some of the nonsensical but that fits right into the remix of a Glam concept album Vix…Some of the stuff we have done for you emphasises certain phrasing and vowels and Mike is a bit of a wordsmith and I coming with my big arrangements and everybody wins it would appear.Including my good Glam self

        • I’m watching your back for disbelievers TV I love your version of Hannah rocks. And these creepy people are stereotyping you and Mike Bennett makes it punk glam

          Keep it real baby

  20. We are on the same label as the Rubettes featuring John Miick Steve

    When we did the Definitely Maybe tour with Oasis which spawned our hit album of 60s were 90s featuring a virtual Jimi Hendrix there was a lot of Glam being listened to by the likes of the Manchester bands and it’s great to see it creeping back . Our box set is also on hold for the same reasons. It’s a total pain. But we will get there in the end and I have worked with Mike and Steve before. Prolific and I quite like some of the new tracks they have done on here.

    Some more than others. Mrs Pringle is a nice touch . I would imagine the video was done by Steve Bowden , He has done ours and it looks like his style. I love his work

  21. Mike Bennett worked for me at Trojan and we even made a Kim Fowley album on one of our subsidiaries. Glad he’s made this record with Steve Etherington as we had Sweet on another imprint I would like to send my kind condolences to his family and close friends.

  22. This has been a great read. I like American and English Glam rock. I love the costumes and the nonsensical . Some fascinating information in there I had no idea that Donovan was on billion dollar baby is that is weird. I quite like the early Slade incarnation Glamnezia sounds like a great project I met Mike Bennett in California, he was hanging out with some dudes from LA Guns our American version of Glam. It was at a festival and it got a bit messy. But the drummer from L.A. Guns did fox on the run with Ace from kiss.but it was not the real deal I have to admit, although I do like our version of Glam. Kiss. Are really good but you have to see them live to understand that it is a bit of a deliberate joke and a play on the Marvel comics vibe Are really good but you have to see them live to understand that it is a bit of a deliberate joke and a play on the Marvel comics vibe . Some of the English Glam rock is cheesy actually. No offence to you Brits because you did have David Bowie and I see a really weird song on here called the laughing gnome. What the fuck is that all about ? Presumably drugs involved!

    • well my wife and I heard Back 2 Drack by Rubettes on Soho Radio and it was very trippy … totally out there. unsettling . especially for a cheezball band. …good though….

    • At last Somebody who gets to the gig. There is nothing wrong with bubblegum but this is not a bubblegum record trust me I help with the merchandise and I have followed that of the more a lot and even do stuff for some of the bands
      Check out Freya she’s 17 she is mean she’s a glycerine queen

  23. Worked with both Mike and Stev and managed to get my way through a session with the Fall

    This interview was really good because it shows me a different side to Glam rock. It’s rather sad about Steve priest as he was a phenomenal bass player and it’s sad we lose another godfather of Glam

    • OK My last rent if you don’t check the record out you don’t know what it’s about but there’s nothing wrong with the bubblegum stuff

      They do an early move clasdic which is definitely prototype Glam and then they also do bubblegum so why not? Alan I met you on the tour bus-you tried to get mike bennett tipsy but you fell over first. That guy can rock ‘n’ roll but is really really good at NewWave

  24. A brilliant article quite a lot of American glam was good as well .Example The Tubes ,Alice Cooper and Poison ,who did a fucking great version
    of Little Willy by Sweet.Love the track Mrs Pringle.Mike Bennett and Steve Etherington.Not sure about all of it but some of it is good.
    Not sure about Back to Drak,it scared the shit out of my niece .I guess its for a horror film but I kind of get it .But I don’t think we should mock all American glam rockers, as it all started with the New york Dolls.

  25. What a marvellous interview! Mike is always such an interesting guy, and so passionate! And a truly wonderful playlist to accompany it. My teenage years began with Glam Rock and I have great memories of all the artists mentioned here. Such sad timing in many ways, with the tragic news of the death of Steve Priest, clearly a massive influence on Glamnezia! RIP Steve, one of the true greats. I have heard on the grapevine about the possibility of Mike and the Glamnezia team recording Teenage Rampage; I do hope that happens! Everything Mike gets involved in is worth hearing, and this is certainly no exception. Long live Glam; long live Glamnezia!! x

  26. It’s so sad about Steve Priest because without characters like that we would never of had the humour infiltrated the glam era. So pleased that his music is featured on this rather excellent article. Especially the juicer because that was when he founded the band and the heavily sound returned when they got to America with desolation boulevard

    A great article by Nigel Carr and mike bennett has an interesting angle on it

    So pleased that his music is featured on this rather excellent article. Especially the juicer because that was when he found in the band and the heaviest sound returned when they got to America with desolation boulevard. To think he was touring right to the end proves his dedication

  27. Completely engrossed from start to finish of this brilliant article ! it brings to life the real journey of Glam history with some fascinating comments from Mike and Nigel , along with the inspiration behind the making of ‘Glamnezia ‘

    Love what Mike Bennett and Steve Etherington have created on the film track ‘Back to Drak’ edgy darkness which transitions into a crazy Glam finale with The Rubettes ft John, Mick & Steve…pure madness , but works so well! (a formula Perhaps comparable to Mike’s great work with The Fall …)
    The quirky track Mrs Pringle is given substance and edge from Steve’s unique Bowie tinged vocals …never tire of his voice!
    The videos and graphics by the brilliant Steve Bowden are hypnotic and transfix me as always….perfect fit, love them!

    I’m now looking forward to working with Mike Bennett and my band ‘Lucigenic’ even more , having had this taster of an epic piece of work .

    I’m sure Steve Priest would have loved this….his amazing music and talent will Live on forever ❤️

    • It really sounds top . love Steve and his Symphonic Ibiza . no offence Peter Hook . I love Hacienda Classical but Steve has a a broads election of tunes. love seeing him conduct . love both Peter an Steve but my husband and are Rubes fans so lets just say may be biased. this is the best Rubes tackle I have heard for yonks great feature from Nigel Carr btw,

    • Working with Lucy right now . Then Freya with Mike B. BOTH FULL OF VIBE. great feature Nigel Carr

  28. This is a really interesting article I’ve learnt so much about Glam rock which seem to proceed Punk but had a similar attitude in a strange way

    • Mike bennett probably doesn’t know they difference between punk rock and Glam . He’s too fucked up and eclectic

      Although his knowledge on Glam rock does seem to be quite involved in this article with Nigel Carr . I guess you can differentiate but I know he likes to mix it all up.

      He just mashed it and does not really give a damn whether it is credible or something like Aqua

      I’d say that he was a punk but he gets offended if you tell him that!

      He’s got his faults ,but he could pull off an original record and is very commercially minded when he wants to put his mind to it . The thing is he likes all that 10 minute track stuff with blips and stuff like Psychic TV so it’s hard to know where his heart is .

      I love the stuff he did with us though, he was quite dedicated to the commercial side, probably because he was being paid ! But I get that Professional Element so I’m not complaining and I love the Music that he did was Toyahand some of the Hazel O’Connor was quite good . Regarding glam rock article I always love stuff like Mud , But I am basically an actress who had a few hits and not a musical legend but , just do a lot of musicals now .

      Mike doesn’t like basically called a punk in the way that he works and I don’t know why he gets so pissed off with being told that. I didn’t like the Fall but I did like the stuff that Fuzzbox stuff I heard online and that was quite punk and I was really liking some of the Glam I heard on this track listing that you include on the featured . I had no idea that Kenny were Glam . Maybe we were but just didn’t know it .Anyway great entertaining journalism and I’m going to start listening to more Slade stuff like that.v I’ll put my Aretha Franklin albums away for a couple of weeks and check the stuff out

      • Point taken here Lacey I realise you know Mike well. He did a great job on your remixes of ‘I Eat Cannibals’ taking it back into the chart. Mike mixes punk with glam and probably anything else he can get his mitts on. I love the stuff he has done with the Polyfest bands like Glen Matlock and Fuzzbox and my band Cherry & Peesh.
        He’s quite tongue n cheek and you’ve known him for years anyways. Bet you he loves being called an old punk rocker but its probably a case of – he who protests too much or the boy who cried wolf haha.
        We loved playing Polyfest and hope to see you there again next year when this pandemic nightmare is over.
        The reason I like this article so much is that it features the New York Dolls – now is that punk rock or is it glam rock? I say its just good high energy music and good music crosses boundaries!
        God rest Steve Priest who combined camp with hard rock. Bands like that and Alice Cooper definitely influence punk.

  29. Mike Bennett is doing a great job of informing us of the origins of glam rock which has to be one of the best music eras ever and he is recreating it with exciting new collaberations. I was around to witness it back then but my kids want to know about this fabulous genre, thanks for keeping it going Mike we really appreciate it

  30. Steve and Mike worked with my Mum Diane Charlemagne (moby and Goldie’s vocalist) its great that they have done this glam album most of it sounds excellent but some are better than others but well worth listening to. great feature by Nigel Carr.

    • I remember a lot of your mums work with Mikeand Steve and the specials too. . hr music will live on fir ever ..without your Mum both Goldie and Moby have struggled. She was the key to their success. Everyone knows she wrote INNER CITY LIFE. melody and words. He didn’t even get a featuring credit fir that golden voice .. legend . ER…where is golldie now . loved her Police and thieves track…TUNE

  31. Love this feature. Very sad news about Steve Priest. Some great stuff here from Nigel Carr and maverick producer Mike Bennett. Love the Back to Drak movie score and the early Slade feature.

  32. A few words by my bad self and a tribute towards glam rocker Steve Priest,(rest in noise mate) also the star responsible for certain vocals which developed with camp cameo’s for Ball room blitz and Blockbuster along with several other tracks and the irony is that Brian had lost his voice due to being kicked in the throat during a fight and Steve had to stand in, hence those memorable vocals and while I am at it a nod to Mike Bennett for some great glam rock stories,love the track by ‘Chicory Tit’ btw incidentally,I had no idea that Georgio Moroder was behind that classic! and he even produced that crazy glam band ‘Sparks’.
    May I also add that ‘GLAMNEZIA’ is something to behold, I am still in utter amazement of this very clever arrangement,although massively derivative, I also love listening to early Slade tracks from 1966, then called the N-betweens which followed by Ambrosia Slade. I gather they kept changing their name because of copyright issues allegedly involving Kim Fowley, (producer) and trying to use shaky paper, luckily Chas Chandler turned it around and Slade was born.On this subject of which I am passionate about as I manage my own NEO glam band of which I will share Nigel Carr’s brilliant feature. May I take this opportunity to express my condolences to Steves family. He made his mark in history and will never be forgotten. Etherington and Bennett have written an ace glam track here for the forth coming horror film ‘Bak to Drak’ btw Fuzzbox of who I have compered do the best cover of Spirit In The Sky, i have ever heard, when my band is ready it will be posted universally. May also add ‘I love that Kenny track! It’s as camp as fuckin’ Christmas !

  33. A few words by my bad self and a tribute towards glam rocker Steve Priest,(rest in noise mate) also the star responsible for certain vocals which developed with camp cameo’s for Ball room blitz and Blockbuster along with several other tracks and the irony is that Brian had lost his voice due to being kicked in the throat during a fight and Steve had to stand in, hence those memorable vocals and while I am at it a nod to Mike Bennett for some great glam rock stories,love the track by ‘Chicory Tit’ btw incidentally,I had no idea that Georgio Moroder was behind that classic! and he even produced that crazy glam band ‘Sparks’.
    May I also add that ‘GLAMNEZIA’ is something to behold, I am still in utter amazement of this very clever arrangement,although massively derivative, I also love listening to early Slade tracks from 1966, then called the N-betweens which followed by Ambrosia Slade. I gather they kept changing their name because of copyright issues allegedly involving Kim Fowley, (producer) and trying to use shaky paper, luckily Chas Chandler turned it around and Slade was born.On this subject of which I am passionate about as I manage my own NEO glam band of which I will share Nigel Carr’s brilliant feature. May I take this opportunity to express my condolences to Steves family. He made his mark in history and will never be forgotten. Etherington and Bennett have written an ace glam track here for the forth coming horror film ‘Bak to Drak’ btw Fuzzbox of who I have compered along with Roger Daltrey, Desmond Dekker, The Jam and endless other well known acts, but my proudest moment is that of hosting Polyfest for the past 6 years, do the best cover of Spirit In The Sky, i have ever heard, when my band is ready it will be posted universally. May also add I love that Kenny track! It’s as camp as fuckin’ Christmas !

  34. Amazing article! Brilliant bit of history and excellent new tracks coming! Some great new band to check out too

  35. Thank you so much for featuring our track on this article – Can’t believe we’re next to the New York Dolls!! We are only teenagers and it’s truly amazing to be learning from Nigel Carr’s post. Loving the retro sound, as we take influence from glam artists but like to think we have our own sound by mixing punk in with it.

  36. Steve Priest rest in peace, it was great knowing you. Fun piece, working with Mike Bennett right now on a new version of Wild Thing. Chris Allen, The Troggs

  37. The recent tragic loss of the brilliant Steve Priest , makes this article so poignant and perfectly highlights the wide spectrum of musical styles/talent of The Sweet , especially the early years … Love the heavier sound of ‘The Juicer’ never heard it before ,so glad I have now …!

    The natural banter between Mike and Nigel make this Interview a real pleasure to read , but the icing on the cake for me , has to be the footage of Sparks…what a unique sound/image …a rare treat, Thank You !

    • love very early sweet stuff. pre Chapman The Juicer is heavy and shows Steve Priest this best s he bass player at a young age. the most out of the box Glam rock star ever…. trips me out to here this. worked with Bennett and Etherington… workaholic types. No fixed rules

      • Tight new set Ben . Phone with you and Mike Bennett .I hope you’re up for the van and related project with Terry Marsh because it’s going to be a gas soon like Marc says live a gas and it always has been. Not the Malcolm McLaren holidays in the sun has I hope you’re up for the venom related project with Terry Marsh because it’s going to be a gas soon as Boulder Mountain says lives of fuckinggas and it always has been. Not the Malcolm McLaren Version I mean it for the literal sense of glam rock being a scream but I think that the venom related project is a little bit doom rock.,gets pushed onto Bennett to make it sound like Alternative American College I must admit. Now I’m through with checking through on this blog until about five weeks time

  38. As much as I love this article the lyrics on Turn It Down by Sweet promotes violence and one of them wore nazi uniforms. I remember my mother being very upset. Never liked this band, there was something seedy about them and Glam is suppose to be about fun.

    This is why I am pleased you’ve included Kenny and Mud. For me that is proper Glam and not cheap sleaze. I cant understand why you haven’t included Showaddywaddy but I do like the track from Hello because its cheerful. That horror film glam thing is also disturbing but generally its a good 70’s article. I do like the laughing gnome by Bowie and the Jean Genie because they are fun. Would of been nice to see a track by Racey who get unnecessarily criticised here by Bennett.

    Also you seem to have missed out Smokie, Darts and my all time favourite Queen. David Essex should really be on there – he was the best and didn’t promote violence.

  39. Totally diggin this especially the David Bowie back to back tracks showing how he was able to flip genres and I totally get the music hall reference. The Laughing Gnome sounds much better than I remembered it and on the Kim Fowley N’Betweens Slade track from 66 you can hear the riff from Jean Genie – totally mental track.

  40. I first came across Mike Bennett at Trojan Records when he was remixing Money in My Pocket by Dennis Brown. He was playing the mix loudly in a pub and got told off the landlord but completely ignored him and actually if I remember turned it up on this beatbox he had.

    He was asked to leave and did so as soon as he had finished playing the mix. I don’t think he went back to that pub again but he was so engrossed in the mix he turned it up because the landlords voice was interfering with the mix. Poor behaviour really but other people in the pub were tapping their feet. This was in the notorious Elgin in Ladbroke Grove. I was working as a tape op on another track with another producer but couldn’t help popping my head round because I love that track and Bennett was making percussive sounds by scratching a radiator hahaha it was quite fascinating to say the least!

    The mix came out good but Im surprised to see him doing glam rock here which is so different to the stuff I heard. Although glam isn’t really my thing Ive started googling some of these bands and I have to say it sounds better second time round! Cool feature and il be checking out more of this stuff for sure.

    • Yes Herold Ive worked with Mike. He hates using generic sounds that come off sound cards which is why he was probably using stuff in the room! He creates drum triggers by smashing glass or hitting a baking tray with a spoon and then adding it to a snare drum. Ive seen him do stuff like this a few times. He also does a lot of vocal effects on his tape recorder and flies it down through the microphone and tends to leave the feedback in. He told me he was not into using generic loops like the funky drummer as he would rather get it from the band and then loop it about. I worked on the Kim Fowley Trip Of A Lifetime with him and found it fascinating as an assistant so Ive had first hand experience of both Bennett and Fowley (lunatic). This glam rock stuff he has done with Steve Etherington is great fun and a lot more ‘poppy’ than I would have expected. I presume Bennett is using the same techniques judging by that horror track featured on here. I really enjoyed my trip through Glam here. Im going to start getting my Alice Cooper records out to see if I can find Donovan. This did not surprise me as much as you might think as he has worked with Happy Mondays and The Butthole Surfers. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Nigel Carr!

  41. So glad Steve Priest from Sweet is included here. I was a massive fan as a teenager. No-one was allowed to watch the TV in my family when Steve Priest due to his one liners. I loved him because he just didn’t care! I had posters and pictures of him all over my walls.

    Great quotes from producer Mike Bennett and Nigel Carr here. As for the sad demise of Steve Priest ‘we just haven’t got a clue what to do’.

  42. Sad about Steve Priest he was the entertaining one on Top Of The Pops. Next year when we do Polyfest I am going to suggest to Tony Gleed that we have a Glam Rock section where everyone can turn up dressed in their gear. Steve Etherington of the Rubettes played it last year and the Punk crowd went nuts. This new Glamnezia track sounds amazing so maybe they can be included in next years festival as a tribute to the great man. Love Steves vibe and even though The Vibrators were a punk band we all loved a bit of Glam. I will share this.

  43. I always loved the Rubettes but this new material has taken it to a new level. As an actress I would love to be part of Back To Drak which is a really good piece of soundtrack work. My favourite here has got to be Mrs Pringle, its so catch. Been a fan for years.

  44. Wow! As a Rubettes fan and glam rock in general its great to hear this new material. A very well put together history and as a DJ on WFM Ive had Mike Bennett on before and he really knows his stuff. The fact that you have put in amazing things that people wouldn’t know about the origins of Crazy Horses and Donovan singing on heavy duty Alice Cooper records is superb. Very well put together by Nigel Carr and I will be spinning some of this on my show.

  45. The original recording of Spirit in the Sky was one of our first. I have very fond memories of performing it on The Old Grey Whistle Test. This new reimagining is much more trippy/dubby by the fabulous Mike Bennett.

  46. Read the amazing artical by Nigel carr, love the crazy glam facts and the facts that you have included new bands on your play list, favourite tracks on your list are Alex Harvey,sparks,and rendacium,it’s great your supporting news band on the collection here,

  47. This article rocks! I have known Mike Bennett since my Factory Record days he was mainly working in London at Trojan and Receiver Records but when Factory 2 was formed he did send Kim Fowley down who produced the Space Monkeys using Bennetts engineer Warren Bassett.
    My favourite Fall album of all time is Cerebral Caustic produced by Mike Bennett I also liked his production The Light User Syndrome as well which has a glam rock track on it called Spinetrack where long term drummer Simon Wolstencroft pounds the drums like the legendary Sandy Nelson from Let There Be Drums. Im picking up here on your American connection in the Glamnezia feature.
    I always liked bits and pieces of the Rubettes, I love Steve Etheringtons vocals on Born To Be Alone he sounds like Bowie and I presume he’s done the excellent orchestration. That guy has worked with so many 70’s icons its unbelievable.
    Other tracks on here that I really like include Jean Genie by Bowie of course and Ive never heard the Alex Harvey glam stomper before, I love the way it stops and goes into Queen style harmonies. God knows what Giddy Up A Ding Dong means but I get the feeling that Harvey was having a sly dig at the nonsensical lyrics that appeared on most British glam records. Il definitely be sharing this.
    Thanks for putting up these tracks Nigel Carr & Mike Bennett! It would make a good compilation album!

    • Some Glam lyrics had meaning Gary . What about Next or Faith Healer by Alex Harvey , he was a wordsmith. OK he was doing satire in that one but also Cockney Rebel had some shit hot lyrics . PUNK ROCK WAS TOO POLITICAL . Glam had surreal lyrics and that was actually clever . lots of word play. Mott also had good lyrics. Kenny didn’t ,it was that sort of crap Harvey was having a pop at in giddy up a Ding Dong actually so it had a kind of meaning . always liked that underrated tune . Rubettes sound miles better on the suff on this feature. Fresh and fun .Cant find it on line yet but will lookout for it

  48. Losing Steve Priest is a sad loss. He was an innovator. Strangely enough I play additional guitars on one of the Rendacium tracks. Great to see them featured here.

  49. What a great trip back in time this is. Real songs with theatre thrown in. Steve Etheringtons arrangements are amazing on the Glamnezia ballads and I can spot Mike Bennetts sonics from a mile away. Never knew these two worked together as they come from completely different angles – surprisingly it works! Id like to send my wishes to Steve Priest and his family, friends and many fans. I can see how Glam influenced punk rock and that Kim Fowley character seemed to be all over both glam and punk. Great to hear Mike Bennetts point of views along with Nigel Carrs glam facts. Although this is nostalgic most of it stands the test of time! Glam-rags hahahaha. Great read!

  50. Although I like what’s said here, American Glam rules. Twisted sister and Motley Crue all had great musical talent and should not be dismissed out of hand – especially Twisted sister who were the ugly sisters to Bowie and Bolan. Alice Cooper is also not really featured on here and his tracks Schools out and Poison were pure GLAM. And schools out is on almost every glam rock compilation conceivable. Ive got his shit on 4 K-tel records and he is on most of the glam documentaries so definitely should of been featured on here a bit more. I do find the Slade version totally fascinating and have found that he did a complete album with Kim Fowley under the name N’Betweens and lets face it after several name changes they became best glam rock band of all time.
    So thanks for this playlist. Could of also done with Abit more Kiss on here. Fowley wrote a classic for their destroyer album which was covered by Nirvana so something he was doing was right

    • Come on, Posion were hair metal. did a naff version of Little willy. probable didn’t even get the joke. Kiss are a nothing band . Glam my arse. Glam is a uk thing . End of story

    • That are. I mentioned them four times on the message board and that is satisfaction guaranteed Chin Ch I mentioned them four times on the message board and that is satisfaction guaranteed chimg Ching. Terry Marsh is our business advisor and is coproducing glam metal with us as we speak so wait and see because everybody wants a piece of the action including the action of Rubes

  51. Very nice production work and arrangements on the new tracks. Good to see the Glam era being revisited and much of interest to discuss about this under appreciated genre, judging from the diverse and enthusiastic comments this has started a conversation that people really want to have.
    Art Glam, Pop Glam, Metal Glam, Low Glam, High Glam, Opportunist Glam, Sham Glam, Ham Glam – where do your favourite artists fit in to this? Like Mike many of us who were young teenagers when the string of bands were producing these singles gems couldn’t wait for the TOTP performances and when we went to school the next day it was our first topic of conversation. Glam primed many of us for the next movement when it arrived Punk regardless of where we’d moved to musically in the interim. Glam was entertainment and theatrical and given Mike’s theatrical background (All Cloned Up, The Good Old Daze, Blockbusta anyone?) and his sincere love of Music Hall and Glam this is the perfect project for him with Steve. I’ve many opinions on all of the artists mentioned here and my own particular favourites would be Mott the Hoople ( some inaccuracies in the article here)
    and SAHB both of whose work I would take with me to my desert island.
    Oh and Bowie, Roxy, Bolan, Cockney Rebel etc. I’m looking forward to when this is available now! Nice work.

  52. Since reading what’s here I have found more Fowley Slade related stuff. A lot of people say that he was someone that would jump on the bandwagon but he seemed to be ahead of his time with this early model of Slade and he was right there at the beginning of punk and worked with high octane bands like The Dickies and Venus and the Razorblades which was far more innovative than the glam hair metal stuff. His track ‘Steven’ on the welcome to my nightmare album by Alice Cooper stands the test of time and shows that he was on the earry side of the genre as well as Kiss, The Runaways and Joan Jett where he was definitely cashing in on brit glam. Other great producers mentioned here are Mickey Most and Mike Chapman Id no idea that Tony Hatch had worked with David Bowie but I checked it out on the internet and Hatch talks about it and is self deprecating when he admits it did not quite work. Learning the link between psychedelic artist Donavon and Alice Cooper is a gem because Ive had Billion Dollar Babies for years and on re-listening to it is correct that he does the high pitch vocals but he also takes a few of the verses in his normal voice as well. He actually is duetting with Cooper. A weird and wonderful combination and a weird and wonderful walk down glamory lane. Excuse the shit joke haha

  53. Learning the link between psychedelic artist Donavon and Alice Cooper is a gem because Ive had Billion Dollar Babies for years and on re-listening to it is correct that he does the high pitch vocals but he also takes a few of the verses in his normal voice as well. He actually is duetting with Cooper. A weird and wonderful combination and a weird and wonderful walk down glamory lane. Excuse the shit joke haha

  54. Saddened by the passing of Steve Priest from the 70s glam rock band SWEET…
    I did a remix for him of Jean Genie (Bowie) and Blockbuster (Sweet) which was played on the Chris Evens show…
    I actually made mix for Namm Festival, Anaheim Stadium Calafornia..
    The mix was played to 150,000 people (the crowd went nuts) where Terry Marsh was doing a mash up section called Blurred Lines, that concentrated on similarities of certain tracks….
    These two tracks are virtually identical, with no change of key or bpm.
    I find it fascinating that the same label released the tracks on the same week – 2 great glam classics. Digging the feature
    Sleep well Steve..xx

  55. Hey great interview, I love Bennet’s enthusiasm, and it’s wonderful that these guys are getting together! It’s my era! So sad to hear about Steve Priest, a legend.
    Keep on making music guys!

  56. Oh God! Kim Fowley.
    I met him in London when he was doing stuff with Creation Records.
    Mike Bennett asked me to pick him up from the airport. If you remember me Mike, you still owe me the petrol money because KF certainly didn’t pay. He kept screaming and pushing me. I nearly crashed about 5 times. All I could see was his scary smile in the rear view mirror.
    He was wearing a yellow coat and purple trousers and some kind of garish makeup. This was in the late nineties and I think he was working on The BMX Bandits. I did like his song Ugly Girl Ft. Slade. Not everyone can have an ugly girl.
    So sad about Steve Priest. Sweet were massive over here in New Zealand and Australia. They had a number one hit with “Peppermint Twist”

  57. reading this it seems that glam rock comes from a wide church, from your bubblegum bands such as Mud and Kenny who I see are both featured here to the hard hitting stuff like Alsx Harvey and Slade. fascinating to see an early Slade incarnation here, I had no idea they went back that far, right the way through the monster hits they had in the 70s and early 80s, my favourite track was the Radio Wall of Soynd which obviously had the Phil Spectre influence. Spector was mentioned in your feature as being a muse to Roy Wood who, like Slade, come from the Midlands where a lot of glam and metal was born. I always found the Rubettes hit and miss, leaning a bit too much towards doowop, but this new material is amazing! Especially the title tube Glamnesia, Steve Etherington vocal is epic and the track reminds me of something, but I’m not sure what, I think it might be something from Mott the Hoople, it will come to me. Great words from Nigel Carr, there is something different from each track

  58. Martin Cooke

    The track they have paid homage to is The Six Teens by Sweet, Wendy.

    Always a big fan of Sweet. Love the album Water’s Edge where Steve Priest took lead vocals on much of it. It’s a sad loss.

    I noticed Louder Than War has got Rubettes featuring John, Mick and Steve here, and Fuzzbox.

    As I am working on both projects for the label, I am pleased to see they are featured and absolutely love Mike Bennett’s dub mix of Spirit in The Sky. In fact the whole album is amazing and very underground.

    Looking at the tracks on your feature, I love the track Turn it Down by Sweet, but I think that was for the American market.

    Have enjoyed working with both Fuzzbox and Steve Etherington, who is the conduit for the John, Mick and Steve line up. Great to be involved with both projects, and this is a fascinating read.

  59. Always a big fan of Sweet. Love the album Waters Edge where Steve Priest took lead vocals on a lot. It’s a sad loss.

    I noticed Louder Than War got Rubettes featuring John, Mick and Steve here, and Fuzzbox.

    As I am working on both projects for the label, I am pleased to see they are featured and absolutely love Mike Bennett’s dub mix of Spirit in The Sky. In fact the whole album is amazing and very underground.

    Looking at the tracks on your feature, I love the track Turn it Down by Sweet, but I think that was for the American market.

    Have enjoyed working with both Fuzzbox and Steve Etherington, who is the conduit for the John, Mick and Steve line up. Great to be involved with both projects, and this is a fascinating read.

  60. Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash)

    Very sad Priest has passed … only good ole’ Andy Scott left now eh … wow …

    As Wishbone Ash, we performed a double bill with Steve Priest’s Sweet, and they were absolutely amazing. Mike Bennett produced three excellent Wishbone Ash albums for us, and we always enthused about Glam on breaks. Also I briefly played bass for Brian Connolly’s version of Sweet, another interesting character to say the least.

    • Woooo. Wishbone Ash and SWEET on the sane bill. Both big bands but odd billing. An evening of PROG GLAM. Could be onto something here – yet another sub genre. Both good groups. Mash it up, its great that this happened. Good marketing lets hope. Probably full of whorey old bearded rockers and star spangled GLAM heads haha

      • Sounds like hell ..pretentious bet it was full of people exuding fake eclectic ‘Right on types ‘ Wtf next ? Pentangle with Steel Panther ? Bad programming. Both bands suck .Give me The Darkness with Queen all day long. as for Rubettes they are derivative . Nothing original , my gran likes them though

  61. ” I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Steve Priest, he was such an iconic figure in my 70s pop obsessed youth. I send heartfelt condolences to his family and friends, may he rest in eternal Glam Peace. Fab glam stuff on here, I’ve worked with Mike Bennett for years and played on the Polyfest version of Germfree Adolescent. I think i worked with Steve Etherington virtually. Some cool cuts on here.”

  62. I love this …lots of my favourite bands on here always listen to the Rubettes Mud and Slade although the 60s version on here sounds a bit druggy to me I really love the track Mrs Pringle

  63. How come there is no Mott the Hoople on here? Some great info and quite like that track Mrs Pringle but you need to feature some harder American glam especially Wasp Cinderella and Stryper they took that to aNew level for us in the American scene

  64. How come there is no Mott the Hoople on here? Some great info and quite like that track Mrs Pringle but you need to feature some harder American glam especially Wasp Cinderella and Stryper they took that to aNew level for us in the American scene

    • …….Now we new talking.i love Uk glam . it is clear in this fab feature that we all took the muse from the USA . As we are putting the final touches to the book ,my wife and are referencing Nigel cars ace feature just to get his and Mikes slant. Mine is different to Mike Bennetts . He is a uk Purest. The irony does not elude me but as he is so left field and his Fat White Family glam cut is crucial .I guess that the way we have pushed and pulled has given the whole thing edge. we have the same representation and Mike even pulled in our biz manager Terry Marsh in as co producer on my Spin on Hanoi Rocks. turns out mike was not turning his nose up at glam trash metal , Terry who is a musical and Lawyer brought a much need extra ear to the glam fest .Also Mr B bring Leckie ..x Fall guy for a tune has taken it yet again though ‘The Bends..Sinister . Anyhow I love the morphing of Glam when USA hard rockers nabbed it back. Twisted Sister .. What a name ..what and image and what a glorious sound . and yes the had the irony too. watch the film . Also Motley Crue.. THE NETFLIX MOVIE will put in into perspective . Mike has yet to watch it. or so he says LOL. VERY LITTLE SLEEP LAST NIGHT AS IVE BEEN DOING A GLAM EXAM . long story but its for the book . it’s been reworked by Mike and his PA from scratch to make it Rubettes FT John Mick and Steve friendly . the pandemic has been tuff and although its pushed our release back magic has happened . Steve Bowden has created cartoons for the film which is one hour plus and thank goodness Mike is a professional writer . he has made is Glam eccentric and waggish . it’s funny but penitent to the genre . I get to disagree with him lots and he takes on the chin ..or chins ..ha in joke about his ever fluctuating weight . I’m fired up about this and hope its ok to thank our slightly maverick but marvellous lawyer biz affairs manager Terry Marsh for sticking with this and to Nigel Carr for providing to petrol. I like to think I lit the match as at least in my head im a Glam Fire starter alright it was Roy really Oh no this may give mike a new title for yet another lyric . I have jumped in here a few times . I am loving the debate. BTW love the young peoples spin on Glam as its punky and I love my Punk. Dead Kennedys are fab and Magazine who I actually prefer to The Buzzcocks . As for a glam tip of by a young band check WIG WAM BAM BY THE DONNAS Expect the unexpected

  65. As a follower of Louder Than War I’m so pleased that Nigel Carr has put together such comprehensive lowdown on a much underrated movement. Also as a big Alex Harvey Fan the track featured on here is not the best but defo the most glam but it sounds like a pisstake to me with Gary Glitter style drums and the big Queen breakdown at the end which comes straight off Oger Battle – Queen. Never heard that track before and its growing on me. Talking about Mud I remember Les Gray doing the panto thing on Mud’s corny Christmas hit and totally get the vaudeville reference. Producer Mike Chapman was definitely behind all that nonsense n lets face it, it was all nonsense. Really liked the track from Hello called Games Up they looked like women which I guess is your drag queen deal in this fucked up phase of the 70s. The Darkness did bring it back for a while until the lead singer went a-wall and started to tracks for the Eurovision song contest. Wonder what ever happened to him? haha

  66. This article is brill especially the early Slade embryo feature. Love raw Chicory Tip track and didn’t know Fuzzbox started the ball rolling. As a young person I only knew the Gareth Gates version which I now know is Bollywood glam haha

    • I absolutely love the version of spirit in the sky by Gareth Gates because it’s got Indian influences and I am from Kenya but I have Bangladesh origins and that got me into the original and now I love Glam so thank you for this article

  67. Its always been argued that David Bowie or T-Rex were the first official Glam rockers but listening to the N’Betweens AKA Slade performing the rather brilliant Ugly Girl in 1966 surely puts forward the argument that they were the originals. Its defo gotGlsm element with that very noticeable riff and the producer Kim Fowley went on to do a lot of USA Glam. Also fascinating is the track The Juicer by Sweet which I noticed was in 1970. Infact Ive found a late 60’s version of it on an album they did with them on one side and a dodgy cabaret act called the Pipkins on the other who performed the naff track Gimme Dat Ding. I didn’t realise Alex Harvey made Glam records until I read this article but that nonsensical track Giddy Up a Ding Dong is about as glam as it gets. I would like to have seen a bit of Kiss on here as I love Jean Simmons as they were definitely up there with the rest of the list but what a great a great article!

    • Give me a fucking break Slade were definitely the first it says so in this feature. And if that’s not the river from J j Niel M and what the fuck is?Give me a fucking break Slade were definitely the first it says so in this feature. Never liked them btw fake weird and far too shouty And that bloke with a grim weird haircut was trying to out weird Steve Priest but Steve Priest never tried to be odd he was an English eccentric that could play every instrument. That bloke with a weird haircut from Slade was someone who didn’t quite get it right that they were the first Glam band end of fucking story

  68. A fascinating and informative interview about the history and origins of Glam rock. So Glam rock was a direct result of the poverty-stricken years in Britain, and was born in and out of working class communities (much like punk was). And just as the pearly kings and queens did, the Glam gang used clothes, style and fashion to make their statements. I imagine they used their unique style to put two fingers up to the rigidly restrictive and banal society in which they lived; to the government; and also to the poverty that engulfed them – which I imagine was all consuming and relentless. Putting on your GLAM (glad) RAGS was a means of escapism then, for both the Glam rockers and the pearly kings and queens, just as it has been for many numerous subcultures over the years.

  69. Having read this article, and having heard the Bowie mashup by Dust Junkies between Jean Genie and Blockbuster (which btw I think is a brilliant show by Nigel Carr) I don’t know what the fuss is about in respect of which RCA artist stole the riff because its blatantly on the odd Kim Fowley early Slade incarnation on the playlist here. BTW I checked the N’Betweens out and I was fascinated to see pictures of them with the unpleasant but talented Fowley and it was post Slade skinhead period and Dave Hill was already sporting the dodgy glam Barnett and Noddy had the side burns. I credit Slade for Blockbuster & Jean Genie as cavalier as that may sound. And surely the debate on wether Bolan or Bowie were the first glam rockers. I put in the argument due to information put in it this article it was surely Slade, all be it Proto-glam. SO COME ON FEEL THE NOISE – SLADE ROOLZ!!! Fascinating facts on this article

    or just plain throw everything in the fucking CAULDREN and lets see what we get?
    either way your going to get something special with MB. The guy in my opinion is distinguished. A Creative Genius.
    whether you fuse glam & punk, glam & grunge or glam and blues. who cares!
    Even though glam is not my bag. (as you may or may not of gathered)
    Salford & MCRs Adopted son gave an indepth interview there in my opinion.
    His perception and views on glam rock is quite fascinating though, i will say that.
    it might have just opened up a door, who knows i might even give GLAMNEZIA a whirl! yeah why not…..


  71. Ha agreed. I work on video stuff for fuzzbox. Yeah they did the best version of Spirit In The Sky and the riff was Glam. I also like the track Glamnezia. Steve Etherington is a great axe man. I used to rush home from Primary school to watch ‘Marc’ on TV and I had bug my mum to put 50p in the back of the TV to get it to work.

    • Oh yeah. Craig Leons soundalike version using dr and the meds was a copy. Fuzzbox put a sly slant on it Gareth Gates number one version is fun . it was of course for young kids but at least it gave the mercurial misfit his third number one. And with one song and an essential riff . My son loves that mix. it was a glam prototype with which every time it was remade hit number one . A pagan song according to his claim on vintage TV . Sounds like BS. But what a tune. Fuzzbox dub glam is stretching it. That’s drug out music . Very good but more for your eclectic listener. Dub Glam my arse . Love Slade early 66 track here. I had idea about that Fowley connection. Loved his work with Kiss . Do you Love me was boss and Nirvana also has a massive hit with it. Listen carefully . Its Wig Wam Bam.

      • Oh loved Fuzzbox version and Norman Greenbaum the other two were just carbon copies but one had Bollywood in it no thank you…I actually must admit though I heard Hawkwind do it bikers festival and it was really fantastic with swirling synthesisers and it did seem quite Glam and it had that nude woman prancing about which made my day .She was well naughty

    • Nice show . We do New York City on the new album and maintain it was bowling at his best but he looked a little bit kind of well let’s just say dizzy but he was at the dizzy heights of his Reformation. Gloria jones made that lineup of that there can be no doubt and now I’m going off to play some instruments on the venom black metal tune now .No doubt a bit of Glam and sparkly glitter will rub off on the arrangement

  72. I think people are forgetting one thing. It’s all just pop music at the end of the day. Surely Wizard or at least the move with California man was the first wink towards Glam .You could not get more glam Then Wizard

  73. Wizzard were a visual feast . Ha ha we only had black and white TV back in 73. Looking at him now on Vimeo was a glam giant . Oh sure he nicked from lots of stuff but Jeff Lynne nicked Beatles and got no shit. So how under estimated was Roy Wood? A loon but a one off loon. The best glam xmas single in my mind was his bands … charismatic and did not give a shit about cred. The geeza was a classically trained arranger and panto dame combined . Ha ha, you could not make up his English vibe . True he was a USA plunderer. So fucking wot? He was also a pioneer. THE BEST ELO LINE WAS HIS … But very essential he gets credit here . Yeah, he nicked his make up design from Arther Brown though heh heh. cuz he could .

  74. Steve Etherington is absolutely amazing on vocals and guitar on the tracks billed under The Rubettes ft John, Mick and Steve, his guitar work is epic and I am so lucky to say that I am working with him right now on a project featuring Bow Wow Wow, Adam and the Antz drummer Dave Barbarossa and a great article by Nigel Carr who kindly featured my project on his ace radio show, of which I now tune into and share his mix cloud, it’s both informative and eclectic, in love with his Beatles section!!

  75. Great article here by Nigel Carr, the Hollywood Bratts track is definitely where punk merges into glam rock. Steve Etherington plays wicked guitar on the track Glamnezia and some great quips by Mike Bennett. We worked with him before alongside Neville Staple of The Specials, it was an awesome experience. The early incarnation of Slane here is fascinating as well, great glam band.

    • Ok , My last comment before I have another crate of red wine-we are off to Germany to promote the album with Mike Bennett. We are going to dispel a lot of the methodology surrounding genre that has been ripped to pieces because people like , Well I won’t be mentioning any of the new romantics but without a bunch of non-ironic people pretending to be ironic. How fucking. Ironic by Default is that. It’s a 360 deal but not in Glam rock Sveva so I was swerving it-Yum my first prize of read of this standard for at least two days

  76. I am only 26 but my mum got me into glam rock at an early age. My favourite bands are from the slightly heavier side like Cinderella and Alice Cooper especially as he got more on the metal side of it. Glam inspired Marilyn Manson who is half way between industrial goth and glam rock American style. I fully agree that many of the UK bands were the muse behind a lot of the latter day glam inspired USA bands but also as its pointed out in this rather impartial feature the British Glam rock producer managers took the baton from old style American rock n roll in the first place so it works both ways. I do like the more Pop side of glam rock featured here especially the Rubettes and love the new version of ‘sugar baby love’. Its contemporary and really interesting to find out it was written for Showaddywaddy who also incidentally stole their entire sound and image from the American Teddy Boys scene. And the Gatsby hats are obviously a straight steal from the good ole USA. What I love about the track listing here is that the songs are not the obvious usual suspects. For instance ‘Whats Your Name’ by Chicory Tip is pure disco but with the group mixing around in glam rags as you call them here. Great to see glam in a different light. I dont know why Mike Bennett dislikes Motley Crue so much cos they are the ultimate crossover..

  77. This is by far the best line up of Rubettes Love John Mick and Steve .I am Part of the film That many of these songs are in and I can’t wait for the screening later in the year that many of these songs are in and I can’t wait for the screening later in the year Glambuster Is the best track but it’s not on here but it rocks

    • Hi Skuzza! I’ve seen the rushes because I’m working with Mike Bennett and Steve Etherington on the score for the film Laundry Mat of which The Rubettes ft John, Mick and Steve have contributed shedloads of Glam tracks including the highly melodic Mrs Pringle, which I have negotiated the sync rights, surprisingly alongside a whole bunch of Glam Rock and Punk, we’ve got Lazy Stars ft Johnny Kaplin and Daryl Hannah. I don’t know how the fuck Mike Bennett manages to get such a broad range of genres that work so well in what I’ve seen so far, everything from Neville Staple of the Specials to members of Spaceman 3 and Suede to the the bubblegum pop of the Rubettes ft John, Mick and Steve, but it flows really nicely against the footage I’ve seen so far and if I’m not wrong you play the Glampire…. Mike Bennett certainly doesn’t need acid. Although it sounds like he was on it when he produced Bonkers in Phoenix for The Fall.

  78. This ia a great a great take on The Glam era although Lou Reed did dip into the genre . Listen to Transformer . Wagon Wheel was variation of Hot Love by T.rex and he sings It with Bowie . its very Glam . I love that album and was very UK glam influenced . Bolan got his riffs from boogie stuff In the USA with the help of American born Tony Visconti so its a a hybrid and not to be dismissed out of hand. Visconti also of course produced Bowie so the US played as big partin UK Glam .Love that clip from Hello . They still play big venues in Germany , Glam died in the UK around 74 but lived on elsewhere .its good that the sound is coming back in the new bands . Love female band SLADY. sen them twice , clever

    • hmmmmm. not sure re Slady…I have follows this blog port a while. saw Lady .what a shame a girl glam band resort to a gimmick. ay least Lita Ford and Joan Jett are spunky glam originals not sparrow in the basket. aaaah not my bag X factor fodder . well done but lets see more young glam grrrrls like THE DONNAS they are twisted but fun …

      • Hold on Ted nugent is not just a racist bastard he’s not even a particularly good guitarist and I don’t know why we need to bring him up in the glam feature that is so good and stocked full of gems

        I think the Tubes for sure deserve a debt of gratitude because they really got it and took it to the extreme but Ted Nugent give me a break. He was a rich kid and hung hangs around with A bunch of idiots the murder lions . What a fucking stupid thing to say I do agree about the runaways because they produce Joan Jett and Lita Ford Who were definitely great American glam exponents without being latex hair metal crap . Both inducted into the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and quite rightly so

  79. Heard 1970 sweet cut here Juicer it sas heavy as fuck and Turn It Down was on the USA version od Desolation Boulivard so yest they haveto take some of the blame for US Glam Hair Metal . I hated phaze of Glam . I thought Slade hadit right. Quit with dinity although didnt crack theUSA. Didn’t needto really afterthe xmas Evergreen . love the T . Rex Tune on here. That clip his him and Traxon his great sho Mark which had Punk as well and Glam on it . TBolan toured with The Damned and The Damned played Ballroon Blitz so perhaps Glam wasa muse for Punk . Fowley produced Punk and Glam and The Runnaways werea mix of both . Great write up here

    Love this

    • Sweet were very heavy band listen to yesterdays rain from give us a wink

      Queen of a debt of gratitude to an incredible English band

      Ruben’s material sounds great on here and it seems like they are going down the slightly heavier road possibly because of Mike Bennett punk Side of life but of course he does pop like The stuff he did with we papa girl rappers .I noticed he does not have that on his discoun I noticed he does not have that on his dicogs but it was quite clever and then of course Steve Hetherington did a merciful release for sisters of Mercy so there was always a heavy brief , When does raccoon coming out I can’t find it anywhere? Would love to have them on the show from the James well show of which I am a co-presenter

      • Hey Asher thank you very much for inviting us on to talk radio we look forward to it. Nigel car at louder The wall was the first to get behind it and now we’ve had BBC spot plays and planet rock on now going to play action which is bloody marvelous. It kicked off here as far as I’m concerned and I can’t wait for people to hear our Brighton rock action and music Hal mash . I don’t do modesty it takes up too much of my time, I think it’s the dogs bollocks

  80. I find this article engrossing and have seen the John, Mick and Steve carnation of the group at least 6times, mainly on the 70s package tours and I love the way they all switch instruments and do a big triple drum Glam track and noticed that you’ve got Dance With The Devil on here, I’m thinking that the live version the band play is inspired by that and I read that the Mickey Most production of the Cozy Powell classic was very losely based on the track Let There Be Drums by Sandy Nelson, so there’s the U.S connection with the “plundering”of the jukebox diners…how clever am I lol? However it also merged into New Wave and Punk, and to round it off with coincidences in reference to Nigel Carrs Glam fact that Donovan did the falsetto rock vocals on Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Banies, I thought I’d throw it in that Rat Scabies played for Donovan for 10years bringing everything around full circle. Perhaps there should be a sub genre called Psychedelic Glam Punk why not??? Ha ha ha!! Mike Bennett and Steve Etherington have produced some great tracks here, especially Mrs Pringle, it’s a Glam Earworm that actually sounds a bit punky!! GLAMNEZIA BOX SET BRING IT ON!!!!!

  81. I’ve just filmed a 2 hour documentary on the other side of mike Bennett, more about his script writing for Frankie Howard Rik Mayall, The Muppets Lily SAVAGE AND THE WORD and 3 years as a resident scriptwriter at children’s ITV
    He spoke about his new star-studded film “LAUNDRY MATT’, which actually has an amazing soundtrack.
    Using 3 of the TRACKS FROM NIGEL CARRS HIGHLY ENTERTAINING ARTICLE AND SPIN ON GLAM ROCk, will be featured in the documentary, its great that mike Bennett gets to mix his scriptwriting abilities with record production.

    • Am news on this Ian ? I heard about the series but fuck all is happening . If in doubt blame the pandemic crisis but isn’t it all about entertaining people and I heard that that brilliant actress from the Durrells was on the series. Anyway great Glam rock feature

  82. Rat Scabies Dace with the devil is great . He was in The snivelling Shits with Paul Gray from The Hot Rods. Glam was a factor in Punk and the shit New Romantic stuff . Just never got the credit. too many manufactured blue that was a spoiler . Sparks were more authentic than most UK tieeny bop music like Mud and Racey . Alice Cooper did I wanna Be Elected yet not on list …???


  84. Kiss made one epic Glam LP ..Destroyer then whoops…itwent limp .Nivana covered Fowley penned ‘Do you Love me A grunge style and it made Kiss look limp . Gene from Kiss is a biz wizz but after the seminal opus it was AOR ff use bile .Wolves in glam clothing . Twisted Sister on the other hand and The Tubes were off the scale. Loe Reeds dabbled and got it right . Check out New Sensations

  85. Yes but Transformer was more the the real deal in lOUReeds work . Bowie involved and Wagon Wheel was a lift from Bolans ‘Hot Love.’ Same producer of Bowie and T.Rex.Il ove this new Rubettes vive on here . Steve Etherington and Mike Bennett are an unlikely team but it works well . A great take on an underestimated music era . some funny and observant observation in this read

  86. BS New York dolls invented it all. Punk Glam. and also hair metal . You can’t beat the real deal
    The most genuinely theatrical band from Britain is cradle of filth

  87. I like Cradle of Filth , Slayer and Lamb of God but although theatrical I am not feeling the Glam connection . Marlyn Mason , Slipknot yes . Alice Cooper dabbled with the visuals go but not from the same deal . On Glamnezia we touch on horror as its part of a film score ,and it is proper scary . But Glam does have its roots in the UK commercial star spangled peak year 73 .Then you have your USA tackle and I dig Kiss . We cover Do you Love Me ? But The Cradles are a Shock Rock band and actual satire. Nice people actually . On another point here ,Jayne County would b a better example of a USA irony or Divinyls . That bands take on LOVE IS THE DRUG BY Roxy music is sublime and UK king Glam producerMike Chapman was a key figure in their sound . its not a completion . I love American Glam hair stuff . Mike doesn’t . We agree to disagree . We have a Kiss Glam Metal tune on the album now . Mike begrudgingly likes it at long bloody last..out voted as it goes .Its all down to different tastes . I reminded Mike that the Fall did Spine Track ,Glam Racket and Mark Smith did Glitter Freeze with Gorrilaz. Each tack took generous sections from Yank pre Glam and yes , MC5 and The Dictators deserve more credit . But its good to crossover and it all came from the blues but with a different emphasis on the drums. Glam was generally 44 and thudding kit .Certainly Sandy Nelson from over the pond was the pioneer . Te Glitter Band and Adam and The Ants took it into a Brit thing. Twin kit being a great Mike Leander;he was the glitter band ,an English genius . Rock n roll part two was him. model.We copy everything in England but only from the best . Then we make British . We are from Britain so its going to sound different. Never heard Bowie or Bolan doing foe USA accents . Bowie admited muse was was Antony Newley and visually his mentor Leigh Bowrey also took lesions from Lindsey Kemp and Mick rock actually .Bolan was into Sid Barret. That why it sounded English . The Heavy Metal kids were cockney , although they nicked the name from William Burrows so sure MUSIK MAGPIES it says here . I LOVE MUSIK AND I ADORE MAGPIES . CHILL OUT … Being involved my wife and I have read the feature and its pretty accurate . We also get sent Nigel Carrs mix cloud and the glam section broad and that’s how it should be . kiss , Motley Crue , Manson are fab . its just yet another chapter . long live musical MAGPIE MUZO’S

    • Hi Steve , Great points made here . Pleased to mentioned The Heavy Metal Kids .They sort of sounded Glam metal prior the W.A.S.P , Poison and the USA contingent . She’s No Angel was a Glam classic . Love your new material here . it retro but sounds mint

    • Well you’re wrong because the article rock is Glam so although the cradle of filth of crap there is a form of Glam just a crap version-reading through this is in contradiction so thought that with my expertise of point stuff out Anyway I prefer real bands like bad company and status quo

  88. Mötley Crüe are not really Glam though. There’s just nothing if you think about it, nothing apart from the fact that They ere sweet without They are shit They are shit! Kiss total shit ! And yet no mention of cheap trick who are not that bad . It’s good to know that Steve here has a broad minded approach and I quite like about two of the tracks on this feature .The jury is out on the others. I’ll give it another listen. I will listen to the horror thing again I’d like to know more. It’s not exactly a Glam sham but it’s more Kraut rock. Who would’ve thought of the Rubettes being dark and singing about killing people. The mind boggles

  89. Motley Crue were Glam . Glam Metal . A progression that’s all . It does not surprise me the Rubes Stevie Ethers is into the DARKER SIDE , He worked on Sisters of Mercy’s Merciful release . And Bastards by The Pogues . Another link is Lulu ….The Man Who Sold The World was kinda Glam related .And Mungo Jerry who has one Glam Smash , Long Legged Woman Dressed in Back . He made some good open minded remarks here .

  90. How ridiculous they’re not singing about killing. It’s the opening section of a camp B-movie style Rocky horror show type thing. I know that because I’m involved in The light hearted film which is more a caper thing than the omen. Mrs Pringle is hilarious and catchy and there are other really well-known artists that have been involved in Soundtrack it’s like saying Soundtrack it’s like sayingChristian rocker Alice Cooper really meant it when he wrote schools out forever schools been blown to pieces it’s entertainment

  91. Glam was manufactured and each territory has a slightly different version . like UK Music Hall ..mentioned here.. the USA had vaudeville . That was similar to Vaudeville crossover . So ok fastforward and listen to ‘Til deaf us do part ‘by Slade . its not far removed from really heavy USA FM rock. very underrated . Not a million miles from Lita fords ‘kiss me deadly’ period .but she was Glamming up way before that with the mistreated Runaways. it was mentioned in the series Vinyl by the character based on ‘I’m sure ‘ was based on Atlantic Records moral Craig kallman . I think Steve from the Rubettes is right to be open about one band bouncing around who invented ‘so called ‘ glam . I like the UK sound but America played a huge part .for sure nobody can deny USA were there first.Look at Elton Johns odd ‘cash in ‘dalliance with glitter rock then check out Liberace thent ell me who created this dubiously contrived genre ? When it comes to inaccurate claims all that glitters is gold , but its complex debate .Bowie got it just right though . love Steves Etheringtons blunt honesty here . Its just my opinion but will check out Rubettes . liking what I am hearing here , but Rubettes is pop really though.good pop though

  92. Good point about Lita Ford and her glam rock connections after all she was produced by Kim Fowley both solo and when she was in The Runaways. His connection with glam rock is really interesting in this piece cos he worked with Brit Band under the guise of Ambrose Slade and the N’Betweens and then went on to work with Alice Cooper, Kiss and Venus and the Razor Blades. Which actually punk mixed with glam. She also has a fabulous British/American glam connection as she did the brilliant classic glam ballad with Ozzie Osbourne – Close My Eyes Forever. Joanne Jett gets more credibility in the glam arena but Lita Ford continues to sell shit loads of records so I dont suppose she cares. Love the track Ugly Girl put up here by early Slade incarnation and totally fallen inlove with the Rubettes orientated stuff and a great idea to draft in punk and indie producer Mike Bennett to rough up the sound. The combination of Steve Etheringtons credentials as a musical director in glam tinged musicals such as We Will Rock You and Vampire Rocks and Bennetts rough and ready swerve ball approach is a bit of a master stroke. I will be looking out for this boxset and the track I particularly like here is Back To Drak. It starts of creepy like Steven by Alice Cooper (incidentally by psycho Kim Fowley) and then goes into what is clearly a take of Bowies Jean Genie. Great article. Bring on the glam! Wham Bam thank you Mam.

    • I am in back to Drak. soundtrack great . I got to work with a porn artist, some pop stars and a whole bunch of b movie geeks with a a whole bunch of glam and punk freaks California Mike B has a great idea on how to do stuff on the hoof . He as drawn in some big names but had a lot of shit to cope with. I think the suff with the guys from Spacemen 3 on the soundtrack for this low rent Movie is good but am pleased that Mrs Pringle remains ….it cheers up the horrific slasher scenes . Rubettes are corny but cool . new stuff here is great though . love Glamnezia .

  93. I am a huge fan of Glam and have been working with John Richardson on images . nice guy. only working with this founder member virtually but surprised how many hits he has written .He is a bit of legend and its been a blast . a new sound and harder in places . His track about the evolution of wax to MP3 is great . We are doing the new video as we speak ,so whoever put the spoiler on you tube is a TWAT. Great record any way

  94. Glam rock was full of inane lyrics and generic riffs from old blues songs. The drums were all lifts from the 50s American rock ‘n’ roll records but it was fucking great.The combination of the three was original and then of course there was a subtle costumes. Females were very prominent though apart from Quattro photo I always wondered why The combination of the three was wrong made it original and of course they were the subtle costumes. Females were very prominent though apart from Quattro poser I always wondered why? Then I remembered the music business was run by sexist arseholes. Who is by way of compromise the blokes dressed as women I used to fancy that Bass player from Mud until I found out he was a bloke .

  95. Huh , hardly any females apart from USA imports Runaways Divinals we’re from Australia btw,so was the best grand producer in the world mike chapman .Just picking up on somebody else’s incorrect facts as well.

  96. Chapman Was good but Bob Ezrin was the best Glam metal bridge itself. Chapman was a good commercial business man who could write a good tune with the help of others. I love tiger feet by Mud but he wrote it Mickey Most produced it. He was a trouble shooter and Svengali. Loved what the blunder Idid with Blondie though

  97. Well having read this article I don’t agree that although Alex Harvey’s lyrics were nonsensical but the tune ic on here is surely sardonic .Bay City rollers did Shang -A-Lang,Mud Did the nonsensical tiger feet and this was and observational retort . There are many sides to Alex Harvey, check out tomorrow belongs to me which was when he knew his star was waining . The Rubettes Glamnezia is obviously a pastiche, but a very funny one and yes the lyrics are banal, but what a tune

  98. Actually John you are wrong about Shang-A-Lang by Bay City Rollers because it was about poverty stricken ship builders reminiscing to the sound of Shang a lang which was a reference to the sound ship building when it was buoyant.
    The Alex Harvey cult classic was about his guitar players gambling habit and pertains specifically to the race track. These are not just songs but fables and very misconstrued as non-sensical. OK I read the article and although its probably infeasible that Les Grays GF had tiger feet in the literal sense if you listen to it carefully it is littered with sexual innuendo. Sweets – turn it down gets a bashing here on this dashboard but it was a statement about social discordance during the mid 70’s when ‘Your ma was knocking at your sisters brains’.
    Brian Connolly saying ‘wank me’ at the start of the track was unhelpful in regard to getting a slot on top of the pops luckily in America they didn’t know what the word wank meant LOL and the original classic album was indeed called ‘Give Us A Wank’ – they got away with it in Indonesia and Japan and if you find the latest box set it still has ‘Queen are a bunch of wankers’ subtly(ish) on the back of the American sleeve.
    A lot of the songs were cheerful but all had some back story.

    Im loving this Rubettes track Mrs Pringle as the lyrics are a typical throwback to the period. Entertaining but a bit sleazy! This box set looks promising and shows a slightly harder edge to the band

    • Just working on the video for Sugar Bay Love as we speak. Sugar Baby Love is a fifties barber shop quartet released in 1973 at the height of glam, which is why it is so many glam compilations. Mrs Pringle is more glam for me than sugar baby love.

  99. Kiss , they posed about and Glammed it since 72 . Destroyer Seminal the rest was Cock Rock . Yes tha Rubettes Mrs Pringle is very good

    New wave Glam !????


      • kiss are really boring. its not glam . its not hard rock its like a slick piece of shit . Cheap Trick take a far more exiting approach and nobody gives them credit here . why not check Check the live album. no overdubs like Brit Bands fake live LP by Thin Lizzy . bowie made a pre live album. derided by fucking A. Sweet live at the rainbow was good ,but no fucker can touch Cheap Trick.

        • errr HELLO????? Cheap Trick are mint but the but you can’t touch the real deal… Sweet have been aped in the USA ..Since GIVE US A WINK …lOOK AT CHEAP TRiCKS LEAD SINGER THEN LOOK AND BC OF SWEET …THINKING OF IT THEY ALL HAD BC’S HAIR , POSTURE , VIBE. YANKS GOT GLAM BUT COULD NOT DO IT PROPERLY. As it goes Cheap trick are fucking peach. but give Sweet the credit for being the muse Queens big glam period was also a huge influence on USA GLAM. saying it as it is.However the Tubes were yanks and got it just right , very few quite got the irony though

  100. The T rex version is amazing and I love what the Rubex have done as well with John Mick and Steve. The lyrics are absolutely ludicrous but have a Monty Python spin this box set sounds fucking great

  101. Kiss are great man marvel comic costumes. High heels great cover of Uk glam anthem god gave rock n toll to you Argent turned it into English sounding Glam . Sladen sweet road on the coat tailsWhen they hit the US so we shouldn’t be too snobby

    • AAAAAhhhh. going through all this ..thank you Kiss are good . mike disagrees . but it’s about diversity . got mike onnit with Glam Hair stuff now. See Motley Crew Netflix . Bennett pretends he hates it but I caught him doing air guitar to it … TWICE……. OK MY HOSEKEEPUNG HERE IS COMLETE . booze time


  102. I love the track Glamnezia.It sounds retrospective but beautifully so. I knew Rubettes Vibe and the chorus is Very catchy and the lyrics are witty

    • Agree here. Rubettes are great live and bloody loud . away them on the tour with Slade and Sweet .It was very impressive how Rubettes keep changing instruments .I saw Steve playing at Eden with IBIZA Symphonic . haha and to think this is the guy that did thematic for Postman Pat and Fireman Sam.. he make his cohort Mike Bennet look conventional hate the fall BTW I am in favour of Steve as I am a massive Modern Romance Fan.. Saw them at rewind and scammed my way back stage her her and he was the only band member to refuse to sign my breast . said he was married . Gutted to be fair

  103. I that track . Its like a sort of Mott vibe . But AOR mixed .in STEVE E is great player. Saw him and Bennett producing Gary Brooker at Pinewood Studio’s and I gather that THE RUBES do Whiter Shade Of Pale on the bonus album in the box set according to one the Fan Sites. A long way from Glam but both producers are now for being diverse . from Glam TRP OUT Woodcock era to upped glam . cool beans

  104. Tanks mate … it was shepperton actually .live on the T Stage … weird as it gets . live audience one of those an evening with gigs…… the tase I could tell about that one …I had best not mention that frugal horn incident . it was rather dramatic . yep we cover his tune

    • I adore The Rubettes . This feature shows them willing to move with the times . Mike Bennett is well informed and Love GLAM facts from Nigel Carr . Im going to put on Deborah by T.REX That had to be close to the Strat of Glam . Got the classic Fly Records version . Bolan was the biz I loved Hello but only really did well abroad . So undervalued here and great you have included super cool rare track here . fab, also love the SAHB track its catchy and gets weird later in the track . Harvey was a one off and even his flirtation with Glam was totally his way .Alvin Stardust gets know credit here of much note but he was more of a throwback doing mock glam but I love his classic glove thing . He was also a good showman . I do like the mean stuff and Hollywood Bratts show us here a heavier version of New York Dolls . And better me thinks.

    • very true. like both though and got a punky kinda producer in too. so it mixes it up..I made this comment b4 Mickyand Stevie bring it out for a new generation

      • Kate pukka iamworking with Mike Bennett again. . he is still sin his 176 wasp. the one he used on Sham 69.. he trends he aint a punk …. er he deffo is. but our lawyer is now producing the hair metal section, good old Terry marsh with his Gibsin Sg playing down the phone at 3am on FaceTime. Some of Terry’s ideas are better than ours TBH, but when we fill in the forms we are accidentally putting down to us. Just kidding Tezza. Have you seen Louder Than Warsl sleeve notes? They are PUKKA. Cheers Tezza. May the Glam Towbell continue to ring in the changes from the two cryer in every UK town. Must go I’ve got a veggie pie in my glitter clad oven and the parsnips are burning like the fire on Arthur Browns head. Glam Shane Fenton …ahhh high end red wine being served up . bye for is ti nigel . got too get it down my neck gasp. oh still waiting to choose my top ten. one is tell humbly by camp but KNARY HELO. BRILLANt THARD ROC DRAPED IN FAB CLOBBER.shit pie is over cooked. aaaaahh. Beans on toast iwill be fine


  105. Don’t get your point? Most music underneath five minutes is pop. Pop is a generic term. It’s getting a bit anal. Most genres of music are defined by specific sounds and because of the Fashion statement combined. The Glam rock era was heightened reality both visually and sonically. Glam rock i had its golden in 1973 but would say that it probably started in about 1970 and went on until around about 1976 and whilst continuing in various guises in America was eclipsed by Punk. However Glam ironically still lives on and many punk bands such as the Damned were quite into the the likes of Marc B Who was Clever clever enough to give New Wave slots in his slightly tacky but rather brilliant show Marc , where he appeared alongside Generation X and even the radio stars who as Johns children in an earlier incarnation were Marcs First Fauré into rock in Johns children, and certainly had a profound influence The corkscrew Hair hair heroes latter-day work . Then he went i Cosmic folk . The progression progression from folk to Glam Bolan not unlike David Bowie was something of a musical chameleon. Perhaps Bowie was an instigator Marc was a bit of a copyist but nevertheless a fascinating character whose legend is etched in the minds of music lovers forever and like a good wine he has travelled well. What I am seeing and listening to in this excellent article by Nigel Carr, Is that The Rubettes themselves are Pretty good at reinventing themselves and from the few tracks I’ve heard on here will certainly be watching out for the box set pretty good at reinventing themselves and from the few tracks I’ve heard on here will certainly be watching out for the Intriguing bundle .

    Really great read-‘life’s a Gas ‘Marc was fight gas marc was right was right although I’ve never worked out why “Deborah looked like a zebra “Always wondered whether he was taking the piss or a genius. Sorry to go back to him but I have every single album and don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves from an artistic point of view but will always remain an iconic character mainly denoted by Glam rock. Ironically there was a lot a lot more to him and others .Adam & The Ants get very little credit here but I suppose they were on the cusp of Glam Adam & The Ants get very little credit here but I suppose they were on the cusp of Glam, New romantic and even Punk to some extent. That’s what I love about British rock and pop, I was always expected to expect the unexpected if that makes any sense at all. I wasn’t really into the American side apart from groups like cheap trick and actually twisted sister who got the irony and made some banging records. Glam is still around in various shapes or forms and I particularly like the Strutts . Glam is dead As we know it as we know it -long live the Glam

    • STUTTS ARE TO MUCH Like A COPY. URIAH hEEP DID TWO glam albums. . Shit but Glam 10CC sILLYlOV WUG glam .. boring though

  106. Yea Glamnezia is fucking A ..HOLY SHIT Punk producer Mike Bennett works with Theatre Orchestrator and Rubettes 50’s throwback band . Weird combination but to my fucking shock it works . Back to Drak on here is OFF THE GRID…

    • Hey . of the Grid ? SO THE GRID REFERECE . WOZ THERE .. kNOCK ABOUT STUFF…. only GLAM CONNECTION is Gloria Jones being in T.REX and Dave Ball covering Gloria’s TAINTED LOVE. ..soft cell pre GAM RELATED GOLDFRAPP IVE ATTEMPT ..hmmmm GLAM FACT ME THINKS Nigel Carr . true

  107. It’s a brilliant track It is somewhere between an old glam rock band called Gordie ,( I’m sure a lot of people know that the lead singer became the replacement from Bon Scott And AC DC ) and something along the lines of Slade-far far away era Mike Bennett’s unhinging the stand is all over a bunch of these tunes . I’ve had the privilege of hearing the track is done with the fat white family. It’s very fucking good. I gather he is working on an offshoot project with them as well and it could be a match made in heaven. Outlaw heaven . That’s an in joke if anybody knows what it means

  108. I know Bennett has been with those guys . He has actually put a fat glam thing into the Fat Whites. I engineered it. He works 14 hour days . Don’t know how his manages it .he is a maverick , but knows what he’s doing . Always makes people do long hours and days it’s an indie budget

    • we talking Bennett here 4 sure. he never sleeps. worth it as the results are there.its ffs. paid off he won’t want nothing but the best for his artists … but he is doing seem fans love work nike Bennett your a a ducker but what sonic boon

  109. I met mike Bennett and Gareth gates was at the end of the bar and Mike revealed his opinion to Gareth about his music (it wasn’t good) but did praise his version of spirit in the sky. Glamfacts. I do love Gareth gates though!

  110. Great Article Love glam. A great influence on punk and new wave, you can hear it in a lot of American new Wave like the Ramones and the B-52’s

    • very much so. MO here again …great points Check Blondie ..get it on . very brit glam new wave. rubettes are USA but also very anglo . it’s a crossover Bw. love Hollywood brats. cheers for reminding me LTD. Too ahead of it all for radio at that time.made New York Dolls sound tame. great rare track by hello . fun it on E BAY

  111. As usual Mike Bennett has given The Rubettes.His spin he just produced us for the same label and he is a very unconventional but productive artist and His spin he just produced us for the same label and he is a very unconventional but productive artist and The RubesSettled fantastic and I’ve also contributed to the beautiful people featuring Jimi Hendrix album also on the same label so we are in great company Mike Bennett rocks

    • I agree it’s really good and this is a cracking record especially the really doom laden back 2 Drak , It reminds me of something it’s a mixture of Bowie and maybe Alice Cooper-creepy

  112. I worked with him on three Toyah .Mike Bennett is very methodical in his working approach. He does not do things completely conventionally but that’s what makes a difference in a production Mike Bennett is very methodical in his working approach. He does not do things completely conventionally but that’s what makes a difference in a production.I also engineered for him on the Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums he did I also engineered for him on the Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums he did Including Re -Works .I think it’s great that he can go from Punk to Progressive rock and loved what you did with Wishbone Ash especially psychic terrorism which is on the cusp of industrial. Brilliant producer

    • Loved working with Mike Bennett in HOME STUDIO’S he did a track for Baywatch Miami . Ha ha . we smashed it in one day . Ha,he is fun coz he billed for 4 days on top of his fee and gave me half of the extra . love a good honest brit producer. so ,not like the bastards in Hollywood .Bonus. wage , love that . Plus he bought me a great meal at a great English pub in Downtown .Fish and Chips.. He works tuff hours then keeps the change. but shares it with his engineer .Me on this occasion ,a rare breed .and talented . the track was awesome and he did it on the fly.

      • fish and chips ?. tight bugger. bet he put it on expenses. worked with him at Receiver Records. but he gets the job done and he has a good sound .lust a bit cheeky . loved the Chiselers by the Fall . He got me to shout on it. I was on reception LOL

  113. I’ve got that Emerson, Lake & Palmer album Reworks

    Got a lot of electronic stuff on it ,he actually coproduce it with Keith
    Listen and to the fans it was a marmite album because Bennett put in a lot of electronic shit but it was good. In fact I’m going to dig it out. Well worth checking and now he does bubblegum. And Mrs Pringle is bubblegum but good

  114. Steve Etherington and Mike Bennett Roads and insane musical railroading against Thatchers Britain and there was a murderer on the loose and Weapon of choice was the birdie song weapon of choice was the birdie song.It ran for a month at the players theatre in the West End and Steve Etherington was conducting an orchestra Was doing kind of symphonic versions of video killed the radio star it was highly entertaining so I’m glad to see these guys working together once more


    • Loved Steve from the day he joined the band . love his stuff witH KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND .. He gave them a new vibe featuring nNles Rogers getting to the top ten on the billboard . wicked arranger . we saw him live in Moscow with a full piece orchestra with his ibiza set .brilliant character with a moody side. met him twice. my sister loves me says Stevie the best stuff for years ..Stevie he is her fave Rubette. I love John and Mick as well, this new record sounds amazing .BEST SO FAR. gonna see back to Drak when its out on One Media at Pinewood


  116. Mrs Pringle Could be a smash and certainly will be in France because all of the band content does well there but it should be big hair really because it’s very English and a little bit of Mike Bennett Punk influences in there.A friend of mine is working on the movie laundry Matt she plays the character creeps Suzette .She stepped in at the last minute and there’s a great scene with Christin Sugary Staple and it was worked in virtually because of the pandemic but it works great against the track which is heavily featured which is how I know it existed even before I read this brilliant article. Talking about Slade and the Kim Fowley connection Ambrose Slade made an amazing psychedelic album. Kevin Fowley left his mark but then took the commercial sound of English Glam to bands like Joan Jett and the black hearts and more importantly my favourite Eric band of all time kiss

  117. The Rubettes were always underrated apart from in France but this lineup are much heavier. The title track is totally amazing and the video by fried banana is so good and captures the era that the point

    I’ve made observations from the inception and now the record is sounding heavy

    • its an ace informative feature . love the weird Back to drak and the Fowley v Slade track from 1966. I hope the guys include Slade . seems like they were the Glam Godfathers .


    • Greta you have been a rock . im being symphonic at the moment, when back from Spain I will be Glam if I can squeeze a Cheap track tune onto the bonus disc.even Bennett likes themethersmusic

      • Just seen a picture on Facebook of Mike Bennett. I thought he was supposed to be in Spain. Love you Steve and your record is really groovy. I’ll help you with the merchandise . I know you don’t do too much social media but I’ll start to tweet this

    • Oh very heavy and I love Steve’s guitar solos on that track GLAMNEZIA Somebody mentions it’s going on out on Coke sinister which is the falls is lable. I would’ve thought it would be a cherry red piece of content but you know what if they want to be on a punk or post punk label why shouldn’t they they’ve been round the block . I saw the last french going it was bloody brilliant .. Had to pay £125 of a dodgy ticket tout but at least I managed to meet the guys outside the stage door that was the main thing-got every single record

  118. Just met Mike at the Dockyard and he managed to blag a pint from us because he didn’t have a mask. So I’ve check this out online and it looks interesting.

  119. Just picked Mike bennet up. few laughs and jokes about our beautiful mutual friend Diane Charlemagne. At least he didnt rip me off for tenner this time in the taxi like he did last time haha, paid me double.

  120. Glamnezia is truly one of the best things I’ve heard. The Rubettes ft. John Mick and Steve are glam rock legends in every way. Mike Bennett produces them in a way that takes their glam roots and turns them into glam rock superstars!

    • I was thinking the same because I had that fat white family track because I was in the studio and they were messing about on some decks-it was definitely Glam there wasn’t Graham it was solI was thinking the same because I had that fat white family track because I was in the studio and they were messing about on some decks-it was definitely Glam that was. Very trippy and I gather it in the movie With that porn girl You guys sing about bloody hilarious because I think Steve Etherington insisted on a secretGo to frozen actually I know you did that because I suggested it ha ha ha then you got it into his head to be naughty. I was at his studio and I saw some platinum disc behind his piano and I asked why they were upon the wall and he said it’s because it Because that does look like silver desks and tables at the flows out of his boat and that is He said and then he offered us cabbage soup which she was so proud of because it cosy in self in the microwave. Actually it was just great fun because he is a guy that is so clever but you don’t know whether he’s taking the piss. Halfway through the mail he forced to listen to Demons and Wizard they arrive here five times. It was good but only after three times. Bennett of course there is also a fucking nutter if you listen to The trip of a lifetime virgin Valley its fucking nuts. I think Stev did the arrangements so they can share the girls with the Not put in the platinum disc on the wall because he thought people would think they were so this was hilarious but strange that they were positioned so you could see half of them ha ha ha ha ha. He’s a total rocker But his arrangements are so beautiful and needs a gentle jap and I loved what he did with KC and the sunshine band it was amazing. A very strange union of producers I am the same and I’ve met both of them and there is a similarity. They play hard and although like your party are totally fucking professional. I was a runner on an odd incarnation of the drifters it was mental and Steve was taking over The show and Gary Brooker got scolded in front of about 500 people it was hilarious. He went away and shade of pale Paleyou can still get the DVD I Amazon and it’s on the end as an extra. To Mavericks for the price of one can’t fucking go wrong. Well we won’t mention a fairytale in New York with Mungo Jerry and Anita Harris that was the one that didn’t work for me ha ha but even that is fucking hilarious and one heart out thinking whether they were taking the piss. I did love what they did with the rain and Angie Brown that is electronic bliss Two completely different backgrounds and when I hear the tracks from his album you down here the juxtaposition of the background of these two lunatics, Nice lunatic is that I’ve met them both I saw Bennett at Trevor Horn studio doing golden gates by Brown and he brought Into large Jack Daniels took my number and I never heard from her again. Probably not a bad thing because he was drinking quadruples which was a bit irresponsible but they didn’t even get pissed. I really liked his stuff with BMX bandits that was good and I gather Mark Smith told him it was camp of shit and he was flattered by that. He told me the whole story. Great collaboration great article bring it on.I wonder why Queen didn’t get a mention because surely killer Queen was Glam ? and definitely we will rock you add the whole drum deal going on. Anyway it doesn’t matter it’s a great read , Sugarbaby love was a strange record, but I absolutely love the version that was updated. It made me and my civil partner become unsettled for a bit and I can’t tell you what happened after that because it would be rude and my bird reads louder than war.

  121. Mike Bennett remix Muhammad Rafi , Ayshe Bhoslay aur bohat sareee Indian stars aur BBC series , Billy Wood to Britain bohat achee series thee aur Mike Bennett multi culture personality hain aur hum un kee Manchester Rock Music koo follow keratin hain . Especially Gold Gays which he was involved with stone roses legend ian brown . Hum un kay songs Pakistan aur Kashmir main suntaay hain.

  122. The Dockyard.? A place I have seen Bennett and Drum genius and maverick ‘Funky Si many times.They hang with some rather dubious people actually .’scary Monsters and Super Creeps ‘ as Bowie once said ..Excuse token glam reference but the company they keep are dodgy to say the least, but the two of them are always having a laugh and I love Simons book which my brother leant me.. very gritty and not for anyone searching for fake Fall fodder like the FAKE M SMITH TRIPE book Renegade . That was a sham .Both of these blokes can be a handful but are generous when it comes to buying rounds and taking the piss …yep I get it , you bought Bennett a pint of Media City slops . Congratulations . Bet he would buy you one back if he achieves getting a pandemic mask .You show spirit AND GOOD ON YA …. I am loving Nigel Carrs facts here .I met Steve Etherington at butlers weekender . he was preening and played in about five the bands .He was really good actually and met him after the Modern Romance set .great set . A very clever man . Met him at the bar at show .He was telling me of his passion for Metal nd Punk yet he plays in mainly mainstream and in a further contradiction claims helikes to be ‘off the radar . he is very engaging and has a great backstory for sure . Ha ha seeing him onstage contradicts his claim though , flamboyant and grand … He is a showman and brilliant at the one liners OOOH ER ..LOL . Yep ..I am am getting this box set if it ever comes out . The label seem slow. they have been banging on about it for too long now . so ,stop tweeting guys and gt it out . its bloody good

    • Steve Etherington Is The curatorial and very clever. I saw him doing symphonic metal in Berlin and he was conducting for the first half and then playing weeping cellos and if I remember rightly got out a Gibson SG and went mental playing Lamb of God material against a 50 piece orchestra it was so clever the way that he boltedThe whole thing together and I love his symphonic Ibiza is absolutely fantastic I’ve seen it three times.He’s a proper performer he goes wild on the stage with that Guitar and yet so eloquent whilst conducting. Very cool guy

  123. Well I’ve re-visited this article and have just seen the most brilliant version of Fire Brigade on YouTube that mixes visually Arthur Brown. Without a shadow of doubt Roy would next to the image and later in America kiss those that how amazing that that kind of plagiarism is totally acceptable but it’s definitely off the wall and Steve who I have actually worked with sounds amazing vocal inmmArthur Brown. Without a shadow of doubt Roy would next to the image and later in America kiss those that how amazing that that kind of plagiarism is totally acceptable but it’s definitely off the wall and Steve who I have actually worked with sounds amazing Vocally and that falsetto is to die for. I would love to see this album performed live but they seem to play Europe but I did catch them on one of those package arena so I think it was called the sounds of the 70s or something along those lines and they were really very good and far better than line advisor in a holiday camp in some seaside resort I think it was in Scarborough was it that was cabaret but this is really clever stuff and whoever made the video has totally captured the mood ofThe pioneer Roy Wood And he is very obvious Muse are the brown. I think one-hit wonders doctorAnd the medics had a try as well on the Craig Lyon manufactured soundalike which actually sounds a bit like both records in a funny way. Craig Lyon was really into Glam for some reason does not include spirit in the sky on his discography. Very very interesting video I want to employ this guy fried banana those that I’m going to google him. Steve Etherington is a tour de force. The amount of records he has played on is ridiculous. Mike Bennett is a little bit more than a Punk but he’s not known in the Glamarena so it’s great to see him stretching another muscle Porsche I think the Twisted Sister were a piss take of English van so they deserve a mention. Mötley Crüe completed the front cut the first they thought that it was real and did not get the joke Bloody good Band however but check out Alice Cooper is driving around about 1972 and it made the New York Dolls look like a chicken in the basket job

    • Wood is a genius and Brown just happened to be a bloke that had flying off hid head Don’t forget Wood was ahead of his time with the Idol race The record you are driving to was a sarcastic remark because this on to Brown’s album and he stole a lot of Roy’s Fantastically off the walls June is in his original group. That’s what I like about Roy he took no prisoners and didn’t mind making a twat out of himself. A complete fucking nut bag but a talented enough to remain a millionaire where is Brown now?

  124. Yanni decent Glam rock band ever to come from the UK was Showaddywaddy they were the real deal and they didn’t promote violence I’ve made this point before and I thought about it and that was the ultimate band. Queen and sweet dressed like women. Very perverted It promotes pervert’s people and that’s not right in the Christian society

  125. I am really enthralled by the debate between Nigel Carr And extroversion producer Mike Bennett. Most definitely Glam is an English model and I really definitely like cheap trick and some of the Queens of Noise Runaways period but it was all derivative from UK Glam. Having said that as pointed out in here the UK Little Rock movement stole it from the USA anyway so let’s call it quits as Slade said in one of the best Glam rock records of all time . The Rubettes deserves credit for playing a big part in the era which has been divided by rock music snobs Punk would not have existed without The 12 bar blues version of Glam that was surely apparent on the great rock ‘n’ roll swindle. And it was all a swindle anyway The 12 bar blues version of Glam that was surely apparent on the great rock ‘n’ roll swindle. And it’s all a swindle anyway.Poor Eddie Cochran got no credit but he was their first although I maintain that Glam rock is a UK phenomenon Poor Eddie Cochran got no credit but he was their first although I maintain that Glam rock is a UK phenomenonThat is a pain in a lot of psych that is around today That is a pain in a lot of psych that is around today. Even Arctic Monkeys sound like Hello and that’s great the music has been passed on to the new generation so I think it’s a good thing. I love the catchphrase you use here music magpies Very true it’s called evolution of good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll and I am pleased that this band are bringing it back

  126. That’s right Mrs Pringles got dodgy lyrics. It’s about a bloke of about 55 fancying his mother’s best friend daughter so is it about granny grabbing oh great great granny grabbing , I presume that there is humour in there and that these guys are not pursuing women more than than 180 years old ha ha ha great track Glam Gran rock is the new deal ha ha ha ha

  127. My love of the Glam came from my dad who introduced me to it I’ve never heard of these guys but it doesn’t sound Glam because it’s got a lack of heavy metal

    • How ridiculous Glam rock is just another form of pop and the high-pitched vocals and the stomping double track drums are quintessential. These guys are great and they’ve got a brand-new vibe but everyone is entitled to an opinion I suppose

    • Alice Cooper got Glam and metal mixed cool. no others apart from slipknot got it good on the USA post glam tip Check coopers poison

      • Agreed, Cooper was pivotal to the Glam rock movement, and taking it forward to the Glam Metal scene. I’m currently working with Mike Bennet and Angus Wallace, just come out of a session and am scouting the Glamnezia blog. Glam buster is about as heavy as it gets, The Rubettes seem to be working in a ‘dark’ concept album. Interesting coming from a group that originates form the Doo-Wop scene. Almost more Pantera than popcorn. Roy Wood and Wizard did a great job of spinning it into slam. John Richardson shows his popcorn powers when he led the early career. They were accused of taking themselves too seriously….

        Can’t wait for the Car Crash TV project! The same keeps changing but there is a 17 year old starlet waiting to happen. Bennett discovered her on MMTV. Him and Angus speak at a rate of knots, but I’m getting the lingo…

        • Yo t. I heard wig wam bam by Freya at the end of the far heath session. Genuinely loved it as a demo my new favourite genre glam hop please make more. Look forward to it

  128. If ABBA Was Glam with Waterloo then the Scissor Sisters took the thread Check out the catalogue and it’s Glam but with a disco twist. And what about the marvellous Goldfrapp they took the thread from T racks. Glam rock was very influential and in this article it finally gets the credit it deserves. Brilliant rubbish , Trashy throw away but significant and part of a cultural British then that influence many other sub genres including van is like suede also Glam is everywhere and always will be and hurrah, it’s been recognised in this article and that is long overdue.I love the track the Rubettes guys do called Mrs Pringle ,It’s a bit sleazeball but totally pop fun It’s been great revisiting this article and listening carefully to all the different styles. I kind of get it now

  129. Hi there, I’ve been thinking since reading this but there are actually quite a lot of USA vans that are just as significant in the Glam arena
    Check out poison, surely that is what you English guy is called the dogs bollocks Check out poison, surely that is what you English guy is called the dogs bollocks . And they took it from the American band Really because the New York dolls were doing the androgynous thing first and the sound seems to be a mixture of FM hard rock Californian style with a little bit of bands like sweet who made a terrific album called desolation Boulevard but they actually took quite a lot of it from the Americans like Alice Cooper. It’s not exclusive to the British folk

  130. Thank you very much Nigel Carr

    It’s taking ages to tell the history of Glam rock as it really is. Mike Bennett and I think completely differently about it because I also take on board the American Version which he thinks is a star Studded Sham The brilliant band hello song called that and was a direct statement of star-studded Glam the American way. I like both I like to mix it up. Terry Marsh wants me to add Hanoi rocks and actually they weren’t American like people then I we’re Danish and I like to mix it up so we have agreed to do a USA That that takes on board cheap trick, The tubes but probably will only be on a live DVD because we want to move forward with this and the track from the movie has a magnificent story about vampire vegans who come from the planet Zorg Their metabolism makes it difficult for The sad creatures to drink blood go can get internal youth We are promotions vegetarianism Buzzsaw guitars and vocals of a kind of barbershop quartet vibe seems to work right now and will continue to do so as long as we live and we have eternal youth

  131. Glam album by the Rubes Is a great document and really does show the English created an undisputed a fabulous but under estimated vibe

    I love that track Breanna Gray I engineered it at my gaff. A real statement as well. I tune into the radio so tonight most pleased to hear this song about a lost soul and a great warning against people that go down the wrong vampire road

    • Wait till u hear Defrea and the Tank Gitts glam tasty trash. Burn it is forcing her to do feeling numb by the fall it’s been one of his bugbears that you never got it right first time Never liked the fall

  132. I love that tune . Heard it on Nigel Carr’s show . Very catchy with a LA Guns Sleaze thrown into the mix .Rubettes ft JMS go punk ! Eek Ace.

    • Mint ,love early LA GUNS . They are a gas . Met them at the Whisky .. life’s A gas as Bolan once sang in a duet with Cilla Black . Thank god Gloria Jones came back and scored the rescue package check A CREAMED CAGE IN AUGUST . She out T. rex. Bolan . We cover New York City live and I have to be faithful to her score . Hey check out the Tubes DON’T TOUCH ME THERE’ GLAM USA FILTH . that was IRONIC GLAM . SHARE THE LOVE. Love the Runnaways. especially Lolita Ford . TALENT

  133. As Punk momentarily took the glory years from UK Glam the sleaze got sleazier as Hanoi rocks from Denmark travelled the Atlantic Ocean . They bumped into the likes of Mötley Crüe and groups like sweets were getting sour . They bumped into the likes of Mötley Crüe and groups like sweet were getting sour. That’s where Glam metal kicked in . Kid Rock has recently claims he was part of that movement but definitely was not but didn’t do particularly sleazy film with So he was sleaze rock so he was sleaze rock. And Glamnezia Certainly got sleazier and remained so to this day but I noticed a lot of the rudimentary is from the golden years of the movement are creeping back in with young trashy bands. I congratulate them openly encourage them to be sleazier when they’ve got Glamnezia ( It’s not cheap but it’s worth it it’s not cheap but it’s worth it )and remained so to I notice a lot of the rudimentary 73 golden year era 73 golden year era. of the movement are creeping back in with young trashy bands. I congratulate them and openly encourage them to be suffering from Glamnezia .Having experienced the condition all I can say is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It remember hipsters If at first you don’t succeed then try something else !

  134. Never liked that side of Glam rock it was more like commercial Pop Rubettes more like commercial staff not like Slade or Twisted Sister who actually had a really rocky sound

    • Cool but cool fool

      Glam is back. You are needing new lug holes baby I intend to make you death with my next record Send the bill to my offshore lawyer when you are deaf

  135. I am in two minds . Gosh the new stuff on here sounds fun . I like Twisted Sister too . that was deffo a send up . I love this debate , each person has an opinion and its all so varies here . great piece

  136. Just saw Mike Bennett on MMT – OUTRAGEOUS but informative. Working with him right now special guest to be announced and I have to say this Rubettes stuff is fucking ace!!!!!!!

  137. Sounds a bit like the Mike Bennett we all know and love at Laguna FM California. One thing I will tell you he always stands his round so remind him he owes u a pint n he’ll probs give u a whole lot more and when we worked with him he was with some sleazy girl who was very rude he ejected her from the session ad cracked open a bottle of Jack Daniels with Roddy from The Specials. Sadly one them dropped the bottle haha we fell laughing until we remembered we weren’t allowed alcohol on the premises! but we got some got good laughs out of him and Nigel Carr achieved the same clearly after reading this article! MEMORIES <3 my fav track was Sham69 – I live off you… he 100% aint a moron but can spot an oxymoron hahahahah come back Mike we miss you

      • funny …. very very funny …yawning and laughing in tandem ..GET REAL… actually do not get real . I like the laughing bit . who are you ..and why?

  138. I know that track very well because when it was recorded one of the band members actually it was a guest singer who will remain nameless ran over my Harley Davidson leaving it crushed . I’ve got a good deal of traction out a bit on Twitter but it wasn’t Glam rock it was Sham Rock ‘ LOL

  139. Sounds like a punk moment to me maybe that’s the next feature Punknezia. Know the track well it is actually quite Glam if you listen to it properly. Just sped up Glam. Awesome track I live off you and actually written by Poly Styrene And it was part of an event put on Memory of the icon memory of the icon We go every year but sadly the pandemic has robbed us of the moment We go every year but sadly the pandemic has robbed us of the moment Very good reading by the way

  140. Hi it’s Steve once more. So we set out to tell the story of Glam and I’m so pleased that Nigel Carr Helped us cover the backstory by playing our own rendition of Fire Brigade because Roy Wood somebody I actually know and love is a much undervalued player in the movement that is misunderstood. Yes there is the obvious visual comparison to Arthur Brown and subject matter of the song that was released at the same time. But there is more to it. The actual sound of the Move was getting Glam with the falsetto’s and moving away from the psychedelia of Blackberry Way Which of course had the Beatles influence which Jeff Lynn took with him throughout his illustrious journey. Electric light Orchestra also embraced Glam Probably a little bit too much for jeff own personal taste and possibly future Black Sanbath drummer Bev Bevan . Roy’s contribution to Glam was of course his outrageous stage attire but also at times he sounded more like Ronni in the Ronettes with a male vocal but those orchestrations were and remain outstanding . If anybody was a godfather to Glam rock it was surely Roy. I am going to make sure he knows his tremendous record was played albeit through the eyes and is of our band . We will most certainly be including it and in the live set and we will not ham it up But will certainly Glam it up

    We have had a terrible time with the pandemic situation smiles are required on faces once more. Its time for Glamnezia. Such an enduring era and yet very seldom championed. It most certainly has been champion by louder than war which is great. I try and post as much as I can in between hot chocolate, this project and some very dark metal. I will be checking the shell out again next week. Very diverse and I quite liked the tail end of the last show as well but this Louder than war production Is becoming a firm favourite when ever I can get reception which is about 60% of the time.

  141. I have been following this thread from the USA and I have to say I think that the English got Glam right. I’ve made a comment before…Bolan, Sweet and T-Rex are the best! Mike and Steve make The Rubettes Sound amazing and I can’t wait to go to Europe and see them once the pandemic situation has calmed down!

    • Wowza cheers JOANNA .xxxI follow USA glam Wasp are right up with the greats . I love early Glam Pantara too .

  142. Just met Leah in the Alchemist who works with mikes team who just got her first gold disc in Canada with sugar baby love what a tune and such a lovely girl!! Good luck for the future, Amiee & Gary

  143. My Computer track Green Eyed Girl has been recorded by The Rubettes and is now part of the box set. It was produced by John Leckie and has been augmented by The Rubettes featuring John, Mick & Steve.

    • Thanks Steve, I haven’t heard what you’ve done with it yet. I presume you mean co produced by My Computer and John Leckie which IS a fact. I have another song about the same girl that I think could be a big hit for you at Christmas. I will send it to you.

  144. Have been working with Angus Wallace and Mike Bennett in Far Heath Studios on some great Punk-infused Glam.

    The Manchester-based group came to Far Heath Studios this week to record a select 3 of their original songs. Featuring Lucy Wyatt on lead vocals. Her Blondie-meets-pretenders style is unique yet perfect for their Glam-Punk sound. Simon Wolsencroft (known for work with The Fall and Ian Brown), and Legendary “Missing link between Glam and Punk” Dave Barbarossa (Adam and The Ants, Bow Wow Wow) both bring their unique and powerful drum styles to the sessions.

    Fuzzbox are set to be at Far Heath Studios on the 25th of this month. They are set to record a mix of ‘Rules and Regulations‘ and ‘Love is a Slug’ a play on Roxy Music’s ‘Love is a Drug’.

    Freya and Sleezewinder
    A new group of young female punk musicians are set to record their first tunes at Far Heath this year, including a cover of The Donna’s ‘Wig Wam Bam’, originally by the Sweet. They’re also set to record an original glam tune: ‘Car Crash TV’.

  145. Angus here far heath. Mike caused fun chaos At the hotel . Prankster! He’s been back at the studio while we did glam racket by The fall on a bespoke version just before Mike Bennett myself and Simon Boston craft did the chiselers . Glam rock legend Dave Barbarossa who is arguably the best tribal guy around has added marvelous kit to Lucegenic mix genres around like no other band I have ever worked with in my Who mix genres around like no other band I have ever worked with in my life bumpy caret but Mike has been coming here for years and it was great to have the two drummers together in fact I’d like to take some credit for providing an amazing atmosphere including a scarecrow as a muse for one of the songs. It sounds crazy but I am in some musical things coming out of the environment it’s a kind of Zen deal ….Signing off to eat salmon and chips

    • All jolly good for you Angus. It all sounds fine and dandy but I need Mike back in Glam Rock Central right now. We are supposed to have finished the album but we have two new producers on board ,one of them being John Leckie by proxy and easy and now we have mine and mike’s business affairs Guru Terry Marsh pushing the the album intoGL METALI am over the moon about but Mike wants it to be seven seas of Rhye by Queen simply because it has “I do like to be beside The seaside at the end “ in order to prove his music hall connection points aaaaahhhh Queen who he doesn’t usually like is now voted to be at the end of the album depicting the birth of Glam metal. To complicate things Terry Marsh who has helped produce the Hanoi rocks cover of tragedy has submitted Action by sweet. Mike Bennett who would usually agreed to any old sweet track has put the proverbial foot down and said no we’ve got too many sweet tracks and wants a music hall example and says Queen is the only way forward with seven seas of a bloody Rhye. HELP! Tearing my hair out but just for fun I have suggested that we do action by sweet but put the Queen seven seas of rye Segway at the end to make it viable for everyone to be happy glam bunnies. Now mike is saying if we go ahead with that can we please take Wig Wam Bam off as it’s sweet overkill but I notice he’s doing wigwam Bam with you guys and his new Glam project Freya. Thing is I have followed this blog thing now and I’m going to start getting active with my own soon I hope. Good news next. We are taking Glamnezia To Germany where Glam rock beckons. I thought I was a little bit off the wall But actually having lots of hands on the driving wheel of Glam is fun because it’s driving me over the edge one of my favourite places to be driven Oh and also I must admit one thing begrudgingly “ oh I do like to be beside the Glam rock seaside” ugh Managed to swerve doing paper Lace everyone wins

  146. Tarrin Marshall-Cross , it was great to meet you and Angus at Far Heath Studio this week . Any comparison to early Pretenders /Blondie always a great compliment ….thank you ! We were blown away with Dave Barbarossa and Simon Wolstencroft unique drumming styles ,to have both drummers playing together was really something else ! Can’t wait to hear final mix …Dave Barbarossa definitely wants an invite to the ‘wrap party’ at Farheath he messaged to say how much he loved the session . See you there !….Lucy (Lucigenic)

    • I really like your band Lucy it’s fun. There is a Glam element definitely as I was involved in the artist and repertoire process relating to the demo versions and the track about the gun is most certainly T Rex with a very special twist which reminds me a little bit of Nina Hagen meets something along the lines PJ Harvey.It’s powerful and punching and that’s what glamours about. Glam rock comes in all shapes and forms and it’s just a generic Frazer Anita something that is rock and at the same time glamorous. You are glamorous – you are amorous and you are very much on cause for what is happening right now which is a terrific fusion and thank you very much for allowing me to play a small role in your artist and repertoire department. Would love to do a gig with you sometime with one of my heavier outfits. Possibly not the Venom related stuff but one day I would like to do a full orchestrated version of one of your magnificent tunes. Sort of Glam symphonic with heavy beats . I know that Terry Marsh has your stuff and that I might see you at Namm. Strictly speaking I think that you are completely in the alternative market but quite poppy. So am I .I would go as far as to say I like bubblegum I like Glenn metal I like calypso and I think it should all be fused together in one big fat cacophony of sound, but that’s just me-I wish you the best and I hope to get to far heath and be a proper part of something you guys are doing because it’s excellent

      • Steve E – such a privilege to have your involvement in our tracks and humbled by your kind comments and especially the Glam comparison in respect of our track ‘Drop the Gun’
        Hope you make it to Farheath Studio ( it really is very special!)
        Mike Bennett’s visionary genius to bring Mark Refoy, Dave Barbarossa, Simon Wolstencroft To collaborate on our tracks created an amazing fusion of Glam meets Punk . Will get a copy of the 10 inch vinyl over to you , as soon as it lands. Would be great to see you at Namm . Lucy (Lucigenic)

  147. I’m back! I’m Glam, and wondering why there has never been a black glam band. However, Showaddywaddy did have a black drummer, and it was twin drums so that was glam. And Funkadelic were kinda funk-glam and i saw them with twin drums at NAMM festival, California. I have a lot of new bands coming through Far Heath Studio right now, and they are either a brand new wave of Glam Rock, mixed in with psychedelia, or just straightforward Glam but faster. Kinda ‘Punk-Glam’ if you please. It’s like the Wild West at the moment, politically, and once more Glam seeps into my studio. The times they are a-changin’! Not into Bob Dylan thank heavens. Lucigenic have embraced Glam with a glove… i will say no more ’til mixdown. Thoroughly looking forward to Freya, its a Wig Wam Scam! (but a jolly good one if i say so “ourselves”).

  148. Keep taking the meds Angus Pangus poooh , no really good Glam spiel. I knew a black hard rock band from Somerset and they did do a version of Slades mamma were all crazy now if that’s of any use !

    I absolutely love the title track here Glamnezia..It reminds me very much of UK Glam rock meets West Coast somehow-a crossover

    • I will trust your judgment to point .The Rubettes ft John Mick and Steve Other ones that I really like here they are so much fun. I absolutely dig that horror track other ones that I really like here they are so much fun. I absolutely dig that horror trackBack to Drak its sick in every possible way and why not? Alice Cooper used to throw chickens into the audience and they got ripped open by the audience. Luckily he was Christian and they were rubber chickens not know many people know that!

  149. I’m so excited to be working with these guys, it’s an amazing experience really, and I couldn’t think of better people to be surrounded by while doing what I love. I’m buzzing to be getting into the more glam/ punk side of thing as that’s the music I’ve always grown up with, and what I’m constantly listening to. I can’t even describe how excited I am to start working at Farheath studios to smash out some Glam
    Ballads with Mike and the team.
    From- Freya Xx

    • We are certainly looking forward to working with you Freya. We loved your idea of the Glam mash up with electronics and I think you could be a bit of a Goldfrapp but also the kind of Manchester thrashes side also it will be interesting to see how you develop your sound and I’m told we are going to do a Glam ballad. You’ve definitely got a good spin here that will encompass your talents and I know you already worked with Mike and buttons in media city and that’s just the start. I am really looking forward to putting some lush EQ on your vocals but giving it some You’ve definitely got a good spin here that will encompass your talents and I know you already worked with Mike and buttons in media city and that’s just a start. I am really looking forward to putting some lush EQ on your vocals but giving it some Punk attitude. I think that we are going to have some fun and thoroughly look forward to rocking out ! I think that you should do a cover of Mrs Pringle by The Rubettes guys but call it Mr Pringle . Check it out because I can make it sound tougher and a little bit more streetwise. Don’t get me wrong I love the version on here it’s perfect but it’s always good to give a different angle on a track otherwise it would be a carbon copy blueprint. We want to stay away from that kind of thing and develop your sound. It’s tough out there but it will make you sound tough you will fit the environment perfectly Mrs Glam Punk songstress .. We are behind you all the way and that’s all you need to know right now go go go girrrrl

    • Hi Freya, I have know Mike for 2 years and we have been hanging out a lot. Check out my record label Recreation Records. I have a song for you. Mike came up with a new genre for it ‘Glam & B’. Can i recommend you listen to Marc Bolan Zinc Alloy & The Hidden Riders of Tomorrow track Teenage Dream. It is MINT!

      • Not bad it’s Gloria jones that makes the record not Mark. If you want Mark then obviously listen to elemental child.

        Actually John the children were not half as bad as people bang on about. Yeah try Johns Children .They scared the shit out of the WHO ? on tour !

  150. But with Dave Barbarosa once more Lucigenic was an amazing experience yeah ? if the glove fits Great to work with Mike Bennet again

    • Hi funky Si.
      Nice to see you working with Mike again. I have heard some of the amazing ruberttes tracks on this feature. Hoping to work on a new reggae track with Mike, hopefully we can turn it in to some Glam reggae.
      Let me know when the next gig is for sam pedro and Mike Bennett will definitely have me on the guest list this time, wont you Mike ? xx

    • Mint Great combo

      The fact that two drummers like that I’ve got together has to be a dream.

      Both of them love Glam because Simon played on glamorous Records for the fall like Spain track that was definitely as Glam as it gets . And my favourite one of all Glam racket

      The Rubettes were always one of my favourite bands from the Glam rock era because they were tongue in cheek Catchy and upbeat which was important in that tough period. Some great research has gone into this and it has taken me back to a time gone by but we are back in that shaky period and Glam is being played quite a lot I note on 6music. I love the story about Showaddywaddy and The Rubettes, the famous or should I say outrageous story which involve the sparks as well. This is a most enduring article and I will share it when I get back into work next week sometime probably Wednesday. Long live Glam and The Rubettes ….And me so I can be absorbing all of the stuff in this feature because I’m checking out some rare stuff here like Hollywood brats is that Glam though? It sounds Punk but they look like Glam. Fucking brilliant This is my second round on this feature and I’m going to check it out again after I’ve looked up the other bands on Discogs

      • Twin drum is a brilliant Gary Glitter had them and Adam and the ants absolutely wonderful crunch crunch crunch I am in the Rubettes loop and I gather John Richardson who is a brilliant drummer always double tracked his drums on the massive hits how Glam is that?

    • Thanks Si…it truly was a magical session at Farheath studio ….the drumming combo of yourself and Dave Barbarossa ( Adam & the ants/Bow wow wow /Republica ) on ‘Drop the Gun’ was unbelievable! Where Glam meets Punk . Final mix sounds amazing , can’t wait for the 10 inch vinyl EP to land !

    • Bare Bones Wishbone Ash? What the fuck is that got to do with glitter rock-progressive shit

      Why did they not deluxe get at least one mention come on guys?

      • Who that ? I Presume you meant bebop Deluxe you had one Glam track ships in the night and it was decidedly okay but I wouldn’t put it in my top 1000. You will be saying MAN with bananas is Laminex and then it will be Gong .. Nothing wrong with talking About the pros and cons of a genre but let’s get things into perspective just as an experiment. What ever next Sad Café the kings of Glam ? Great band wrong blog.

  151. This is a really good article and takes Glam rock right that to his music the whole cockney knees up

    The best track here is obviously Alex Harvey even though it’s completely nonsensical wishes I think his satire on the movement is integral to the British glam scene fuck the USA it’s a piss take and a injustice

    • Steady on. Mötley Crüe are brilliant and really big with young people since the fantastic film. And they were American through and through and admit that they were based on the UK model but it’s so narrowminded to criticise USA Glam rock and totally unnecessary. The Rubettes Who are brilliant in this incarnation were totally influenced by American music and it went full circle that’s the whole point! That’s what the band are trying to say on this album. It’s about the journey. Marilyn Manson he needs to mention because he straight out of the Alice Cooper School of hard knocks. Alice Cooper was right there when Glam was created and Who was doing it well before schools out which is the only one who seems to get credit for nowadays. I am very pleased that billion dollar babies has got a mention here because that was kind of progressive Glam without a doubt. Pure theatre and creepy undertones and then of course Rocky horror show the one and only Glam rock musical was straight out of the American soundtrack from the teenage dream as Marc Bolan called it. And what ever happened to it? It’s around today Glam rock will never die and normal Punk it’s just merged together that’s all. And what a wonderful sound it makes. Put the apps onto 11 and enjoy UK and USA Glam Punk crossover music because that’s exactly where it’s at today especially in Orange County where they actually sample from UK Glam and have it firing on all cylinders against the live band. It’s around today Glenrock will never die a normal Punk it’s just merged together that’s all. And what a wonderful sound it makes. Put the amps on to 11 and enjoy UK and USA Glam punk crossover music because that’s exactly where it’s at today especially in Orange County where they actually sample from UK Glam and have it firing on all cylinders against the live band.

      • Absolutely love Usa Graham but hi I’ve just heard Rhianna Grey on 6music and I’m sure that she is a street Hursel that used to come into our pub. She appeared in amateur porn-I’ve got her pretty sussed out because he’s in that taxi back to Drak

        • Oh her .. more interested in talking about Glam rock . I absolutely love sailor who is glass of champagne was better than Virginia plane by Roxy music and I don’t care what the fuck anyone thinks it’s about the bubblegum it’s about the fun and not the arty farty bollocks. Bryan Ferry is alright but face is no Alvin Stardust

        • Heh Great subject matter-Stevie? I know all about that dodgy story I had a friend of mine that was in California. Dodgy sessions ha ha but The Rubettes capture everything so beautifully with the tongue firmly lodged in the proverbial cheek

        • I agree that USA glam is cool but I have heard Laura Beth and Mike Bennett’s new Manchester home grown project and it’s Manchester Finest blend of Glam, Punk, Metal and Trash her name is Defreya and her band the Tank Girls who I have invited on my WFM Radio Drive Time Show I have heard they are appearing with Venom and Sister’s of Mercy project quite an achievement for a 17 year old.

      • Motley Pooh … Alright they thought they were the sweet but they were not they had no fucking imagination at all and went around killing people from Hanoi rocks and stuff tell them to fuck off …wankers

    • Errrt no , It’s a matter of taste and what about the Tubes , Don’t touch me there was a Glam rock classic and came straight out of the Rocky horror show which was English but actually taken from the Americans do the maths. It’s all about perceptive perception and the way you position things in your head. I bet you only money some people would like Mötley Crüe more if they came from Swansea or something. Newsflash they don’t! It’s the same with cheap trick like surrender or something like that. Because they are from the USA they don’t get the credence. And I’m not talking about Creedence Clearwater revival neither, we will leave that for status quo To plagiarise but a lot of these groups are not getting the credit just because they don’t have British blood. I’m a Glam rock completist and therefore don’t suffer from that kind of bias , Pious Opinionated Drivel I even Like three Kiss songs – a bit . Even Doris day had Glam rock elements with her whipcrack away whip rack away tongue in cheek bravado . Pre-door as there was vaudeville and that was parallel surely to the music hall that is mentioned in this article. She was certainly glamorous. Imagine a bit of rock behind her. Well perhaps not but I’m just trying to get a point across and I hope it works for you in order to broaden your horizons generally because it’s like saying American punk is not as good as English but when it was just as bad as each other or just as good as each other. Variety is the key to life and life is the key to variety. And if it ain’t Glam I don’t give a damn it’s all rock ‘n’ roll to me!!!! Mind you chuck a bit of glitter on your chops and it does help! That’s a medical fact my doctor told me when I was going for a general check up. A Glam check up !

  152. Steve etherington here once more taking the Sunday Glam service.

    I never tweet, I don’t know how and I’m not interested in it but I’m enjoying this blog because it’s about Glam rock and I’m involved. I’m just saying it as it is

    Mike bennett sent me a young girl project over called Freya. Apparently she’s into a band called the Donnas who I have checked out and are wonderful . They do a terrific Glam metal pastiche of the relatively not brilliant Eyes of the tiger. I’ve heard a psych band called Kavanagh through Mike and they embrace Glam and mikes production with the fat white family is definitely a new type of Glam. Young people are definitely getting into the spirit of it and I note that it is during times of strife and the point is proven in this article and Mike has always banging on about it but I also mention it in our forthcoming documentary at great length. I am delighted to have Nigel Car on board with Cover art notes and we are going to make it very retro. We like retro but I am also amazed and enthralled that there is a new type of Glam seeping in through the new skidrow generation.Skidrow now that’s a band. Here ends my Glam Sunday service …

    • I’m so excited to be working with you all on this glam/ punk project, this is an amazing piece of work to be on, the music is amazing! I’ve already had so much fun and I can’t wait to get some more stuff put down, wig with bam is an amazing song and it’s been so great to put my own spin on it, can’t wait for more !
      – Freya.

        • She Is absolutely fabulous and he’s doing part of our arena tour she is such a talent at 17 and classic Manchester with a bit of attitude and some punch and what’s more She has a five octave range which is quite extraordinary and can hammer anything from the soul and R&B to hard-core Glam and thrash metal. Who could ask for anything more? Certainly not me . There is a Glam metal track which are called Glam metal Hammer horror It’s just absolutely delicious

      • your in good hand with mike b. he know how to squeeze stuff out of people. including great big sessions after the music session bevelled hill. who can not remember his party period. oops soz mike come back to ERIC your driver ,,,don’t bring that b lister porn hustler she stole my wife bag. ha ha

      • from the far heath team we wish you much adulation. you sound great Justin demo.Was it a queen cover you are up for doing here… I would go more Cramps or Iggy but smashing voice Freya you have it babe

  153. I’m a hairdresser at FlanagensMedia City and Mike Bennet came in because he was going on Granada reports he was panicking, he was late and he wanted a Glam rock haircut. He just came in recently and said I smashed it. I reminded him that he left a jacket here and he was so grateful he gave me an extra tip – great guyI’ve checked out this article and I’ve always loved Glam rock especially T rex and I love the new rubettes always love that fucking band And Steve Everington is hilarious I saw him on stage with modern romance

    • Oh God he’s as bad as me losing stuff. Although we finish an album we have been set Glam exams for the book and the questions are quite interesting actually. I want to know more about the lost Glam band Angel . Listening through to the catalogue of Wizard it was not just the Phil Spector type sound but also you can hear soul in it. It had a swing. Probably the most unique of all the Glam rock is when I think about it .Geoff Lyn definitely embraced it on a new world record though and the two always did bounce off each other and it’s great that they have remained friends. Actually early Electric light Orchestra definitely took on board the Glam attire. Roy a little bit more than others let’s say. Violinski Was a classical Electric light Orchestra offshoot as well and that was really interesting because I’m into symphonic stuff

      • Me and mike have just finished 3 songs for this amazing project we’re doing, one of Steve’s which is absolutely amazing, this project is coming together amazing and the songs that have been written for it are fantastic.

        • You. Really blew my mind with that heavy track I’m going to have to get you some heavy shit. Far heavier than mikes of course ha ha. I hear you’re doing feeling numb by the fall I have a great fucking track

          • I love The way The Rubettes have come back with a Heavy version-I saw them in France twice and they are a very loud group that do metal as well as pop heavy version-I saw them in France twice and they are a very loud group that do metal as well as pop . I am following this message board because it’s so contentious and I love seeing people row. Mike Bennett is an awesome punk rock producer but he also did a really good job of Bananarama. Why doesn’t he ever talk about that side of his work is he a musical snob or something!?? I know one thing he keeps dubious company at times-I guess it makes him feel tough-he is actually a nice bloke and I helped him do curiosity killed the cat but he ended up calling on the lead singer curiosity killed the twat music going to the loo

          • I’ve just been working with Freya and she is Glam rock personified but with a R&B twist. Mike bennett was trying to work really hard with her but I felt sorry for him because somebody kept interrupting that he was very patient and did an excellent interview about Defreyac And the Tank Girlz Who are definitely Glam but I have urban beats … They also have a velvet underground vibe which is quite Atmospheric and I am sure she will go far if Mike Bennett can get a word in edgeways in the studio session . Too many cooks for a great session

  154. please remember glam was a Made up deal….scam town provers deal . hustlers like Nicky Chin . scam boys used car salesmen . love it. love rubbetts . they were like barbershop with beats and fast cars. Slade were not glam . band waggon chancer.. now pilot … the was cool proper tunes

  155. I came to Manchester the big City of Culture tracked down legendary punk producer Mike Bennett and multi award winning lawyer Terry Marsh, immediately got a record deal at Pinewood studio, with Lord Gradd who commissioned us to do the Pushbike Song in Glam/Punk style for the epic cause for the NHS, the band took my money, hacked my email and as Sir Elton sang in his classic..I’M STILL STANDING!!! The new line up are on a compilation album with Blondie and Hendrix…enough said! I wish the other “band” the greatest success, but I wouldn’t mind my 18grand back….you know who you are…

  156. As appalling as it sounds just keep on trucking. People shouldn’t rip people off of this business because artists are not business people but I am both so get back on the tip of making great music And learn to spot snowflakes and time wasters. Glam rock is my thing right now but I like funk disco folk and even middle of the road if it’s done well. We tend to smash it wherever we go because we do a mixture so take a leaf from my book because leaves from my book are very valuable indeed. Sugarbaby love is sent to you from The Rubettes featuring John Mick and Steve and watch out for our. and learn to spot snowflakes and time wasters. Glam rock is my thing right now but I like funk disco folk and even middle of the road if it’s done well. We tend to smash it wherever we go because we do a mixture so take a leaf from my book because leaves from my book are very valuable indeed. Sugarbaby love is sent to you from The Rubettes featuring John Mick and Steve and watch out Gamnezia is about … A concept album that will take you through the journey of a movement that is now back with a vengeance-it doesn’t get much easier in fact it gets much later but that’s the whole point-fight them by making your music Glamtasic .I am happy to re-do that pushbike Song for you that those People took from you I know all about it

  157. Pushbike is skiffle you are taking the slash pal Rubettes are rich session boys . Real glam is For the working class or the blue-collar people as the Yanks like to call themselves

  158. Just as we thought we nailed the the album out representative decided that we need to do action by sweet to show the turn from the UK to the states were Mötley Crüe were born.Mike surprisingly wanted to do seven seas of rye because it ended with her I do like to be beside the seaside but our business affairs man who is now coproducing decided it should be action so I’ve called it the conflict of interest Mex… Mike surprisingly wanted to do seven seas of rye because it ended with her I do like to be beside the seaside but our business affairs man who is now coproducing decided it should be action so I’ve called it the conflict of interest mix … It is quite an important track in respect of the turning point but we have made it different because we didn’t want to do a carbon copy although I did like the Def Leppard version it was exactly the same.. Wasn’t sure about the scorpions version it sounded a bit progressive although I do like progressive that song didn’t quite make it in that genre…. Although it’s been covered 103 times apparently it’s very special to me as I have played it with sweet on the sound check when we supported them on the arena tour….Anyway watch this space album to be announced and thank you very much Nigel Car for your great input and insight into a much misunderstood style of music. And in my case lifestyle I realised I’ve spell seven seas Incorrectly but the fucking thing keeps automatically correcting it what is wrong with technology nowadays…Another great influence for me was Jane County I love his/her work and there is definitely a Glam element to the riffing. Anyway I’ve got to go and do disco today. I believe in miracles are you sexy thing you sexy thing you. I am saying that to Greeta because I am seeing her on the blog quite a lot and yes you can do my merchandise give me a ring we are off to Germany with Mike Bennett. Hope he doesn’t flood the room like you did in Munich ! Happy Glam rock Monday ,Recommended album give us a wink by sweet or tomorrow belongs to me by Alex Harvey. It turned out it didn’t belong to him that is the irony

  159. Oh god. our lawyer who is now co producing TERRY MARSH wants to put a snippet of Brighton rock by queen …. Mike these Queen is gonna sneak it in to wind him up heh. well MB sneaked I DO LIKE BE BESIDE SEAIDE IN soz mb. nice to have John lice and Andy Chester on board btw.

    • I thought I was your Glam conduit Stevie

      I love the new material I managed to get it from far heath studios.

      I know it’s a bit out of order but I saw it was being mastered there when I was up with my new mod band. The young teaboy let me have a private copy and it’s really fantastic I absolutely love the way you’ve included Brighton Rock by Queen as part of a medley. I won’t be playing it to anyone don’t worry and I’m still up for doing your merchandise but you’re not getting back to me. We love you here Steve And your symphonic Ibiza rocks I saw you at the segregated concert. You were spectacular and the orchestra is ace. I love the fact that you include a Glam rock section. I guess it’s a way of promoting and your symphonic Ibiza rocks I saw you at the segregated concert. You were spectacular and the orchestra is ace. I love the fact that you include a Glam rock section. I guess it’s a way of promoting Glamnezia. Very clever I hope you’re going to do symphonic Glam with the boys it would be a clever idea. I loved your version of tragedy by Hanoi Rocks, The most underrated band in the Glam rock scene although the lead singer did think he was Brian Connolly for bit . Nothing wrong with that he was great and the most misunderstood Glam rocker of them all. I noticed you didn’t include any Slade or mud on the album. I am not accusing you of being a music snob because I’ve known you a long time on and off but I’d love you to do a version of the cat crept in Mud , It’s a really fabulous song with a singalong chorus that’s brilliant. Maybe you could do it another time because I would love that dedicated to me . Another track I Would love you to do us a glass of champagne by sailor. Pete Lincoln is brilliant

      • Pete was good do I need to run to the suite for his long period of time with the Andrew Scott classic lineup but a glass of champagne was a rip-off of Roxy music. Roxy music took a lot of stuff from Kraut Rock if you care to listen to the Brian Eno parts . Perhaps there should be a new genre Kraut Glam

      • well , was John Children that kicked it off …just never got the badge . Post Bolan they came back as RADIO STARS. So ..check dirty pictures or YOU SCARE ME TO DEATH WITH YA HORRIBLE BREATH Bolan wrote it , its on MARC. Bolans odd punk glam show … BETTER THAN CRACKERJACK. BOLAN WAS OFF HIS TITS ON THAT AT ODD SHOW.

      • I haven’t forgotten John Leckie And his beautiful and put on your song . At the moment I am in pure death metal mode.Mike bennett and I remixing venoms classic track and I’m doing the orchestration right now but nice to have talent on board . Love John’s work on the stone roses

  160. When is this album actually coming out? I know that it’s related to cogs sinister the Falls label.. i’m quite aware that they have made a couple of announcements on the website but we could do with getting this record out now because the band are starting to gig with tracks from the album. We can’t keep blaming The pandemic situation people need music and people definitely need the Rubettes . John Mick and Steve has made a tremendous record as I have been master again and it is thunderous-can’t stand Mastering records and then hanging about for the fuckers to go out-consume will kick cock sinister up the arse for me. I prefer them to Cherry Red that’s for sure and they’ve got some interesting stuff on the catalogue. Especially the full box set but this is a very relevant album for today and I reckon that if it doesn’t come out soon people will lose the vibe that has been going around because I’ve heard it twice now on the radio was on six music and also on planet Rock.Someone needs to pull pull their finger out of their arsehole

  161. Well I made you so hard and tough what more do you want Stevie boy?

    Action is far better than wigwam that for a start and I got you playing With got some gusto on the Hanoi rocks so I think you would be pleasant and a gallon of beer. I’m disappointed you did not put Ted Nugent solo in .Okay it’s not very nice to animals but he is an animal and he belongs on the record

    • I can’t be all things to all men that loan Ted Nugent I wouldn’t consider him to be a Glam man but more like a kind of redneck rock style of music. I did like three of his guitar solos though on the second album

      I’m not overtly enamoured with his hunting habit

  162. I love this article I’ve visited it a couple of times, and what I like about its new bands and old. Its always good to support new talent. As for you’re comment about Ted Nugent Steve E I agree Ted Nugent has no place on a glam rock its about fun and escapism not animal slaying or thug rock. Steve I recently heard you’re version of action at the .lock down gig, although its been covered by everyone from the Scorpions and Deff Leppard (I read its been covered 103 times) this is the best version I have ever heard.Congratulations in North America with sugar baby love its got a kind of Phil Spectre feel, its great that you’re still working with ex Sham 69 and Ian Brown Manchester punk producer Mike Bennett. I loved what you guys did with Shane Mc Gowan, is there a site I can get the album on? I read it was going on the falls label cold sinister, and listening to Rhianna Grey on you tube it sort of fits the post punk vibe. My friend heard it on the louder than war show as well, Rubettes punk glam new wave! fucking superb.

    • Bollocks Ted Nugent brilliant forget the politics. I know he’s not Glam it’s almost racist to slag him off he’s bloody good

      Also Marilyn Manson is definitely Glam so you should put His version of tainted love on the album it’s marvellous, the Runaways should also get a mention because don’t forget even females do Glam

      • Hold on Ted nugent is not just a racist bastard he’s not even a particularly good guitarist and I don’t know why we need to bring him up in the glam feature that is so good and stocked full of gems

        I think the Tubes for sure deserve a debt of gratitude because they really got it and took it to the extreme but Ted Nugent give me a break. He was a rich kid and hung hangs around with A bunch of idiots the murder lions . What a fucking stupid thing to say I do agree about the runaways because they produce Joan Jett and Lita Ford Who were definitely great American glam exponents without being latex hair metal crap . Both inducted into the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and quite rightly so

    • Love Rhianna Grey tune . I saw it on Vimeo yesterday and the video is so clever. It’s got a really gritty leave it but I really catch the hook

      It’s got a punk edge . I’m not sure about the title track . Glamnezia Sounds very familiar and not as catchy as Rhianna Grey or the hilarious Mrs Pringle

  163. Ask Cog Sinister, I am really busy at the moment I’ve got to go to Paris to buy assassins Sue and the most extraordinary iconic Glam rock boots that I believe were once supported by Johnny thunders. It’s costing me a fortune but you know what I can afford it. I’ve always wanted some original authentic‘s and not just knock about stuff you get In the High Street it’s not that I’m a snob I’m taking the tour seriously

  164. What a great rate and I love that truck by hello what happened to them ?

    Quite like some of that Rubettes stuff here . some more than others I must say I’m not so sure about that Mrs. Pringle song but back to drak It’s weird and wonderful

  165. Special announcement the contract has arrived and I know somebody says on The legendary cog sinister label which was obviously put together by Mark Smith of the fall but it actually on a subsidiary but we have an announcement to make soon with Nigel From louder than war doing the story of Glam as the sleevenotes which is superb and we would like to welcome on board our executive producer Debbie Alan who incidentally we have done a bespoke version of Mike Oldfield moonlight shadow in a punk Glam style from louder than war doing the story of Glam as the sleevenotes which is superb and we would like to welcome on board our executive producer Debbie Alan who incidentally we have done a bespoke version of Mike Oldfield moonlight shadow in a punk Glam style. She came out with a brilliant idea for rock ‘n’ roll disgrace as well. The lyrics are disgraceful and it’s very rock ‘n’ roll. So why not. Our legal representative Terry Marsh comes in as co-producer as well on tragedy by Hanoi rocks in Brighton Rock by Queen action by sweet and of course the original Glam classic oh I do like to be beside the seaside proving once and for all the origins off Glam as it was on the tail off to a famous Queen classic so Queen finally got on the record ha ha sorry Mike. But at least it’s got yours Sonics on it

  166. hey Steve sorry but Angus is giving me the album in its complete form-I was up in the studio again doing one of my new bands and I took him for a steak and he gave me the whole thing I said that you promised at me which you did and I absolutely love that version of action and I also love the stuff that you’ve been doing with up-and-coming glam girl Defeya. Especially that track mannequin girl it rocks please don’t tell the studio off. You promise at me anyway and they know that I am going to do your merchandise. I promise I am not playing it to anybody apart from my friend Susan who is in the fan club anyways so my offer of doing merchandise for free still stands as long as I get tickets for your gigs. How did you manage to Crow bar queen into sweet into that cockney knees up song I bet my bed and something to do with that because he loves musical because he used to take me to the players Theater before he Norred me for six years I suppose he was in Los Angeles and is vaguely back in touch with me now but I will do his merchandise as well if he’s got any new bands. I do the best T-shirts and I only take a little bit out so that I can make a marginal profit but I want involvement please I am really good at this stuff. If you remember I did your administration before and both you and Mike I’m not brilliance of that let’s be fair. Anyway great version of bright and rock action and that ridiculous cockney song . Actually I have played it to four friends but I promise I’ll keep it back. Steve priest would be so proud-well done you guys and I know that from reading this message board that your lawyer Terry Marsh produced it and -he looks after venom and I’m aware that you’re doing that as well so ask them if I can do the merchandise I make really good T-shirts ask The vibrators If you don’t believe me. Steve you promised and I love you you’re my second best glam band

    • Thank u greet. Cheers for bringing this to my attention , I actually knew about it because I made a comment before !!!!
      I’m more of a fan of Steve’s symphonic Ibiza project but the Glam stuff is just not for me. Sorry Greet . I’ll give it another try but it’s quite repetitive and I like his classical stuff that reinterprets rock and soul.Mike knows the score about my opinion of the stuff I’ve written about it beforehand and although I like what he did with us I’m just not particularly into this. It doesn’t mean it’s bad it’s just ain’t me . I like a bit of punk but I’m a little soul girl

  167. I want to hear this right ???? because we are label mates

    Mike Bennett is a brilliant producer and if it is as good as what he’s done for us then it’s going to be good and I love the coproduction you guys did for us on that poly styrene track it’s a proper tune. It was a great idea of Mike’s having the kazoo played through a hose pipe Nutter I didn’t bloody works and then we did the bluegrass track of pink sunshine which also should never of worked the bloody did. Thank God our albums are finally coming out to the fans

  168. My favorite glam rock moment in aloft the wall vibe was Cilla Black doing lives of gas with Bolin both of them looked a bit like they’ve been on the bug powder . Barbra Streisand did an album of Bowie covers as well which was laughable but a great glam moment nevertheless .I’m so pleased the route back to back and definitely on the form from what I’ve heard on here

    • The Cilla Black and Marc collaboration was a pretty awful version come on ! I like to the Barbra Streisand Bowie stuff though it was kitsch and off the wall

  169. Who could forget the Boland Cilla Black moment ?

    OK this is the update-contract signed and hopefully everything off to manufacturers. One thing we have been holding back is it in the box that there is a documentary telling the history of glam rock and the history of formats from Edison through to the gramophone ( where is Pearly Kings and Queens Wood called it Glam-a-phone write the way through to a different format cite the eight track cartridge and wonderful wonderful vinyl which this is going on two cassettes which Mike Bennett loves and it all ties in nicely with the theme . Can’t wait for people to hear the Brighton rock action music Ha mash although it seems to have leaked out which is mildly annoying but I’ll get over it I’m a big boy . It’s been really tough making this album because of the different elements including the book. We got them in the end and here ends my Sunday glam service . Today I am going to listen to some classical music to give me ideas on how to start the venom track I’m doing with Mike Bennett and Terry marsh .

  170. I am delighted to be on board on the production team for Glamnezia

    My first thought was that there was not enough gland metal . The album starts well with pre-Glam repertoire by the Move, Then slips nicely into The classic Glam bands you would see on top of the pops . Alex Harvey is a good swerve ball I must say. Alex Harvey is a good swerve ball I must say . But by the time NewWave was killing off progressive rock and to some extent Glam as we know it , it suddenly kicked off in the United States of America . It’s not everybody’s Glam of choice but very much part of the movement and so I brought in some Glam metal ideas which completely finish off the album that starts off in around about 1912 and ends up in the early 80s .

    Lets face it there was a lot of good American Glam rock groups . Not just hair Metal lets not forget Cheap Trick and Joan Jett . I personally like the heavy around and it really does do service to the guitar playing of the underrated Steve Etherington , More known for being the musical director of We Will Rock You which basically is West End Glam and something that this album avoids .

    I’m looking forward to it coming out and the book is a treat with great anecdotal stuff from all of the group .

    It’s a compulsory item in several chains in France and Sugar Baby Love to do so well in North America Analytics tell me that this can do very well and even if it is not a complete smash it is certainly a work of art Analytics tell me that this can do very well and even if it is not a complete smash it is certainly a work of art .

    Mike Bennett and Steve Etherington have so many credits behind them and the experience of those credits are definitely intertwined in this concept album which I think is epic.

    It’s the best lineup of the band of that there is no doubt and although it is first coming out as a CD box set I am looking forward to the vinyl edition as it reminds me of the Glam era when I went into those listening Booths and checked out all the Glam and the metal I could !

    I also like the fact that Mike and Steve have kind of used Punk ideology on the original tracks such as Rhianna Grey because if you listen to a lot of golden era Glam there was a punk element. Mott the Hoople and indeed Alex Harvey himself a perfect examples of this .

    Many Glam rock producers such as Mike Chapman and Kim Fowley went on to write and produce for punk punk bands such as Blondie and the Ramones . So it’s great that that is also captured within the set .

    I love the track Mrs Pringle and can assure you that the film is being used on at the moment is nothing to do with us. It is scheduled for a well-known horror company and has been bootlegged ! Oh well it’s a form of flattery but the real film is called Laundry Matt and has an amazing repertoire of stars involved from the Glam community and other genres . Watch this space

  171. I’m a friend of Greeta who has kept me in the loop on this wonderful article because we are both massive fans of The RUBETTES And I saw Steve Etherington and his version of the band performed brilliantly at Polyfest which I go to every year because I am also a massive fan of X Ray Spex. I love the tracks on here but listened to Rhianna Gray on Nigel Carr’s louder than war show which again Greeta introduced me to. That sounds like a hit single to me but will probably only do well in Europe where the band is appreciated more. I’ve seen them twice in France and the audience go mental. Then I saw them on a package tour in England and they were squashed in between Slade and somebody like Mud 2 . Nobody got it because they were so early in the bill

    Has different vibe and when you go and see them in France the audience go mad. Greet has played me Action it is truly amazing. Much much better than the USA cover versions like the one by Megadeath . They have managed to keep a British feel to it and I wish them all the best they deserve it

  172. Deborah Allen Glamnezia Exec Producer

    Having been part of Polyfest I’ve known Mike Bennett for his work along with Steve Etherington and have seen John Robb MC it many times brilliantly

    It was at one of these festivals celebrating the icon Poly that I met The Rubettes featuring John Mick and Steve and Mike Bennett who were working together on a bunch of Glam classics and some originals

    I stayed in touch and Mike produced a band for me who ended up doing a runner with all of the work

    However my relationship with both Mike and Steve continued and I helped them with logistics like booking aeroplanes, hotels and helping with logistics.

    I got a phone call from Steve one day and he just asked me on board as executive producer and to not worry about the band that had run off with my intellectual property.

    It’s been a joy working on the project especially seeing how Steve Bowden and Fried Banana put videos together and how Mike and Steve work together so well.

    They are both Manic , fast and Furious but never furious with each other .

    I am delighted to be working with both of them as I always love Mike’s work with Trojan , especially the stuff with Toyah Wilcox . I also was a great fan of the stuff Steve did with Modern Romance and KC and the sunshine band .

    I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in the activity of these two guys and helping to get things right logistically and amazing that they have bailed me out of a bunch of duplicity .

    My favourite track by far is Back to Drak . Mike Bennett’s creepy brain is definitely all over that!!

    The first time I met him I told him I didn’t like the Fall . He laughed and said he didn’t like chicken chow mein but some people do which I thought was quite a funny response

    Steve calls me up sometimes playing me a riff down the phone and asks for my opinion . The pair of them are definitely eccentric but great fun and I’m so chuffed to be on board because I could’ve been left high and dry the way I was treated by the indie band that walked off with my masters. I’ve now got a masters degree in Who Not To Work With!!! Lol!!!
    I know that The Rubettes ft John, Mick and Steve are booked for a live session on Talk Radio but I heard them first on Nigel Carr’s show and that provided the match for the petrol! I am looking forward very much to the Glam Explosion from Rhianna Grey to Queen’s Brighton Rock and Action, another side of the band is exposed but the classic high pitch harmonies stay faithful to the barber shop element they had in the Glory Years of Glam Rock at it’s very best! Thanks for offering me the gig Steve you’re a Star!

  173. I love Barbra Streisand doing star man it’s really good

    I’ve listened to The Rubettes here and I would call them soft pop. It’s really good but what I call glam Is stuff like kiss, Slade, T rex and bits and pieces of Mott the Hopple . I would put it in the soft pop category like Mud all the Bay City Rollers. Glam is heavier. Check out the first kiss album destroyer that’s what I call Glam . Pyrotechnics that kind of thing but I do think that T-Rex and Slade had that kind of aesthetic as did David Bowie but not really this band

  174. Great article and love some of the tracks played especially Hollywood Brats. Mike Bennett is producing us at Far Heath studios this week and we hope that some of the off the wall elements of Bak to Drak ft The Rubettes will rub off on the mixes. We have noticed that he has a number two in the indie charts at the moment with The Last of the Fallen Angels, whis is fabulous . Pete Doherty looks set to do a guest vocal which will be awesome. We have met up with him and hope to come out with some tracks that include elements of psych,garage and a little bit of new style glam. I know Mike has played us to The Fat White family who he is currently working with, we also played with him at Glastonbury and he thinks we are on that kind of vibe. Lets see what happens. BRING IT ON MIKE BENNETT and thanks to our manager Wolfy Foxlow, without him none of this would be possible.

  175. Ok , how could you say we were so pop now . I checked this blog at all times and you can’t really call Rhianna Grey or Action of part that Bubblegum you are talking about as in the past and we’ve been on many TV advertise Glam albums I get you and respect your opinion. It’s just the wrong opinion that’s all. The right opinion is even better than the wrong one. Just thought I’d let you know

  176. I was really chuffed that you have created this feature because it gives credence to the versatility of Steve Etherington and his long-term relationship with mike bennett

    The album is innovative because it tells the true story of Glam with all the crap that went with that movement. The article is honest straight Forward and includes the popcorn glam like Mud and sweet who actually went on to do great things like level Headed and whose track covergirl was ripped off by a blur and they admitted it. The Rubettes have stuck their head above the parapet and made a fairly good record that has been brought to a modern production value whilst retaining an authentic 70s vibe . I saw them live supporting suite on a package tour and they were really good, they all changed instrument and Steve Etherington was a fantastic late vocal lesson probably the best they have ever had .Got into this discussion before but have now heard most of the album on social media sites and it is fucking amazing

  177. You are nuts. Kiss are a nothing AOR manufactured pop rock band and yes big money-spinner but is but nothing to do with proper Glam .

    You need to look to the UK and I am an American citizen because that was where it all came from. Wizard, sweet and actually mad were quite good Tiger feet was fucking brilliant

    I live in California That followed British Glam rock for years and there is nothing like bands like Queen, Sweet And T Rex . David Bowie kicked it off with space Odyssey and the rest is history. Where are really good at Glam metal but that is not kiss. . They are fucking rubbish

    • I disagree – I’m with Steve all the way every single strand of Glam rock is important and actually kiss were Glanding up along with New York Dolls before some of our Glam heroes . Nobody does it better than The Rubettes apart from one Glam band but I won’t mention their name because it’s not about them on this occasion . I heard Rhianna Grey Was coming out as a teaser single. It’s a good track but I think the title track is stronger

    • Contact gonzo they’ve just paid us a massive advance so it’s up to them really. They seem to be bang into it and they’ve got it into every major chain in France so I’m not complaining yet. I try not to complain unless I have to . I am hoping that I can officially announce it soon through the right channels but thank you for your enthusiasm. It was really interesting melding Victoriana and Punk with a Glam vibe. I am now scoring for a symphonic version of venoms black metal whilst Mike Bennett Plays with tape machines and his collection of wasp synthesisers and all things lo-fi. Business as usual

  178. I’ve re-visited this and I love the playlist and I must’ve really got into The Rubettes, that track Mrs Pringle is hilarious and very catchy. I think they should put it out as a single it’s absolutely superb


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