6. The Sonics – Here Are The Sonics 

The original and the best garageband whose songs have been endlessly covered but never equalled and whose covers redefined the originals as they invented the template for raw and thrilling music.

‘I guess if I had to choose a best album/band of all time it would be the Sonics. The original 60’s garage band. Every song has grit, growl and balls but is also fun to dance too. I wish I’d been about to experience what it was like to push boundaries in music the 60s. A lot of the Sonics stuff was covers but the best god damn covers you’ve ever heard. Every song wins on this album’

7. Louis Prima – Capital Collectors Series
> (compilation)

From jazz to big band to lounge Louis Prima was one of the greats of the form adding his exhuberent personality to whatever style he was delivering.

‘So this is a compilation but it’s very hard to find albums from the early 50s from some artists. It’s impossible not to love Louis Prima as his music and lyrics are filled with observation and wit plus he sings constantly about food. Man after my own heart. Angelina is my favourite song of all time.’

8. Kim Foley – impossible but true, the Kim foley story (another compilation but really brilliant maybe the best compilation of all time? It’s his solo and produced works)

I once met Kim Fowley, it was an interesting experience to say the least as he laid out a series of salacious and crazy stories from the frontline of rock n roll that dealt in some big names, hip names, sex and murder…

‘Kim Foley is one crazy but talented guy. The Mind Gets High is one great track that opened me up to his work and the more I read about him and who and what he produced the more fascinated I became in him. This album is a compilation of his own works but also those he produced. It’s quite a mish mash but a real eye opener.’

9. Chuck Berry – Chuck Berry Is On Top

Chuck invented rock n roll and is one of the great American poets and also had the greatest duck walk ever…without Chuck we would have nothing…

‘My mum is a Stones fan, so when I started listening to rockabilly I knew a lot of the words. Only to find out that most of the works were originally written by Chuck Berry. This is the album that everyone who loves a bit or RnB, rock and roll or soul needs to own. It is genius.’

>10. Wands Jackson – Rockin With Wanda

The first lady of rockabilly who merged country with rockabilly and wa s a strong female voice in a male dominated scene. She also briefly dated Elvis.

‘Her voice is outrageous. She was a woman who held up her own in a time when men dominated the rock and roll scene as she split country with rock and roll. Personally I heard this album and wanted to be her. I wanted to sing like her, go out with Elvis, the works. ‘

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