Girls In Synthesis @ The Ferret, Preston – live review

Girls In Synthesis Nov 2018 ©Phil Newall 2018 for Louder Than War a

Girls In Synthesis
The Ferret, Preston
Sunday 4th November 2018

Girls In Synthesis, the London 3-piece fill the room with their uncompromising mix of tribal motoric edged drumming, visceral guitar and guttural vocal barbs; seconds into ‘Fan The Flames’ the opening track from the forthcoming same titled EP the audience are literally stepping back away from the on stage glare, retreating from a blissful cacophony of discordant sound; piercing guitar rips through the gloom driven on by thunderous chest rattling bass and snarled vocal retorts… At the back of the stage drummer Nicole Pinto hammers out a metronomic refrain, guitarist James Cubitt, and bassist John Linger, lit by a single white light stand centre stage 90° to the audience, their respective microphones so close that when they sing they almost clash heads…

Girls In Synthesis Nov 2018 ©Phil Newall 2018 for Louder Than War b

‘Splinters And Rust’ is savagely hypnotic, bass driven but with space to allow the song to build to the blast furnace collapse – Linger is into the crowd, if they step back, he steps ever forward, there is no escape from this aural assault, on into ‘Howling’ a sparse angular groove complete with spoken word that is spat rather than recited.

‘We Might Not Make Tomorrow’ the title track from a previous long sold out EP challenges mankind’s arrogance as we collectively destroy the planet, its raw, industrial intensity delivered with anarcho hardcore bile, Linger and Cubitt despite pinballing around the entire venue share the vocal duties…but you can move to it; the perfect death disco has finally arrived!

Girls In Synthesis Nov 2018 ©Phil Newall 2018 for Louder Than War d

An elongated guitar squall introduces ‘Sentient’ pounding intense delivery increases the tension as ‘No choice, No choice’ is repeatedly screeched leading into ‘The Mound’ which sounds like hell, a head fuck blaze of blissful noise…Linger, off stage has collapsed to his knees, face straining as he garbles the lyric, eventually abandoning his efforts falling to the floor, writhing with the vortex of sound and the dichotomy of moral and political beliefs that is ‘Internal Politics’, the music is simple yet complex, jarring and unsettling, with frenetic drums, and slashing guitars- unrelentingly raw and noisy as hell!

Girls In Synthesis Nov 2018 ©Phil Newall 2018 for Louder Than War e

The ‘Fan The FLames’ tour continues tonight;

05/11/18- Yes, Manchester (w. Phobophobes)
06/11/18- Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds (w. Phobophobes)
07/11/18- The Library, Oxford
10/11/18- Moth Club, London
16/11/18- Phoenix Bar, High Wycombe (w. Bleach Boys)
23/11/18- The Hope and Ruin, Brighton (w. Pigsx7) ** SOLD OUT *


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