Ginger Wildheart

Ginger Wildheart has been doing this thing for quite some time now but has never lost his edge for classic rock n roll. Existing outisde the music industry he has built up a big and loyal fanbase for his classic slices of raucous, heartfelt guitar action.

He is currently doing the Pledge thing for his new album. Go to his website to either pledge or check out the dates on his upcoming April tour.

Favourite 10 albums (or at least the first ten I can think of)

Ramones: Pleasant Dreams
Not the most obvious choice from the Ramones but also one of their best, the sheen like production now sounds massive and somehow out Spector’s the previous Spector produced End Of the Century. The album is full of classic guitar pop and should have been a huge hit but somehow still stalled in the charts…

Ginger ‘The first six albums (seven, obviously, if you include It’s Alive, which we definitely should) are all massively important to me, but this one saw me through a thoroughly awful holiday with my Dad’s new girlfriend and her nightmare family. It was Ramones and me for a week, start to finish, start to finish.’

Cheap Trick: Dream Police
Classic guitar power pop from the eccentric American band who made some of the most polished rock n roll albums of all time without ever losing the edge

Ginger ‘They taught me that it was okay to throw the rule book out of the window yet still sound like the most accomplished band in the world.’

Good Rats: Ratcity In Blue
The history of rock n roll is full of bands that fall between the cracks, the Good Rats are just one of these with their almost Thin Lizzy twin guitar attack and complex well written songs they somehow missed…

Ginger ‘Virtually unknown NYC band from the late 70’s bar circuit that taught me that fucked up arrangements and multiple harmonies can still sound truly subversive.’

The Damned: Strawberries
Another great mod period Damned album when they managed to encompass all their varied interests from high octane rock n roll to punk to psyche to Goth grandeur…

Ginger ‘Their most magnificent statement of intent, in a career of amazing statements…’

Jason and the Scorchers: Lost And Found
Jason Ringenberg’s cNashville cowpunk rockers were pretty bg news in the mid eighties with their pix of trad Americana and punk rock and blazed the trail for the current Americana scene.

Ginger ‘They made me believe that you could mix genres that had never been mixed, and got me through the door to leave home. ..’

Part 2 of Ginger Wildheart;s favourite 10 albums is here

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