Ghosts on Tape – Nature’s Law EP (Icee Hot)
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Describing himself as making ‘deep rave music for tripped out weirdos’ Ghosts on Tape (also known as Ryan Merry) has just released his first EP in three years.

Ghosts On Tape AKA Ryan Merry haven’t released an EP in their own name for three years. Kept busy remixing and DJing this is Ryan using ’90s era samplers and, in his words ‘exploring the dark and ominous underbelly of classic house and techno’. The sounds he then bends and warps into this collection of music.

The title track has icepick sharp beats and crisp shining cymbal slaps. What sounds like a sampled breath exhales in time giving this a sexy, wild vibe. The sound builds up into a house belter.

The noises weave in and out of each other, keyboards and synths growing and falling until everything flows into distortion and muffled confusion over the ever moving beats. As the song builds you realise that you aren’t listening any more, you are moving to the sound that has moved inside of you and when it fades away it takes you with it.

”˜No Go’ is harder and darker. The drum beat is duller but hits harder than the first track. Underneath there is a whooshing sound that feels like the tide moving back and forth. This track is much more in your face and drags you along with it from the very start.

The wobbling bass sound and the hi-hat are relentless and when the continuous rhythm moves into a muffled and distorted section it feels like your ears have gone, the darkness consuming you.

The remixes are both of the title track, the first, by Lando Kal, strips back the sound and opens it out. Weird vocal samples and a strange muffled feel gives it an underwater claustrophobic edge. The second by Jus-Ed turns the track into a hi hat led bouncy, massively catchy, dancefloor filler.

This EP is relentlessly catchy and hopefully is just a taster for a full album to come that I for one am fully looking forward to.

You can find Ghosts on Tape on Facebook.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.



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