Gered Mankowitz top 12 favourite photos from his legendary career as rock photographer :

number 9 : Eurythmics – Revenge:


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Gered : Inspiring and exciting – never a dull moment with Annie & Dave!


LTW :  Gered once said

“My memories of the Revenge session are a bit mixed to say the least. I was really thrilled to have been asked to work with Annie & Dave again, having slightly dropped off their radar for a while and it was lovely seeing them and always inspiring to work with them. But there was a tension in the air that I have never experienced previously with them, and there was a fragility about Annie that slightly took me aback.

However, I was very happy with how the shoot went, but i was disappointed when Dave explained that his intention was to have a painting made of one of my portraits. I wasn’t keen on the final cover itself, but have presented my original photograph at various exhibitions over the years to an always appreciative audience.

It is a portrait that I am very proud of, but I am saddened that it was to be my final work with Eurythmics.”


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