Star wars- but not as you remember it
Star wars- but not as you remember it
Star wars- but not as you remember it
Star wars- but not as you remember it

You would have thought it was a bit late for this but George Lucas has been changing details of the original Star Wars trilogy which is about to be released as a box set.

The idea that you can change anything in a film seems really strange let alone one that is worshipped by millions of anorak obsessives who are already jamming the Internet about the rumored changes to the original trilogy in the Star Wars Blu-ray collection, which will be available on September 16.

Internet rumors already talk of several adjustments to the classic sci-fi movies: one for the original “Star Wars” (Episode IV), and two in “Return of the Jedi” (Episode VI). The New York Times has confirmed with Lucasfilm that changes are happening. To add even more fuel to the fire, there is video.

To the casual fans many of the changes seems minor but to the uber fan they are catastrophic.

The most significant alteration is a change to ROTJ, in which Darth Vader now yells “Nooo! Nooo!” as he lifts up the Emperor, who is electrocuting Luke Skywalker aboard the Death Star II. The response online to this change has been severely negative. Even the Amazon listing for the Star Wars Blu-ray collection has dozens of negative reviews based on this one update alone.

Another rumored difference is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s first introduction in the original “Star Wars” movie. Obi first appears as a hooded figure walking oddly over a hill, using the force to simulate a Krayt Dragon cry to scare Tusken Raiders away from Luke Skywalker. In the revised version, the cry is different, carrying a longer, shriller tone.

Lastly, there is also word that Ewoks now blink in ROTJ. This sounds quite intriguing…

What do you think? Should classic films be left alone? Is it up to George Lucas what he does with his films or are they now public property?

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  1. I see both sides to this argument. I mean who hasn’t toiled over a creative process only to want to change everything about it ‘later on’. It’s artist prerogative. However, the point of making art IS for other people to experience. If Leonardo travelled through time would he alter the Mona Lisa? It is probably one of the most well known paintings on the planet but if the artist wanted to change it he should have the right to be able to.

    In saying all that; I am the type of curmudgeon that whines when they change the layout of my local Late Shop. But if I want to watch the original ‘as God intended’ version of Stars Wars without being insulted by the Director’s meddling I can always pickup one of the umpteen versions on various formats that are in circulation around the various charity shops of England. I also will be getting my 3D freak on in the cinema (RIP The Curzon) when the 3D HD versions hit cinemas soon.


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