Generation X to reform?We hear on the grapevine that there is more talk of Generation X reforming. In an interview with Mark Laff on the excellent Jules Punk Periphery ex Generation X member Mark Laff said that it was Billy Idol that had suggested it in the first place. Tony James asked Mark Laff and Bob ‘Derwood’ Andrews, who all agreed and it was now a matter of Billy and his ‘people’ putting it into action.

As an aside; it was Tony James’ birthday party at the Groucho last week, where Mick Jones, Tony James and Mark Laff discussed it as well.



Generation X were one of the great punk bands.

For some reason they were never taken as seriously as some of their peers by the serious historians of the form- maybe because they committed the cardinal sin for music writers of being too good looking but listen back to those three albums and they are stuffed full of great anthemic songs and a really sharp and powerful production that puts many of their peers to shame.

Ready Steady Go, King Rocker and Wild Youth and it’s dubbed out flipside are amongst the finest songs of the era and the classic original line is one of the tightest and most exciting of the bands of the era that never for the chance to fulfill its potential, which is why the rumors that the band could be reforming are exciting.


It would make sense, Billy Idol has written his autobiography that is about to come out and the band still look the part in their various guises. There is always a lot of interest in vintage punk bands and Generation X could find themselves bigger now than when they exited the stage all those years ago.




  1. Listen to the interview here;


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