Generation Sex deliver the goods:Cook/Jones/Idol/James punk supergroup on fire



There have been rumours of a Generation X reformation for years and that original line up would have been gold but when Cook and Jones stepped up to the plate you have an irresistible alchemy.

Punk Rock pedigree and legends but with enough nous to swerve veteran status and still sound on fire this band is genuinely great. We all know Billy can still deliver – his solo shows are always great but it’s thrilling to seeSteve Jones delivering those distinctive guitar chops – he was always one of the greats and Cookie’s distinctive drums lock in perfectly with Tony James in this version of Wild Youth that sounds like an avalanche of raw power.

There is talk of the band headlining punk rock bowling festival and they must be a shoe in for Rebellion Festival and maybe a Roundhouse show – the last two gigs are wishful thinking and depend on Steve’s willingness to travel but this is to good a project to stop and and start.


Lets get the show on the road.


WATCH GENERATION SEX here – thanks to Ateh SickBoyZ

check the-set list!



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6 comments on “Generation Sex deliver the goods:Cook/Jones/Idol/James punk supergroup on fire”

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  1. Hi John

    Headline has 2 “Jones”
    Should one of them be “James”?


  2. Windows XP!!! Punk as fuck!

  3. Mostly GenerationX on the set list then? Not that I’m complaining, I suppose I just expected more Pistols is all. Anyway, glad this group is playing gigs!

  4. Nice balanced set list, six Pistol related tracks Inc Steve’s ‘Black Leather’ and finishing with the best GenX track ‘Your Generation’. Would def go to see them. Great band.

  5. Personally I think Billy idiot was a poseur, but to try to make out Gen X were influential is beyond the pale. Admit it you just haven’t a clue what your talking about.

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