6. Immortal
Immortal have been around since 1990. Their songs are more about winter and war, as opposed to the usual Satanic theme, and they clearly have a sense of humour. Though inactive for a few years post milennium, they came back with another excellent album, All Shall Fall in 2009. Recommended track,€œ Damned in Black.


7. Eastern Front 
Not from Norway! Eastern Front are a newish band from Ipswich who are striking to see live and have just put out their first album, Blood on Snow, which is excellent. Their songs commemorate those who fought and suffered in wartime. Recommended track. Blood on Snow.

8. Nifelheim
Nifelheim go back to 1990 and are thrash tinged black metal. Along with Immortal they are the more feel-good side of the genre. They have a Satanic theme and wear an unfeasible amount of studs, chains and black leather, even now”¦ Recommended track, Storm of the Reaper.


9. Watain

Watain’s music is full on black metal, powerful and with an atmosphere of desolation. Only formed in 1998, they do have some classic tracks. I recommend Lawless Darkness (2010)They are fixated on devil worship and death, and their live gigs are full of candles, incense, rotting things and rancid blood. They are a band best listened to but not necessarily supported. Recommended track,€œ Reaping Death.


10. Taake
Taake are from Bergen, formed in 1994 they are on the melodic side, with singer Hoest’s desolate howling adding atmosphere. Nattestid Ser Porten Vid from 1999 or the self titled Taake from 2008 are albums to check out. Another good live act. Recommended track,€œ Velg bort Livet.

Part one of Gaye Advert’s top 10 black metal bands is here

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