Gary Numan reveals song titles to the forthcoming ‘Savage’ album…

‘Savage’ the forthcoming, and twenty first album from Gary Numan is set for release in August via BMG Music and will be available on a variety of formats; CD, Deluxe CD, & Vinyl.

‘Savage’ is built around ideas Numan has been working into a novel for the past couple of years, Gary himself describes the release “Savage then is a theme album by and large. Set in a post apocalyptic future where the earth has been devastated by global warming and what remains is mostly harsh, barren and desert like. The various cultures of the few that survived have, over generations, essentially merged into one. That merging driven mostly by the necessities of surviving in the environment that remains.” adding “The book (and therefore the album) is based upon concerns about the catastrophic effects of ignoring global warming, and how the survivors must adapt, and nothing at all to do with comparing existing cultures, terrorism, religion or nuclear war. The title Savage does not refer to a person, or to a culture, but to the environment the people exist in in this fictional future”

The album even prior to release has been creating a furore, with some suggesting Numan was showing support for ISIS!!

Numan responded stating “A few people seem concerned about the imagery of the new photos, the tour flyer mostly I guess, the type face used, the title itself combined with those things and so on. It seems that some misunderstanding is occurring and that some of you feel that it could be taken as, amongst other things, showing support for ISIS, an insult to Middle Eastern culture and decency, and so on…The new photo is meant to depict a scene from that blighted future, it is certainly not meant to imply that people that live in a desert region are ‘Savage’. The clothes I’m wearing are not desert clothes, they are pseudo military looking (and meant to look worn out in the harshness of that world) and represent the way we may all need to look if policies designed to stop the effects of global warning are abandoned or ignored in certain vitally important key regions of the world over the next few years…The world the album describes is savage and the people in it need to be to survive, but that’s all there is to it. It’s fantasy”

‘Savage’ Tracklist:

Ghost Nation
Bed Of Thorns
My Name Is Ruin
The End Of Things
If I Said
When The World Comes Apart
And It All Began With You
Pray For The Pain You Serve

The extra song for the Deluxe CD is ‘Cold’.

The extra songs for the Vinyl version are ‘Cold’ and ‘What God Intended’.


The album will be supported by a full tour including dates in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Advance tickets for all dates are available now.

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  1. He’s written well over 300 songs in his nearly 40 year career and I still can’t find a favourite song or album he’s done.
    This album will be a worthy listen no doubt.


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