Gary BarlowTto Write England World Cup ‘Song’

This is just what the England squad need…the unfancied team travel to Brazil the home of samba, carnival and samba football- Brazil! a nation of great music and dancing and partying and that’s just on the pitch and England arrive like billowing non event armed with the grey cloud of a Barlow ballad masquerading as a football song.

The UK, a music nation that ┬áhas given the world so much great music and is full of song writers who can write great communal world beating songs has decided to go with the John Major of pop- the man who put grrr into grey- maybe the song could be called Sing If You’re Glad To be Grey!

It will, of course, be played all over the radio and TV as it stumbles around the bottom end of the charts with it’s chorus the equivalent of a huffing and puffing England nil nil draw in the opening game. Never was so much hope dashed on the rocks of so much mundanity! Perhaps in the light of the current England team and all the other England teams in our lifetimes this is the perfect choice of songwriter! Overpaid, over here and out already…


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  1. Point of order:- not all of “The UK” would want to write an England world cup song. On account of such inclusive generalizations, some among us would even write an “Anyone But England” one.

  2. Pop Will Eat Itself to write unofficial World Cup song. Expect the right to free speech to be indulged.

  3. You shouldn’t help this muppet with any sort of promotion. Him and his cronies are what is wrong with the musical climate today!!

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