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Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4

Oldham’s Gardenback continue their series of self-released singles with the excellent Laugh Out Loud. Roxy Gillespie reviews their latest musical offering.

Garden back have always had a quirky sound all their own and continue to bring out high quality tracks. With their last self-release, Existential Crisis In E Major, getting airplay from Johnny Kennedy at Radio X, it seems this lo-fi method hasn’t stopped the band from receiving the attention they deserve. Hopefully, Laugh Out Loud will receive the same attention.

Laugh Out Loud is a nice bit of commentary on the L.O.L. culture and the type of people happy to destroy others with a comment. Wrapped up in a great guitar-heavy tune, the vocals have a tremulous feel. The sound is forceful enough to be captivating, and has the usual interesting changes of pace and use of spoken phrases often found in Gardenback’s work. The whole thing hangs together perfectly and features some really good guitars. The DIY status of the track, recorded at the band’s rehearsal rooms, has no apparent affect on the quality of the sound. To be frank, it’s another great, catchy song from a consistently listenable band.

Gardenback are currently gigging around the northwest, especially in Manchester where they are currently based. If you like an alternative rock sound with lots of verve, these are really worth catching. Even though the songs are often dealing with the less savoury side of existence, there is an exuberance to the music this band produce that just can’t be held down. Even on the aptly titled Existential Crisis In E Major, the whole track bounces, even with the chorus ‘We are all going to die’. It’s quite a feat, but Gardenback pull it off with ease. Recorded or live, these are a band you don’t want to miss.


Gardenback are on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Artwork: Alex Bennett @capacitorrr

All words by Roxy Gillespie. More writing on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She Tweets as @RoxyG100.

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