The great Narrominded label release an acid-fried and growling and groovy EP by the name of Kiklop, the second by Garçon Taupe, whose initial release on the Amsterdam label is now rarer than hen’s teeth. This new one is a quick follow up to the really fine Enfant Terrible release, The White Spider (which was his first in 8 years). On something of a roll with this new offering, it’s plain that Taupe has carried on wigging out as if he’s never really figured how to leave club RoXY. Never a bad thing.

The retro vibe is so pronounced here that if – heaven forbid – one saw popular music as a form of product supermarket then you could say that Mr Taupe has been shopping in the aisle marked “Popular and Danceable Synth Tracks: 1980s”.  The first track, Health Kraze, has nabbed that jerky riff from Bizarre Love Triangle and mated it with various hybrid early acid and high gloss 80s sounds.The follow up track, Edict is classic Narrominded fayre; washes of melancholy vintage synth with a mournful melody propped atop.

All this indulgence of the Imperial Phase, Be-shoulder-padded 1980s sound is a wee bit of a hindrance if I’m honest, as the listener first needs a bit of time to process the feeling that they’ve heard it all before. Yet if they do stick in there they will appreciate this EP as a set of really solid dancey soundtracks. Mildly inspiring in times, in fact. The standout track is Cool Taupe which is worth a number of repeat listens as it develops into a great electro-mantra, dosed with just the right amount of bleeps and squiggles. On the flip side, Dok wigs out pleasantly enough whilst the dystopian title track are worth a mention too; somehow grinding Human League gloomy synths and a gravelly Add N To X vibe into a very satisfying listen.  Annoyingly the record is cut at different speeds, which I’m sure will appeal to some but not to this old buffer who had to keep standing up to switch it over on his turntable. Modern life, eh?

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