Oct 2015
Live Review

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Photo by – Keira Anee (c) 2015

Here at Dalston’s Power Lunches on an appropriately weather-bound night in London, swirling long hair, stomp boxes and sweat, are back.

Comprising two thirds brothers, power trio Gang are halfway through a set that spins a baseball cap to the rain-drenched 1990’s U.S. North West and flourishes a cravat towards a hazy, late 60’s, English dream – wobbly organ lines and Barrett-like harmonies, bit-crushed into raucous riffage.

The crowd curiously edge forward, fans start moshing and pretty soon the tiny mirrored room is jammed full of teeming bodies. The guys on stage don’t disappoint; all in their early twenties, they hurl themselves and their instruments around, splinter drumsticks, grin and crank the velocity and volume with reckless abandon. Too young to remember Kurt, let alone Syd, their untribal tastes, like much of the music of their peers, are unashamedly worn on a collective sleeve, and history reassembled with the inventive effortlessness of a generation raised on the limitlessness of algorithms. However, the thing that takes Gang beyond just being an exciting collage of ideas, into fully cohesive Merzbilder, is the rawness of assembly and passion of delivery: classic rocking, psychedelic pastorals; ramped up with super-fuzz; crunched into songs via their joyous Grunge grind-up.

On stage the shirts have come off and the guitarist and bass player are leaning forehead to forehead, rutting and riffing away, spoiling for a play fight, whilst the crowd surfs along, eager to escalate it. New single ‘Animalia’ is aired and in the ensuing ether of feedback and distorted melody, the morning mists of Albion rise into an ultra-heavy Seattle fog.

New single ‘Animalia’ is available from

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