Gabber is the fast and hard techno that came out of Rotterdam. The basic building blocks of it are the distorted bass sound and it’s fast and intense power.

Built around the Roland Alpha Juno or the kick from a Roland TR-909 Gabber tracks typically include samples and synthesized melodies with the typical tempo ranging from 150 to 180 bpm. Violence, drugs and profanity are common themes in gabber, perceptible through its samples and lyrics, often screamed, pitch shifted, or distorted. Gabber fan and expert, Ruth Howard has sent us a top ten Gabber tracks.

Here’s my personal top ten Gabber tracks, not necessarily ones that would be considered the coolest or the hardest but they all have one thing in common. They make me incredibly happy when I hear them, which is essentially what Gabber is all about…apologies to all the amazing artists I haven’t been able to include but it’s a tough call choosing just ten tracks to represent 20 years of such a huge and diverse genre…enjoy!

I still listen to Black Metal, Power Electronics (I absolutely adore Whitehouse) and a lot of old Punk and Industrial but I just love the simplicity and sheer joy of the Hardcore Techno scene. It gave me a new lease of life getting back into going to raves.

1. The Speed freak – The Solution
When I first discovered Gabber in the early 90s it was through Mokum Records and an Australian label Bloody Fist. I owe my enduring love for the genre to The Speed Freak (DJ Martin Damm), DJ Chosen Few (Francois Prijt) and DJ Mark N of Nasenbluten. The next two tracks will acknowledge that and the rest will just be pure self indulgence.


2. Chosen Few – Name Of The DJ


3. Nasenbluten – Cuntface


4. Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak – Skull Dominion

I could easily have filled an entire top ten with RTC tracks with so many classics to choose from but this is the one I want played at my funeral.


5. The Playah -€“ On The Edge (HQ)
Really hard to choose a favourite by Tha Playah but this exquisite and epic track still sends a shiver down my spine every time I hear it.


6. Neophyte vs Stunned Guys – Army of hardcore

this one’s always a crowd pleaser…



7. The Sickest Squad ft. Lenny Dee – Frenchcore Killah

Time for a little bit of Frenchcore…


8. Art of Fighters – Earthquake€

And a classic track from Art of Fighters


9. The Viper VS. Tommyknocker – The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah Remix)

9. Unexista – Line Got Crossed€


whenever I feel a bit grumpy this track always brightens my day.

10. Kasparov feat MC Raw – We Will Dominate (Angerfist Refix) HQ

Really difficult to choose the last one, I’ve tried to represent different styles, I could easily do a top ten terrorcore, darkcore, speedcore, frenchcore…argh! I’m going to go with one that has a massive feelgood factor and sums up the Hardcore philosophy in a nutshell, I could have included some much more obscure and heavier tracks but I’ve chosen ones that make me smile.


Bonus track!

12. Androgyn Network – Dead Sally

Here’s a smashing frenchcore track to be going on with which would be in my top ten if I hadn’t included Frenchcore Killah

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  1. missed out Grande Malle – I’m a Secretary, probably the only Gabba track I ever “enjoyed” wot a bleedin racket if ever there was a sound to match the phrase literally!

  2. another would be Rotterdam Terror Corps.- Armageddon
    and Azrael-Gehenna off of the Coldcash album
    and Elstak’s BASS BE LOUDER

  3. Love this tunes so much. Enjoyed them back in the day too. Do you recall a band that used to play in hockey masks and black suits.

  4. u have no clue what gabber is hardcore or terror, i was in the club called parkzicht where it comes from ‘Gabber’ Rotterdam and it certainly is not this music.

  5. Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody is one of the first gabber track ever. Google also Dj Rob, Digital Boy, Turntable Terror, High Profile, Euromasters, DJ Rob & MC Joe, Speedloader and your see the histery of the real Rotterdam Gabber sound…


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