Funeral For A Friend: Preston – live review

Funeral For A Friend
Preston – 53 Degrees
21st April 2013

Funeral For A Friend are on tour with their new album Conduit. It’s louder and more aggressive than some of their back catalogue.  For Louder Than War Cheryl Hughes went to see how the new sound shapes up.

Funeral for a Friend were a pure favourite of mine back when I was in college and University so when I got the chance to see them at 53 degrees in Preston I was ecstatic! Me and my plus one lined up for the event on the sunny Sunday evening excited to hear our classic songs that filled our memories. Entering the venue made me realise how long ago it was since I had been at university, having to wear a yellow wrist band after being ID’d…

The intimate setting of the venue and our early arrival meant that we could get up close and personal with the band on the front row! There were 2 bands on before FFAF both of which I assumed would be a similar sound… little did I know that the sound I had once loved had changed…

Falter was the 1st supporting band on the night starting bang on 7.30. Loud is a word I would use. I know that I am at a gig, but it was loud. The music they produced was well made and well performed by the band but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Gruff heavy metal screams filled the venue whilst the filling crowd raved along jumping and bashing about. Falter executed their set list really well and rewarded their fans, leaping into the crowd and giving an amazing performance. The band can turn from extreme screaming to harmonious goodness whenever they choose and that was just the warm up act…

Polar were up next, again the songs were heavy and ripped through the venue. The crowd were tremendous with their enthusiasm for the songs as were the band. They continually enforced the crowd with power and emotion. Even though the songs were not my favourite they kept the gigs atmosphere high and let the audience get wrapped up in the rocking out.

By the time Funeral For a Friend came on stage the room venue was full. They had a great turn out and many faithful fans including me that wanted to see them.


As I said before, I loved Funeral For a Friend’s early album Hours, songs that included Streetcar and History. Great songs that I have grown up with however there new album Conduit, has taken a change to their sound. One that I’m not too sure about but no matter what I liked or didn’t like the guys put every effort and enthusiasm they had into giving the audience a great performance. The songs that people wanted to hear like Streetcar unfortunately got left out of the set but everyone chanted the words to History and Juneau, to me they were the highlight of gig.

The music pulsed through the crowd, a series of Circle pits, Walls of Death and jumping ensued throughout the gig, booming the atmosphere when the heavy metal was pounding! Their setlist followed as so:
1. Conduit
1. The Distance
2. Roses for the Dead
3. Recovery
4. Travelled
5. You Want Romance?
6. The End of Nothing
7. Grey
8. Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t
9. High Castles
10. Broken Foundation
11. Alvarez
12. Juneau
13. History
14. Escape Artists Never Die

Admittedly I think the younger folk in the audience easily followed the new album sound and came to see what they know as Funeral For a Friend. I think the older people in the audience came to see the Funeral For a Friend that was around in 2005. They still had great riffs and a booming base and each member played their part in making a brilliant interactive gig.

I cannot fault any of the bands, even though the sound has changed and it wasn’t necessarily to my liking, Funeral For a Friend brought enthusiasm, enjoyment and powerful heavy metal along with their everlasting songs for all the audience to enjoy, all round it was a great gig where the band really appreciated their fans and the fans were ecstatic to be part of the night!


Funeral For A Friend can be found at their website, and their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages.

All words by Cheryl Hughes. More writing by Cheryl on Louder Than War can be found here.

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