Funeral For A Friend: Between Order And Model reissue – album review

Funeral For A Friend: Between Order and Model (End Hits Records)
15th Nov 2013

Funeral for a Friend remind us (and themselves) what they are all about ….

A reissue of Funeral For A Friend’s Between Order And Model has been released as a precursor to the band’s new album Four Ways To Scream Your Name, with the presumption that the band are returning to their screamo roots which brought them success just a little over 10 years ago.

With the approach of almost Godfather like status amongst the screamo scene, these Welsh rockers have never been afraid to soften their sound for a more commercial market.

Over the last 10 years Funeral For A Friend have led fans through a variety of alterations of their original sound that has lead to mixed reviews from both fans and the press. This band has acquired a mixed bag of fans whom claim that THE Funeral For A Friend is the one they heard on introduction to the band.


So, who are Funeral for a Friend? Screaming punks from the Valleys, or a band struggling to tread the line between commercial success yet remain loyal to their original fan base? The answer is neither.

Just from this 4 track EP it can be heard that the band is already struggling with their identity (as if the title Between Order And Model isn’t a big enough clue!). Yes the songs are punkier then the more radio friendly part of their career but all the trademarks of the Funeral for a Friend style are set in place; the anthemic lead vocal as a contrast to unclear vocals, the circular riffing harmonic guitars, and the keenness of a drummer who is eager to show off his double-bass pedal.

This EP does remind us what the origins of screamo were, and whichever reincarnation of Funeral for a Friend you may be into, this EP will be a great little introduction to a new generation of fans.


Funeral for a Friend can be found at their website and on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

All words by Will Thomas. More writing by Will Thomas can be found on his blog.

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  1. *A reissue of Funeral For A Friend’s Between Order And Model has been released that originally was the precursor to the band’s second EP, Four Ways To Scream Your Name – Apologies all, Will

  2. Hi, I am the person that originally recorded this EP back in 2002. This re-mix is merely the same tracks recorded by the original band members from this time. Nothing new has been added whatsoever. Should you require any further clarification then please contact me at your leisure. Roger

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