Fun ‘1/3’ – single review


Fun ‘1/3’ (Tenzenmen Records)
Released 18th February 2013

Fun – the name says it all…It’s a reminder of what rock music should be; beer and unbridled ferocity – meeting the opposite sex by falling onto them in a bar, vomiting and uninhibited. Total annihilation of the mundane…Giving birth to yourself through noise, sweat and hammered oblivion.

So, no this isn’t the new release from the New York based Fun, those not really indie chart toppers responsible for the Grammy Award-winning ‘We Are Young’ which strode across the charts in both the US and UK. This version of Fun hail from Helsinki, Finland and have been terrorising audiences for the last ten years; which by my reckoning would suggest they hold claim to the Fun moniker and should serve an injunction upon the NY upstarts for sullying their good name.

They’ve shared stages with The Jesus Lizard, Nomeansno, Polvo and Deerhoof. They’ve recorded their second album, “Zu-Pa!” at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, with the great man at the helm; all of which should inform as to the level of intensity contained within these grooves, a mean alcohol fuelled journey through the underbelly of Helsinki’s bar, the band hutling forward through an array of genres all underpinned by a looping bass; all around shards of guitar cascade with crashing cymbols, before a fragmented breakdown which isn’t propels in the other direction, eventually through the alcohol haze Fun recall which song they had begun and re-focus, by which time it’s all over…a gloriously chaotic hedonistic maelstrom that the US version of Fun would run a mile from.

‘1/3’ is, surprise, surprise the first in a new trilogy of 7”s, the second and third part will follow in six month intervals or so – ‘1/3’ is jointly released via Funs own Cut Half Records in Finland, Rejuvenation Records in France and Tenzenmen in Australia.


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