Fugazi release 800 gigs on digital archive!
Fugazi release 800 gigs on digital archive!

Fugazi don’t rule out playing againGreat news for lovers of the highly original, stretching of the punk template with a life affirming intensity….

Ian Mackaye has spoken about the Fugazi hiatus and whilst he doesn’t say that they are reforming, he doesn’t rule out some sort of return after a ten year indefinite hiatus. Mind you we would be equally overjoyed to hear a new album from The Evens.

Ian Mackaye told Approaching Oblivion. “It is entirely possible that we will play again, and it’s also possible that we won’t. We have the desire to play, but there’s a geographical issue. Joe [Lally, bassist] currently lives in Rome, and that makes it hard to practice. There’s also a time issue. Everyone is super busy. You’ve got to remember that when Fugazi was actually working we usually practiced five days a week from four to six hours a day.”

“We are a family, we don’t stray from each other. We worked really hard for 15 years; the band was the central aspect of our lives, and at some point life demanded attention. We had kids getting born and parents that got sick and some died. A lot of new things happened in our lives that we had to pay attention to. It meant that we had to stop working. We didn’t break up, I coined the indefinite hiatus term specifically because I thought it was absurd to break up, it wasn’t a circumstantial issue, it wasn’t that anyone did anything wrong. There wasn’t any anger, there wasn’t any big ‘fuck you!'”

The band is also archiving a vast stockpile of live recordings to put on the Internet for download.. Worth hearing for the way they approach and play every how they did in a unique manner.

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