So Universal have bought EMI and the whole music industry is in panic.

The great big lumbering Dinosaur has chewed up another national institution but all the time the small scurrying mammals of the indies are on the rise.

Fuck Universal! Fuck EMI…come and check out Louder Than War Records…go to the Louder Than War records website and but some 7 inch vinyl or some downloads

We have loads of great bands for you to check out…

Fawn Spots ‘Spanish Glass’

Black Flag/Dischord records with great English pop melodies, from York, they are brilliant live and their pop/noise is going to breakthrough in the next 6 months…touring the UK in October and getting played on BBC 6music…

The Membranes ‘If You Enter The Arena You Got To Be Prepared To Deal WIth The Lions’
Legendary and highly influential UK band who were the precursors to the Sonic Youth/Big Black scene return with new single which, according to reviews maybe the best thing they have ever done…The video for the single cost 4 quid to make (the cost of hiring the gladiator outfit).

Rats On Rafts “Money Man’
Dutch band who will be supporting Franz Ferdinand on their next tour and touring the UK in October
“Skinny white boys from Holland with an encyclopedic knowledge of the underground that is far more in depth than it should be for a youth gang. Rats On Rafts play a tough, psychedelic, discordant guitar pop driven by a hard bass sound and some great melodies. If only John Peel was still alive today they would be doing a session for him every week.” –

Mueran Humanos- ‘Culpable’

Argentinian electronic duo- like Suicide you can dance to.
Now based in Berlin the band are playing loads of festivals round the world and will be touring the UK in October…

“Argentinean electronic renegades relocated to Berlin, Mueran Humanos translates as death to humanity which gives you a clue to what’s going on here. There is a darkness and tension to their keyboard driven music as the two of them, the hauntingly aloof and beautiful Carmen Burguess and the rocker Tomas Nochteff between them make a music that is beguiling, dark, sexy, dangerous and haunting. In a barrage of electronics with a tough bass guitar they create an unsettling music that is utterly compelling.”

Raised On Replicas

“Raised On Replicas are two boys and two girls from Brighton who deal a discordant pop/noise that is full of the joys of hypnotic loud guitars, driving bass and really fab metronomic, motornik drums that are entwined with sharp melodies and hip, witty cutting lyrics. Somehow they manage to surf the possibilities of noise and tunefulness all at once and soundtrack the bedsit bohemian twilight zone of early 21st century UK. With their innate charm and their wired melodies they are pop, a real pop of the everyday cranked through a fuzzbox and brimming with the joy of guitars and intelligence. They are in love with the likes likes of Pavement, Pixies, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth and whilst they have some of that American scuzz to their sound there is something very British about them. They look great as well, a mix of Oxfam chic and ballroom glam and are steeped in music culture and their band name, like their music, is really hip, funny and cool.” –

Deadbeat Echoes

“Deadbeat Echoes are further proof that the North West is still capable of creating fab twisted guitar bands. They combine rabble-rousing lad pop with sharp and angular riffs and that natural psychedelic twist that the greatest NW bands have – that trick of making reality sound strange and twisting the mundane into genius.” – John Robb


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