Fuck the death of music – Frankie and the Heartstrings open record shop in Sunderland

Every day all we ever hear is of the end of the record shop, the rise of multi-nationals and the death of independent. It’s a depressing tale but instead of griping about it a band from Sunderland have bucked the trend.

Check this out, it’s fantastic. The boys from Frankie and the Heartstrings have just opened a record shop in Sunderland. An area devastated with unemployment and poverty. A place fucked by the Tories.

The shop isn’t just a shop, it’s a place where the unemployed can have free workshops, there’s food and drink and a number of labels have offered stock sale and return to keep it going. This is music and social conscience shaking hands.

Support it, cos it’s exactly what we all need.

Well done Frankie and the Heartstrings for caring. Anyone else up for doing something?

(Thanks to Carl Hunter – bass goddess from the Farm for this story…)


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