fuck off Viagogo with your £1000 Kate Bush resale tickets

The Kate Bush comeback gigs were always going to a prime target for the mercenaries and the pirates and the cold hearted ‘it’s a business’ goons but they have even managed to top their own greed this time.

Kate Bush’s 22-date residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo are now being resold online for more than £1,000.

Resale website Viagogo.com lists dozens of tickets on offer, with the most expensive coming in at £1,700 for a single entry to Bush’s show on 30 August (14).

The tickets were initially on sale for between £53.90 and £145.50.

Astonishing and time for change…

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  1. Sites like yours are only highlighting the immoral stuff this company does that everyone knows about. They do bags of illegal stuff help me highlight that and you’ll be onto a winner for government to act.


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