Capatalism is in meltdown.
The bankers have screwed us.
And the cards begin to fall.
Greece likes dicey and the people won’t take any more. Instead of taking the shit, the people are on the streets whilst the country teeters on collapse. These are dangerous times; Greece, Portugal and Ireland are in trouble.

The one great image of the stand off between the cops and protesters is the Athens Riot dog– turning up everywhere since 2008 and getting stuck in – heroic mutt!
We hope our Greek brothers and sisters are ok whilst Dimitris Antonopoulos reports from the frontline.

So here we are.

Athens 2011 and we’re under a lot of presure here with nowhere to hide, nowhere to run but outside the parliament. Thousands of people everyday, all for one and one for all. It’s not against democracy of course, but its ABOUT democracy..

It’s against a system if you wish. Here is the birthplace of democracy after all, so it makes sense you know for the people to shout out louder than ever about truth and justice. Tough times for Greece, it’s true, but I guess there’s some tough times ahead for the whole PIGS too, that’s PIGS as in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain.

I was listening the other day to ,the legendary Mikis Theodorakis.. the last true ‘god’ of Greece. He was talking about the banking system, the golden boys, the whole ‘game’. I think he was right. So, it’s not about Greece, Athens, Europe,or whatever.. it’s about the markets against the countries, the markets against democracy, the markets against the people. You can see it in the eyes of the people outside the parliament here. There’s no diffrence if you’re left or right, young or old, you gotta deal with the problem, asking for justise and truth. I can’t tell about the future here… we’re dancing day by day here under the beat of the moneymakers – They make the rules..I don’t even know anymore what the near future can bring for Greece; But as long as I can see people on the streets everyday moving in peace here, shouting with all the heart and soul, I can only say that using your mind it’s far better than using violence…We don’t need to play the game of the ‘enemy’ here by using violence.. It’s what they want

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