Front Line Assembly release taster from 'AirMech' album…

Front Line Assembly release taster from ‘AirMech’ album…

The first two tracks from the upcoming Front Line Assembly soundtrack created for the Carbon Games “AirMech” have been released online; the tracks are not fully mastered but give a clear indication of the tone of the forthcoming album.

Carbon Games invited FLA to compose the soundtrack having admired the work of Leeb & Fulber for many years; the games company were initially certain that FLA would decline their invite  James Green the Carbon CEO described the result as “thrilling”

The full album will contain 12 instrumental tracks and is intended to stand alone as a Front Line Assembly album. “AirMech” will be released on the 14th November 2012 in a very limited edition via German label Dependent Records in Europe. The album is available for pre-order via the Dependent site.

The release will be the first new material from the band since the re-release of the “Plasticity” single, which itself was first put out back in 1996

Track list:

1. AirMech
2. Arise
3. Pulse Charge
4. Prep for Combat
5. System Anomaly
6. Mech Killer
7. Everything That Was Before
8. Lose
9. Burning Skyline
10. Stealth Mech
11. Death Level
12. Prime Empiricism


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