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Front 242 ‘Belpop’ documentary now available with English subtitles…

Back in December 2008 Belgian TV channel Canvas broadcast a Flemish language documentary focussing on industrial/EBM pioneers Front 242 as part of the channels ‘Belpop’ series; the footage has been circulating on YouTube/Vimeo ever since, however as the broadcast language was Flemish, its only had limited appeal – all that has just changed…

Having formed in 1981, the experimental electronic group exploded onto the scene with their pioneering approach to creating and expressing a combination of new ’noise’ and visuals. Their efforts lead them to redefine pre-existing genre’s and create their own style: ‘Electronic Body Music’.

The documentary, released in 2008, explored how Front 242 came together to form and revolutionise dance music in the 1980’s. Having worked with many influential figures along the way such as Anton Cobijn (creative director behind the visual output of Depeche Mode and U2) and Barbet Schroeder (film director)

Front 242 are scheduled to appear at the forthcoming Festival Forte, held at Montemor-o-Velho Castle, Portugal 27-29th August 2015; the festivals promoter – clearly a Front 242 obsessive has now subtitled into English the entire documentary.

Watch it here:


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