Front 242 – 30th Anniversary Tour dates released

EBM/Electronic pioneers Front 242 have announced a short European tour to mark their 30th anniversary.

However just two UK dates have been confirmed

Friday 30th September 2011 @ Paris Festival d’Ile de France La Gaîté Lyrique
Saturday 26th November 2011 @ Budapest Szikra
Saturday 10th December – Glasgow @ Grand Central
Sunday 11th December – London @ Koko

Monday 26th December 2011 @ Hannover Capitol
Tuesday 27th December 2011 @ Köln Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Wednesday 28th December 2011 @ Stuttgart (to be confirmed)
Thursday 29th December 2011 @ Berlin Huxleys Neue Welt

Tickets are on sale now…


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4 comments on “Front 242 – 30th Anniversary Tour dates released”

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  1. Keith L. Nolan

    After hearing Headhunter in a club one night I was hooked on these guys. Got Rammstein tickets this morning. I wonder if I can manage the double.

  2. Thank you for including North America in your tour…

  3. Damn, I have been waiting since the second lollapalooza for you guys to come to NYC! From what I hear, there’s not much of a demand in the US. I for one would pay great money to see you guys again, especially now because Lollalapalooza was my introduction to you guys – didn’t know the words to Melt, didn’t even know that was the title, but it stuck and all versions are excellent! Now, 20 some years later, I know all your work. It truly wouls be a dream! Fuck the midwest: NYC, Chicago, LA (I guess if ya have to) You guys rip it up in Europe and have been nonstop for years. Remember your fans here!!!! Eitherway, love ya


    • Ha ha… Everyone know the NYC Industrial scene is a joke. If you want to see some real Industrial/EBM clubs come to LA… You’ve never lived till you been to Das Bunker.

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