Paris Angels To Release New Single ‘Door To Summer’ From Their Un-Released AlbumParis Angels are about to release (on June 22nd) another quality blast from the past with a  fantastic long-lost track of their trademark sun-kissed indiepop-come-dance music.

Paris Angels are one of the bands who were true pioneers of the sound, rhythm and vibe that put the city of Manchester on the map musically – and they have a new single ready to drop in a fortnight’s time.

The new single is titled ‘Door to Summer’ and will be coming out on Stereokill Records on July 22nd. It’s the second tune from the band’s early ’90s unreleased second album ‘Eclipse’, following on from the first, ‘Sleeping with the Radio On’ from the successful Manchester music compilation ‘Distant Drums’, produced in the memory of former drummer Simon Worrall and released for charity.

Paris Angels To Release New Single ‘Door To Summer’ From Their Un-Released AlbumThat first track was good but it’s this second unheard offering from ‘Eclipse’ which really takes you back to that special time where indie guitar music and dance music met up in celebratory fashion.

For the same reasons I know I would have loved ‘Door to Summer’ as an 18 year old back in 92 I’m loving it now.

From the off with Wag’s beautiful spiralling guitar melody and laid back jazzy dance beat it lights up, sounding like summer itself, especially so when Rikki Turners whispered vocals come in, set as they are to equally dreamy lyrics. It’s Cafe Del Mar like vibe plays great with the sound of Paris Angels and it’s instantly likeable.

With two quality tracks now released it makes you wonder what the reaction to Eclipse would have been like the first time round in ’92/’93, though it’s not long ’till we get the chance to find out as Paris Angels re-release ‘Eclipse’ some time this coming September.

For some ‘Door to Summer’ will be one of those tracks that ‘brings it all back’ and for anyone who loves that classic fusion of indie guitar, dance music & pop this could become your new summer anthem.

The single will be available from the usual sources.

Paris Angels are on Twitter and Facebook. Stereokill Records website is here.

All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by Carl on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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