These are strange and dangerous times. You can feel the wheels coming off and a confused search for solutions.
Last night I was in Burnley and met someone who was in a band I once produced. They stated telling me about this concept album they had written about this new political movement called the Freeman-On-The-Land.
He made a lot of claims about the movement, that left me with a lot more questions than answers. There was talk of conspiracy theories, squatting land and not paying tax and not recognising the law. A leaflet handed out by the demonstrators said they were trying to seize the building “in defence of our freedoms and liberties as provided for under section 61 of Magna Carta”.
They attempted to arrested a judge in Birkenhead a couple of weeks ago a story which he claimed had been ‘kept out of the media’ but is on the BBC website and they also and claim to have two million people ready to take to the streets of London next month.
Details about the party remain sketchy on the internet and their mixture of ideas makes is hard to get a grip on them.
Who are they? What are they? What do they stand for? are they anarchists or a very English Tea Party?
Comments please”¦

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  1. I think the Freeman-on-the-land is an interesting idea. I have a friend (through bands of course) who (in theory) no longer exists – he has given up all property and roams around Europe making his way by playing his guitar in bars.

    From what I understand of the freeman concept it’s Anarchy taken to a very practical and real-world conclusion, which is certainly interesting, but the nit-picking the word of the law seems to have the potential to give the entire movement a bit of a bad conspiracy nut outward profile.

    A friend (and ex-bandmate) of mine is on the cusp of writing to the Queen to tell her that he disagrees with her government (one of the steps to becoming a freeman) and tells me that simply disagreeing with the principle of law and refusing to adhere is all that is needed to remain beyond the law. I sincerely hope he doesn’t get the opportunity to test that theory.

  2. We are not Anarchists, we just do not consent to be governed.

    For a freeman on the land, there is no higher authority over him than him.

    I am a Libertarian (small state, capitalist, mutualist) Freeman on the Land

  3. I asked my friend the freeman the same question and he replied that he’d still paid National Insurance for many years and was so still owed healthcare.

  4. Ive also opted for the almost pathetic guitar in hand second journey.The same journey I undertook as a boy.The only difference this time is Im a shark now with an income. Sickened by the corporate junkies running the world like a bank instead of a cooperative. Its fact that we are but subjects of the state for ever at the mercy of this corperate mayhem controling music Art and life itself.I do believe this latest every 25 yr fiasco is just a plan to move money around or hide terrible ideals.The system doesnt work but will they change it no chance. I feel people in the UK are now to placid to truly say anything. Give them football drink or birds and they will just swanny along just. We will go down in history as the sheep people, most probably laughed about in years to come…Who really cares anyway. Hit the road Jack.

  5. httpss://

    The Freeman belief system holds that we are all subject to a massive international legal conspiracy perpetrated for the profit of the elites, but you can hack the system if you just use the right form of magic words.

    The ideas come from various American white supremacist gun nut groups like the Montana Freemen.

    The freeman position is not entirely lacking in moral force: considering government-created law to be a damnable imposition is a defensible stance with a long and respectable history. But their theory of the world is utterly spurious, and their practical approach is made entirely of magic beans and crack. Remember, they’re not just anarchists – they claim this stuff *really works*. And it doesn’t.

    There is no free lunch, no magic bullet. If the world is wrong, then fixing it will take rational assessment, planning and hard work – not clever hacks with magic forms of words.


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