Listen To Free 37 Track Ideologic Organ Label Sampler (The Label Curated By Stephen “Sunn O)))” O’Malley)

Ideologic Organ, the music label curated and art directed by Stephen O’Malley (of SUNN O))) fame, who recently toured the UK, see our review here) manufactured and distributed in partnership with the non-funded, independent label EDITIONS MEGO – have put together a 37 track label sampler to celebrate the distinguished musicians who they have collaborated with to date. 

About the origins of the sampler, Stephen O’Malley comments:

“in February, the BBC asked us for some tracks from my EDITIONS MEGO imprint IDEOLOGIC ORGAN to play on the air, I’ve now extended this sampler mix to include tracks from all of the artists that we have released to date”.

The impressive list of musicians appearing on the sampler which extends across 37 tracks, includes…

  • Ai Aso
  • Ákos Rózmann
  • Eyvind Kang
  • Gravetemple
  • Iancu Dumitrescu
  • Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang
  • Mats Lindström
  • Nazoranai
  • Norbert Möslang
  • Okkyung Lee
  • Phurpa
  • Sir Richard Bishop
  • SUNN O)))
  • Wold

Investigate the sounds of Ideologic Organ by downloading the sampler (at 320kb MP3) for free here:

As a final word from Stephen O Malley, he remarks…

“If you enjoy this music, we ask you to please check out the physical or digital version of the entire albums here“.

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