Franz Ferdinand: Mono, Glasgow – live reviewFranz Ferdinand
Mono’s, Glasgow
16th Nov 2012

Glasgow’s renowned Mono, part bar part record shop part Vegan / Veggie bistro and part live music venue is 10 years old and to celebrate that fact Franz Ferdinand, international stars of both the music scene and the catwalk, recently played the venue. Louder Than War’s David Speirs was lucky enough to be part of the audience & below is how the evening unfolded.

Their are not very many people who, when you think of them or they talk to you, automatically conjure up images of the late great John Peel. In the case of Craig Tannock, owner and erstwhile local promoting legend of both the 13th Note and Bar Mono, that is usually the case though.

The day I arrived several weeks ago to pick up my tickets for tonights celebrations Duglas Stewart, lead singer / songwriter of the BMX Bandits, almost knocked me over as he and 2 visiting Japanese females came flying out the door as I was entering. When I got into the record shop via the bar none other than Stephen Pastel of  early 90’s Glasgow giutar scuzz rockers The Pastels and now part time record shop attendant served me and supplied me with my Franz Ferdi tics. Its just that type of Uber cool hang out.

Franz Ferdinand: Mono, Glasgow – live reviewTonight Craig Tannocks second “child” Bar Mono is 10 years old and one of the guys who first promoted for him at his oldest “child” the 13th Note, none other than Mr Alex Kapranos, brings along his own band Franz Ferdinand to celebrate, which is apt in so many ways as Franz Ferdinand are celebrating their 10th birthday too and instead of 3, tonights magic number definitely seems to be 10 which is also the exact number of songs they will play for the assembled capacity crowd of just over 200 people.

Take Me Out is an apt way for them to get tonights proceedings underway, quickly followed by Tell Her. As they get the night into full swing the flashes of the numerous assembled photographers flick away like some portable strobe lighting rig, and to be honest Ive never seen so many snappers at a gig since I arrived at Barrowlands 4 years ago, with Pete Doherty in a black hackney for his Barras sound check not long after his release from the Scrubbs.

The band, who’ve not played in Scotland for several years, are loving the press attention with Kapranos smiling broadly. The intamacy of tonights sell out show is clearly another positive as this is a band who could still easily sell out a hall at the Scottish Exhibition Centre and probably will do when they do their still to be announced UK gigs in April 2013, but tonight it’s back to song 3 Horizon followed by Dark of the Matinee, Right Thoughts and Dont before their mid set tribute to the afore mentioned Mr Craig Tannock which the assembled masses of the Glasgow music scene’s cool cats, band members and managers, seem to greatly appreciate with spontaneous applause. Glasgow may not be Manchester but thanks to the likes of Tannock its a damn close second for all those who choose not to follow the Simon Cowell X Factor route to success.

Franz Ferdinand: Mono, Glasgow – live review

The last third of tonights set restarts with another hit with the excellent Roxette getting everyone back boogeying again followed by Bullet which gets everyone sweating like an Olympic athlete which is sort of apt really as they bring tonight’s proceedings to a close with their tribute to Irish novelist George Bernard Shaw Ulysees.

Not many 10 year olds get to celebrate their birthday with a gig from Franz Ferdinand, but then again there arent too many Craig Tannocks about and there certainly aren’t many venues like Mono either, happy birthday folks.

Mono’s website can be found here.

All words by David Speirs. More writing by David on Louder Than War can be found here.

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