Jest Set Junta cops take on Franz
Jest Set Junta cops take on Franz

Franz Ferdinand fans in Sao Paulo, Brazil had to endure excessively brutal measures after the police were brought in to deal with a surplus in fans wishing to gain entry to a free open air concert by the Scottish indie group. A commotion ensued outside the Independence Park where Franz Ferdinand were playing as part of a festival which resulted in the police using tear gas, pepper spray and heavy handedness in their dealings with the music fans. All reports suggest that whilst the fans were anxious to gain entry to the Franz Ferdinand gig, the response from the police was grossly uneccessary.

Some reports suggest that a hole in the park’s wall was made by fans and it was at this point that the pepper spray and tear gas were administered. Whilst the festival’s organisers have issued a statement explaining that the drastic measures had to be taken to combat the unexpectedly large amount of fans, many who were there at the night feel angered by the situation, with one fan on Twitter explaining that the “ultraviolent police here think they’re battling criminals all the time”. The festival, which in previous years was headlined by Gang of Four and Miles Kane, was criticsised by many for bad organisation, with reports of understaffing regarding gig security – leading to the police having to be drafted in – and neglegence towards queue-jumping (with many cheating entry) and a climate of fear and intimidation.

Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand quickly issued a statement on Twitter sending his sympathies to those involved

Jest Set Junta cops take on Franz
and explaining that the band knew nothing of what was going on and that they wished there was something that they could have done to deal with what Kapranos described as ‘awful’ behaviour from the police. Kapranos said: ‘Hope any fans caught outside the gig tonight were OK and weren’t hurt in this collision with the police I’m hearing about.’ Franz Ferdinand are in the midst of a small tour to warm up for the release of the follow up to 2009’s ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’, and have recently broke their silence about new material through performing four new tracks ”Right Thoughts’, ‘Brief Encounters’, ‘Fresh Strawberries’ and ‘Trees And Animals’.

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